Chapter 1321: Skeletal Legion

Chapter 1321: Skeletal Legion

Many people looked around after hearing this. Cultivators trod a thin line between life and death on a daily basis. Among them were many bad people and villains.

But once they reached a certain level, they would cherish their reputation, especially the experts with great status; they would be much more prideful.

Even a devil king, once strong enough, would look down on using despicable means against his enemies. They preferred directly suppressing and slaughtering their enemies.

Few cultivators would use poisons, it was much rarer than assassinations.

But now, the Lithodidae Overlord employed such a despicable method in front of the world and even took pride in it. This astonished many of the spectators. They didn’t expect for the play to develop like this since some actually believed his apology earlier.

Those who understood him weren’t surprised at all. They only snorted as they had seen him do abnormal things like this before.

Ruyan warned in all seriousness: “Don’t forget that my school’s disciples are right outside.”

The overlord laughed in response: “Schoolmaster Liu, you have nothing to worry about. As long as you are in my hands, your disciples won’t dare to do anything. Plus, I’ll only be taking Li Qiye’s dog life, there’s no need for us to become enemies. If you want, wait until I kill Li Qiye, then I’ll take you outside...”

“... Of course, if you refuse, it’s not like I’m afraid of you. I have ways to deal with your disciples if they want to break in.” He revealed a devious smile at this point: “But you need to think about the consequences of opposing me. I have heard of your peerless charm before. If you don’t listen, I will keep you captive and educate you to become my sex slave. At that time, you will be as obedient as a child and become my woman. The Void Imperfection Three Schools won’t have anything to say then either…” He laughed crazily with an evil glare.

People took deep breaths after hearing this. One of them murmured: “He is really a mad pervert, he’s willing to do just about anything!”

“Isn’t this enough gloating?” At this time, Li Qiye, who was slumped in his chair, smiled.

“Heh, it is just beginning. Wait a bit, I’ll make you wish for death…” The overlord showed a cruel smile.

“I kind of hope someone could make me taste such despair. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet them. At the very least, an ant like you won’t be able to.” With that, Li Qiye sat straight again.

Liu Ruyan did the same and laughed: “Your words from earlier are more than enough to justify my Void Imperfection Three Schools mobilizing to destroy your Regal Valley, but I believe someone else wants to take your dog life more than me.”

“How, how can this be?!” The overlord’s expression shifted after seeing the two sitting up straight. He quickly staggered backward.

Ruyan smiled: “You were playing in the mud in some remote corner while I dabbled in poisons. I stopped with such trickeries at the age of seven, only a fool like you would boast about such lowly means.”

Li Qiye simply chuckled. He cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique, so it would be strange if this level of poison could affect him.

The overlord’s expression turned ugly as he asked: “You, you two were just pretending?”

Li Qiye slightly grinned: “I was just playing along so that I can see your most complacent and smug moment before stomping you down to the ground and shattering your confidence, your hope so that you can taste the sensation of despair and defeat.”

The situation reversed once more to the astonishment of the crowd. Many didn’t expect for these two to be pretending as well.

Only the Swiftdao God calmly drank his wine without being surprised at all.

The overlord suddenly flashed and disappeared. He emerged again on top of a cliff and laughed: “Li, I also didn’t think poison could take you down, but since you are here today, it’s more than enough…”

“Rumble!” With that, water pillars sprouted around the platform. Each pillar had been refined and reinforced with terrifying flashing runes.

The Swiftdao God commanded: “Retreat!” His small boat rushed out of the War Cliff like an arrow. The other guests did the same and observed from a distance.

Fortunately for them, they understood just how devious the overlord was, so they were cautious. Otherwise, if they were to sit on the platform, they would have fallen into this trap as well.

More splashes came about. The water pillars seemed to turn the area into an ancient battlefield, and the platform was the center with Li Qiye and Liu Ruyan on top…

“An ancient battlefield…” Li Qiye watched the brilliance gushing from the platform. Of course, the overlord wasn’t capable of creating such a war zone. This was something left behind by his ancestors.

“Li, my ancestors back then slaughtered millions in a single battle, establishing an eternal prestige. The two of you have been trapped in this ancient battlefield, don’t even dream about escaping.” The overlord loudly laughed.

The withdrawn guests darted their eyes around and secretly praised their good fortune. Someone even murmured: “It’s good that the Swiftdao God was here so that we didn’t have to sit on the platform or else he would have trapped us all.”

Li Qiye was too lazy to take another glance at the battlefield before responding: “Your ancestors established an eternal prestige here because they were indeed capable characters. As for you, an ant is all you amount to.”

In fact, Li Qiye didn’t place this battlefield in his sight. It had been used by the Lithodidae Sea God. It was once powerful, but after the previous battle, its strength had greatly diminished due to the great damage it suffered.

“Keep on running your mouth while you still can. In just a moment, you’ll wish you were dead.” The overlord took out a conch-like item.

“Woo—” He blew the conch. The sound echoed across the region. It was mighty with a majestic and murderous aura…

A sea demon paragon recognized the conch and exclaimed: “That’s the Divine Sea Conch of the Lithodidae Sea God!”

“Splash! Splash! Splash!” Something incredible happened. Skeletons started to climb out of the sea after hearing the conch. Their bodies exuded dazzling lights while holding rusted weapons. In the blink of an eye, formations came out alongside a murderous aura.

Without a doubt, these skeletons were once part of a powerful legion when they were alive.

“What is that?” People understood that this was an experienced legion right away and became quite frightened.

After leaving the sea, this legion instantly surrounded the ancient battlefield. Not even a drop of water could get through. A conservative estimate was around one hundred thousand. One could easily imagine how terrifying being sieged by them was.

People uncontrollably shuddered while looking at the dazzling skeletons. They felt death looming over them as if they were trapped in a city of the dead.

“These are the members that died from the legion that followed the Lithodidae Sea God back then.” A sea demon was startled: “The overlord is using the conch left behind by his ancestors to awaken them.”

At this time, many understood the overlord’s intentions. He wanted to wake the regiment that was buried here in order to trap Li Qiye.

This used to be a legion that fought against millions of sea demons and laid out an unshakable status for the sea god.

Today, he used this ancestral conch to wake them up in order to kill Li Qiye. This method was indeed ruthless enough.

Li Qiye glanced at the legion completely surrounding the battlefield and flatly said: “If your ancestors knew that they had such an unfilial descendant like you, they would definitely crawl out of the yellow spring to end you…”

“... The Lithodidae Sea God buried his legion here and laid down a great formation to protect their spirits so that they may rest here in peace, a worthy reward for their contribution to his hegemony. But today, you made them come out. Your foolish actions shall make them forever restless.” Li Qiye mockingly smiled.

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