Chapter 1323: Space Control

Chapter 1323: Space Control

Anyone who saw this great island would instantly know that it had experienced countless blessings. A great foundation was laid here, rendering the island untouchable.

“Regal Valley!” The crowd exclaimed since they knew just what it was.

At this time, a spatial channel was created to stretch from the War Cliff all the way to the sky of this island. It was transparent and even an army of millions could travel through it at the same time.

“A spatial channel!” An old paragon blurted out: “How can this be? A spatial channel can only be created by an Immortal Emperor’s dao platform on top of being powered by an incredible amount of Immortal Emperor Refined Jades! There is no way he could open one with his bare hands!”

A spatial channel was an advanced method of teleportation. It was used by Immortal Emperors to teleport their legions to the rest of the nine worlds for expeditions.

Compared to regular teleportation, this method was more direct, stable, and durable. More importantly, these passages could delivery larger objects or even an entire legion.

With such a wide channel like the one Li Qiye had just opened, it could transmit virtually anything.

“Boom!” At this time, the Cancer Divine Formation finally broke through the barrier and made its way back to the main space.

“There we go.” Li Qiye noticed the incoming formation and made more spatial runes flow. The tiny space of the formation suddenly turned bright.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye performed Space Shifting to move the formation into the spatial channel.

“Boom!” The attacking formation was suddenly teleported to the sky of the Regal Valley.

“What are you doing?!” The overlord’s expression changed into one of horror. He blew the conch and tell the formation to stop its attack. However, the formation was billions of miles away so his order simply couldn’t come through.

He wanted to jump into the pathway as well, but Ruyan smiled and blocked his path: “It’s a bit too late to leave now.”

“Kill her!” The overlord commanded his disciples nearby. At the same time, several ancestors rushed out to stop Ruyan.

“Rumble!” The sky quaked as the grand formation unleashed its attack straight towards the Regal Valley.

“Who dares to act impudently at the Regal Valley!” The sudden attack made some ancestors in the valley retaliate. Barriers were erected instantly while experts rushed to the sky in order to stop the formation.

“Ah!” Screams resounded left and right. All the experts rushing in the air were killed by the formation. It kept on reaching for the valley with an unstoppable momentum.

“Rumble!” The entire valley quaked with loud explosions. The formation was too flexible, just like a living crab. It crazily destroyed everything nearby as mountains crumbled.

More cries could be heard as experts fell to the might of this great formation.

“Boom!” Once the formation reached deep enough into the valley, a mighty sea god’s aura rose to the sky. A second crab rushed out; this one had a majestic aura, even stronger than the first.

“A second Cancer Divine Formation, this is the valley’s ace!” The people who crossed the spatial channel murmured after seeing this scene.

“It’s time to launch the attack.” Li Qiye smiled as his death chapter lit up and exuded death energy.

“Crash!” Even more skeletons climbed out of the seabed.

In a short period of time, more than a million skeletons lined up around this region. All of them had soulflames in their eyes. The entire region seemed to be enveloped by this death energy.

This gigantic army stunned everyone. The sheer number of figures made it look like this was a kingdom of the dead.

“This is the legion from the Roaring Conch and the alliance! They were buried here after dying as well!” An old man who knew about the war back then immediately recognized them.

“Begin.” Li Qiye smiled and used his Space Removal on the great legion before using Space Shifting to move them all into the spatial pathway. In the blink of an eye, this legion was teleported to the Regal Valley.

“Boom!” They descended from the sky above the valley right away!

Such a scene was too shocking and made countless people gasp. Just imagine, a million skeletons abruptly showing up in one’s sky — this was quite a terrifying matter! The disciples from the Regal Valley were horrified.

“Ah—” Before they could calm down, they were met with a terrible slaughter. The skeletal army acted like reapers harvesting the lives of these disciples.

More screams echoed throughout the valley with blood spraying everywhere alongside beheaded skulls. One fell after another.

“Kill!” At this time, these disciples had no choice but to shout for battle. They rushed to meet the oncoming army since there was no other way out.

The spectators were astonished. The Lithodidae Sea God would never have imagined that his own legion and the one he defeated would make their way into the Regal Valley to destroy his lineage.

The overlord crazily howled: “Die!” His eyes were bloodshot as he gritted his teeth. His disciples and several other ancestors mustered their might in order to make way for the overlord to return to the valley.

However, regardless of how desperately they struggled, they couldn’t break through Liu Ruyan.

She was the lone gatekeeper taking down one wave of experts after another. Even the ancestors couldn’t do anything under her suppression. Being unarmed didn’t seem to slow her down, it only made her appear even more tyrannical.

“Buzz!” The ancestors began to sacrifice their longevity blood for the next attack. Liu Ruyan exuded a great brilliance and opened an all-devouring black hole.

Heaven Devourer Evil Physique! This was one of the three great Immortal Physiques of the Void Imperfection Three Schools. Moreover, their physique laws were quite incredible even if they were inferior to the ones from the Physique Scripture.

More explosions came about. Even the ancestors’ blood sacrifice and altars shattered, unable to handle to retaliation from the powerful evil physique. In just a split second, their altars collapsed along with their bodies.

Even the overlord was crushed as blood gushed out of his body. If he didn’t have a sea god’s weapon, he would have died under the power of this Immortal Physique as well.

The crowd was amazed; to many, this was their first time seeing just how strong Ruyan was.

The overlord was aware of the terrible situation and turned to flee.

“Clank!” A sword hymn resounded in the sky, accompanied by a slash from another impressive physique. He was shocked at such a magnificent strike and had to use his weapon in response.

Zhuo Jianshi suddenly appeared before him. She cultivated the Sacred Spring Physique, allowing her to have a boundless and majestic vitality. Even the most ordinary technique powered by this physique would be dozens or even a hundred times stronger than normal!

Even his sea god’s weapon couldn’t withstand this sky-tearing sword slash and was blown away.

“Clank!” The fleeing overlord was nailed into a cliff.

The crowd shuddered once more. Ruyan was not the only one who was powerful since Jianshi was just about equal.

Even experts like the overlord from sea god lineages couldn’t contend against them.

“The Void Imperfection Three Schools have always been this strong.” Both sea demons and charming spirits felt chills tingling through their spine.

All along, this sect had always maintained a low-profile. Among the younger generation, Ruyan and Jianshi were not as famous as the Seashield Prince and his peers. However, there shouldn’t be any doubts about their strength.

Ruyan came closer to look at the nailed overlord and chuckled: “You like to use poison, right? Good, I’ll show you the real way of using poison!”

It would have been easy for Jianshi to kill the overlord. However, Li Qiye didn’t give the order, so she decided to go easy on him.

Ruyan took out a wooden thorn as thin as a strand of silk and quickly stabbed it into his forehead at lightning speed.

“Ah!” The overlord screamed miserably. Even a brute like him couldn’t bear this kind of pain. His mournful cries resounded across the firmaments.

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