Chapter 1319: Attending The Banquet

Chapter 1319: Attending The Banquet

The majority of the guests came to greet him. Both the young geniuses and older experts respectfully addressed him as “celestial god”.

He was the one granting them solace from this stressful event. No matter how much trouble the overlord was about to bring, he wouldn’t dare to go overboard.

The overlord prepared a platform close to the sea surface above the War Cliff. However, after the celestial god’s arrival, not too many were sitting there.

The celestial god remained on his small boat and maintained a certain distance from the overlord.

Since he didn’t sit down, the others didn’t dare to take a seat either. They all stayed on their own boats. In fact, this was only an excuse. No one wanted to be close to the crazy overlord. Who knows what he was about to do?

Of course, the overlord didn’t care. He drank his wine in a carefree manner; this feast was only a means to an end.

He commanded his disciples to serve the guests with wine and food while sitting alone on his platform. After several courses were served, he found that the time was about right.

He stood up and raised his cup while looking at the guests: “Today, it is our honor to be graced with everyone’s presence. As a junior thinking about the supreme prestige of my ancestors, I find that I will never be able to achieve what they achieved in an entire lifetime. I salute everyone for celebrating their deeds. Remember, no matter the generation, the sea gods will always be protecting our sea demon race…”

The others stood up and raised their cups in response. Even though many were forced to attend, they had to give him some face in this situation.

Only the celestial god didn’t stand up. He simply sat there and saluted back.

“Finish your drinks, everyone!” The overlord enthusiastically shouted after finishing his fervent speech.

The rest quickly downed their cups. They all wanted to be done with this feast as soon as possible. Of course, they were wondering why Li Qiye hadn’t come yet.

“How can I not come for a drink as well when such a nice feast is taking place?” A leisurely voice sounded right when everyone put down their cups.

“Fierce is here.” Someone shouted but then busily covered their mouth.

The crowd turned around and saw the boat from the Evil Devourer School stopping at the border of the War Cliff.

Li Qiye walked off the boat, accompanied by Liu Ruyan.

The overlord was not surprised to see Li Qiye. He was actually all-smiles as he quickly walked up to greet them.

“The Evil Devourer Schoolmaster is here too?” Some people felt even more relieved after seeing Liu Ruyan. With her and the Swiftdao God present, nothing too crazy should happen.

An old sea demon quietly voiced his disagreement: “The sky will turn over if the overlord doesn’t go crazy. After becoming the Regal Valley Master, he even killed his master, a high elder of the sect, just because he desired his master’s wife. His father, the old valley master, tried to stop him, but he killed his father as well. Heh, rumors outside say that they died from illness, but this is something many in the valley know about.”

“He’s a madman. Just watch, he’ll do something insane for sure.” A disciple from the Regal Valley whispered with the lowest volume. Only his peers could hear him.

Li Qiye’s arrival prompted many guests to quietly move their ships back in preparation for the inevitable madness from the overlord.

“Greetings, Brother Li and Schoolmaster Liu. This is indeed an honor.” The overlord personally greeted Li Qiye with great enthusiasm.

Many people found his cheerful expression surprising. Everyone knew that his five generals were killed by Li Qiye. The overlord naturally knew this as well, but he acted as if nothing had happened.

“What a strange man, ordinary people can’t do this.” Another quietly spoke while looking at the overlord acting polite and respectful towards Li Qiye.

After his five generals ambushed Li Qiye, everyone could guess that it was him who paid the sky-high bounty for Li Qiye’s life. But now, he was acting as if they were old friends. It was a very disconcerting spectacle.

He led Li Qiye and Liu Ruyan to the platform. Li Qiye only smiled to this hospitality while sitting down.

Many people were in awe to see Li Qiye up there. As long as one wasn’t too stupid, they would understand that this feast was not as simple as it seems. No one would want to sit up there, but Li Qiye didn’t give a damn and showed off his arrogance despite knowing that it was a trap. Just how bold and courageous was this?

Even the Swiftdao God stared at Li Qiye in a profound manner. He also wanted to see what Li Qiye would do to overturn the tide.

Li Qiye sat down and leisurely asked: “Lithodidae Overlord, do you not know or are you pretending?”

The overlord was caught off guard after hearing this: “Brother Li, what are you talking about?”

The guests watched this conversation with bated breaths.

Li Qiye smilingly explained: “Have you not heard? A few days ago, I killed five people known to be your generals. Are you not aware of this?”

“Is that true?” The overlord was in disbelief: “My generals were sent to patrol the frontier of the Regal Valley, they couldn’t have possibly appeared here!”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter at this point: “Is that so? Then me killing them is really a big coincidence. Well, I could have gotten the wrong people, but what does everyone else think?”

“I don’t know anything about this since I’ve been busy worshipping my ancestors for the last few days. I haven’t inquired about the matters of the sect.” Having said that, he shouted: “Attendant! What actually happened?!”

An old man walked out after hearing the loud question. He looked at the overlord and then Li Qiye, not knowing how to answer.

The overlord lowered his tone: “I’ve been offering incense and burning ceremonial papers in private recently. When I’m not in control, you have full authority. Tell me, what actually happened? Were the five generals killed?”

The guests glanced at each other after hearing this play by the overlord and thought that he was really too much.

“My lord, well, about this…” The attendant stammered while looking at the overlord; he couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

Fury sparked in the overlord’s eyes as he coldly uttered: “What happened? Tell me now!”

Under the erupting aura of the overlord, this attendant quivered and suddenly kneeled on the ground: “My lord, this, this is because I was confused and foolish. I noticed that someone had put a high bounty for Young Noble Li’s life on the black market…”

“... I, I suddenly got greedy while you were busy with the filial ceremonies. I used your seal to command the five generals to ambush Young Noble Li. My lord, please spare my life, I was only momentarily blinded by greed, please spare me!” He slammed his head on the ground while begging for mercy.

Many of the guests sneered at this scene. The overlord was only finding a scapegoat; who would actually believe this performance?

“You fool!” The overlord’s eyes lit up with a frightening brilliance: “Sending false orders is an unforgivable sin!”

Having said that, he reached for the attendant.

“My lord, spare—” This attendant couldn’t finish his sentence before the overlord twisted his neck off, letting blood spurt everywhere.

He died with his eyes wide open since it was an indignant death. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go down.

The overlord put the skull into a wooden box and handed it to Li Qiye: “Brother Li, I have offed his head. I hate deceivers the most.”

Some sneered after seeing this. A few guests felt disdain towards this act, but no one said anything. After all, the overlord killed his own people and it was none of their business.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye only smiled.

The overlord lifted the lower section of his robe and kneeled on the ground. He spoke in a serious manner: “Brother Li, you are a hero in the contemporary, I have always admired you and would like to view you as a brother. Even though I am not the culprit, I am still responsible for being too lax with my subordinates. Here, I kneel before you to apologize.”

People were stunned by this act. No one knew why he was resorting to this method. Keep in mind that he was the sect master of a sea god’s lineage. Someone of his prestigious status would never kneel so easily before people.

For these sect masters, they would rather die before kneeling and admitting their mistakes.

But now, the overlord was prostrating, how could people not be dumbfounded?

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