Chapter 1313: Space Shifting

Chapter 1313: Space Shifting

Dagger’s smile froze after hearing the group shout. He quickly looked over and found that it was Hook whose neck he pierced, not Li Qiye.

Blood spurted from his neck as his eyes went wide. He tried to speak, but people could only hear “ugh, ugh, ugg” coming out of his mouth.

Dagger was stricken with shock and cried: “No!” He didn’t expect to have killed his own brother in this manner.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was standing where Hook previously was. Even though he was still tied up, he was completely unharmed and stood there calmly.

It was Displaced Space again. He swapped positions with Hook right when the dagger swung by. Hook died without even knowing why.

Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “It seems like you really are getting old with worsening eyesight, treating your ally as an enemy.”

The other four’s expressions turned unsightly. Their ambush didn’t harm Li Qiye at all and instead resulted in their own brother dying.

A sea demon murmured after seeing this scene: “All five generals of the overlord are here.”

In fact, the five were all on the ship earlier, but after being exposed, Shield and Spear purposely came out to bait Li Qiye while the other three hid and waited for the right opportunity.

The five had always worked together regardless of whether they faced a single enemy or hundreds. Their teamwork and techniques were incredible, ranging from ambushes, assassination arts, and traps…

Because of this, many people stronger than them had fallen to their hands.

This time, even though their location was exposed, they were still confident and wanted to use their great teamwork to kill Li Qiye. However, they didn’t expect for the first victim to be their own brother, Hook.

Li Qiye smiled at them and asked while still tied up: “Are you done yet?”

The four generals looked at each other. They gathered closer together as Dagger gritted his teeth and said: “Little animal, it’ll be you or us today!”

Li Qiye only chuckled in response: “Wrong, it will be the four of you dying unwilling deaths!”

The four adjusted their positions while Li Qiye leisurely watched them set up their new formation.

After the four were done, this new formation surrounded Li Qiye perfectly. No matter the angle, their attack wouldn’t harm their own people. At the same time, they were able to cut off Li Qiye’s movements while keeping him within the range of their attacks.

“You four indeed understand how to work together.” Li Qiye gave an indifferent smile and said: “Unfortunately, your cultivations are too weak. If you all had the power of a Godking on top of this teamwork, you could do whatever you want in Heaven Spirit. You can kill ordinary cultivators with your strength, but in my eyes, the four of you are not much different from ants.”

“Slay!” The four of them responded with a shout. In the blink of an eye, they seemed to have a mental connection and attacked at the same time from completely different angles.

Dagger aimed for Li Qiye’s neck; Net threw a poisonous net made out of sand at his back; Shield attacked with the power of a mountain in order to shatter Li Qiye’s head; Spear’s weapon was as overbearing as fire. He unleashed a barrage of thrusts at Li Qiye’s legs.

In the face of these attacks from all directions, Li Qiye was still as calm as ever despite being tied up by the black rope.

“Boom!” Time stopped in this sealed space, making the scene seem like a picture. An unbelievable spectacle unfolded before everyone.

Dagger slashed Shield’s throat while Shield shattered Spear’s skull. Meanwhile, Spear pierced Net’s chest and Net’s sharp mesh cut through Dagger’s body.

Their eyes were opened wide in astonishment. They had calculated their positions very carefully, so there was no chance of hurting their own brothers like earlier. Even if Li Qiye switched his position with one of them, accidental injuries still shouldn’t have happened.

However, Li Qiye stood still this time. He had not shifted, it was the rest of them. They ended up killing each other, resulting in this scene.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Their bodies fell down one by one. These were indignant deaths since not even in their dreams would they have imagined that they would fall at the hands of their own brothers.

Just like Li Qiye said earlier, they would be the ones to die unwilling deaths.

“What the hell is that technique?” Many people gasped after seeing this. Even an expert at the sect master level paled with fear.

This sect master’s senior, a Virtuous Paragon, explained: “This is a spatial technique. Li Qiye cultivates some kind of space technique, allowing him to arbitrarily control the movements of space.”

The paragon was right. It wasn’t Displaced Space this time but rather Space Shifting. In that split moment, he shifted space so that they would kill each other. Just like that, Turtle’s throat was moved in front of Dagger’s attack while Spear’s skull was shattered by Shield.

“He can do it on a whim?” The sect master was alarmed: “Doesn’t that mean Li Qiye can teleport people wherever he wishes?”

The paragon mused for a bit before answering with uncertainty: “That depends on their cultivation. At a certain level, Li Qiye shouldn’t be able to shift his enemy through space, or maybe the effect would be greatly reduced.”

In fact, he was right. Just as Li Qiye had stated earlier, the cultivation of the generals was too weak. If they were Godkings, it wouldn’t be easy for Li Qiye to move them. And even if he could, it would be very limited.

But with their strength, they couldn’t protect their own space. It was very easy for Li Qiye to shift their spatial locations.

“Sigh, why must such good brothers kill each other?” Li Qiye laughed. The black rope around him finally loosened and slipped off.

This rope was not a threat to him at all. He was only playing with the generals to let them think victory was at hand.

He floated in the sky and swept through the area. There was no other ambush, the enemy had exhausted their means.

“Trying to kill me with such pathetic means? How disappointing, I was expecting a much better trap.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled while shaking his head before returning to Ruyan’s ship.

Many were temporarily speechless after hearing this. In fact, they could see that the ambush from the five generals was quite formidable. The Blazing-serum Treants and Ice-spirit Sea Demons initiated the attack and were immediately followed by a monster like the kraken. Even a God-Monarch would find it difficult to evade death.

However, Li Qiye came out unscathed while all the generals died pitifully.

“Fierce is too terrifying, he is definitely not weaker than the Seashield Prince or Seven Martial Goddess.” A person shuddered while watching the ship from the Evil Devourer School leave.

“He has a pretty good chance of becoming the Immortal Emperor of our generation.” An older sea demon had to admit that Li Qiye was mighty.

“Heh, so what? Even if he was stronger, he can’t become the emperor.” A charming spirit sneered: “With Meng Zhentian around, he is only an ant unless he can become an Emperor Candidate in the next two years. Otherwise, Meng Zhentian will crush him to death!”

Even those who didn’t like the statement couldn’t refute due to the current consensus of Meng Zhentian’s success. Competing for the Heaven’s Will against him was courting death, even for the greatest of geniuses.

“Fortunately, the Seashield Prince and Seven Martial Goddess are sea demons, they don’t need to fight for the Heaven’s Will.” Some sea demons were thankful for this.

If they didn’t need the Heaven’s Will, it meant that they didn’t have to become Meng Zhentian’s enemies.

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