Chapter 1312: Five Generals

Chapter 1312: Five Generals

Li Qiye rushed down towards the sinking kraken and grabbed one of its tentacles.

“Splash!” Li Qiye then soared to the sky and dragged the monster up with him.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The wind cried. Li Qiye spun the kraken around continuously like a windmill. They turned into a terrifying hurricane that crazily spun on the sea's surface.

“Now go!” Li Qiye eventually let go.

“Whoosh!” The gigantic body of the beast flew and disappeared into the sky like a shooting star.

It had been thrown out of the Dragon Demon Sea towards the boundless horizon. Who knows whether this kraken would be able to survive in the future?

“He dealt with it just like that?” Jaws dropped to the ground. However, some experts felt that this was the best way to deal with the kraken.

Such a sea monster had a resilient shell. Killing it in a short period of time wasn’t an easy matter. Directly throwing it out of the sea was much simpler.

Li Qiye then stepped towards the sky and stomped on a white cloud.

“Boom!” The cloud dissipated along with a secret technique, revealing a huge ship.

“There’s no need to sneak around if you are already here.” Li Qiye stood in the sky and sneered at the exposed ship.

“Go!” Two shadows rushed out of the ship in order to escape. However, they didn’t make it far before a bang sounded; they had slammed into something and were bounced back.

They immediately changed directions with haste. Alas, the result was still the same. They slammed into something again and was forced back.

This process repeated several times, but nothing changed. This space was sealed, so they couldn’t escape.

Li Qiye watched them run around like dogs that had lost their masters. After a while, he sneered: “You aren’t the only ones who know how to seal space.”

Space Sealing was another technique from the Space Scripture, part of the Space Control chapters. It was prohibitively difficult for cultivators to destroy this containment once trapped inside.

The two fleeing figures finally stopped. They understood that the only way to escape from this space was to kill Li Qiye. People finally got a good look at them at this time.

They were two old men. One was short but had a huge shield on his back. The other was a burly fella with a spear and a sharp glare.

Someone exclaimed after clearly seeing the two: “These are two of the five generals of the Lithodidae Overlord, the Turtle and Spear Generals.”

Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi weren’t surprised at all for this was within their expectations.

The crowd glanced at each other after this revelation. Lithodidae had five generals: Turtle, Spear, Net, Hook, and Dagger. Rumor has it that these five generals had a formidable killing technique. Many experts much stronger than them had actually fallen to their hands. They had many illustrious exploits under the overlord.

Turtle and Spear appearing together at this place had answered the question of who the mastermind behind the whole thing was to many. What made others curious was how this feud came to be between Li Qiye and the overlord.

Li Qiye smiled and indifferently said: “So it is the overlord’s people. Looks like he couldn’t swallow the anger from the other day.”

In fact, it wasn’t strange for the overlord to want to kill Li Qiye. He was a ruthless man who loved challenges. Taking Li Qiye’s head was, without a doubt, a great challenge.

Turtle and Spear put on dignified expressions, and Turtle lowered his tone: “This has nothing to do with our master. We did this of our own volition.”

“Loyal enough.” Li Qiye smiled: “Unfortunately, you two won’t be able to live any longer to show your loyalty to your master.”

“Kill him!” The two generals didn’t waste any more words, it was time to fight to the death. Spear roared and rushed forward alongside Turtle.

“Bang!” Turtle’s gigantic shield ferociously slammed into Li Qiye like a mountain. Explosions sounded even before the impact.

Li Qiye smiled and unleashed a finger strike through the sky, aiming for the shield.

“Boom!” It didn’t matter how powerful or heavy this shield was, it couldn't handle Li Qiye’s attack. Turtle staggered backward after this exchange.

“Pluff!” While Turtle lost the first move, Spear suddenly appeared right behind Li Qiye like a poisonous serpent with his spear mercilessly aiming for Li Qiye’s ribs.

He chose the perfect time to attack in order to deliver a fatal blow. Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye at the approaching spear. He flicked his finger, issuing a clanging noise and diverting the spear tip.

Next, he attacked again, aiming straight for Spear’s forehead.

Spear was startled and quickly pulled his weapon back to defend.

Meanwhile, Turtle, who was repelled by just one finger, was aghast after looking at his shield. He was an All-shield Turtle, a very rare sea demon. His shield was part of his carapace and was unbelievable hard; it was countless times tougher than an ordinary divine metal. But now, there were cracks on it because of Li Qiye’s finger. Just how terrifying was the power contained in that strike?

However, since Li Qiye was attacking Spear, Turtle didn’t have time to think too much and instantly rejoined the fray.

“Clank!” Even though Spear was using his weapon for protection, it still couldn’t stop the approaching finger. The spear cracked while Li Qiye’s finger continued straight for his forehead.

While watching Spear accept death, Turtle arrived just in time.

“Boom!” His shield blocked Li Qiye’s attack once more to save Spear. However, it was completely penetrated this time.

Suddenly, a net appeared out of nowhere above Li Qiye’s head. It was as thin as fine silk, so it was hard for people to see. It looked just like a layer of mist floating over his head. It moved at an incomparable speed to surround and trap Li Qiye completely.

Many people’s hearts skipped a beat after seeing this new development.

In this split second, the net finally engulfed Li Qiye in a firm manner as another old man appeared in the sky.

A spectator recognized him right away and shouted: “The Net General!” This was another general under the Lithodidae Overlord.

Net heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that his net had a firm grasp on Li Qiye. He laughed raucously and said: “Even if your techniques were better, you still won’t be able to escape my heavenly net—”

But his smile froze before he could finish. The net was indeed solid, but the one under it wasn’t Li Qiye, it was the Turtle and Spear Generals.

As for Li Qiye, he was standing where these two generals were earlier.

The Net General couldn’t believe his eyes. His ambush had never failed before, yet he missed his mark this time. Li Qiye wasn’t trapped, his allies had inexplicably fallen under it instead.

This was Displaced Space under the spatial control branch. It allowed Li Qiye to swap positions with his enemies, which was why the other two generals were trapped instead.

The two shocked generals shouted in unison: “Let go of us!”

During all of the commotion, a black rope slithered towards Li Qiye like a spirit serpent and wrapped around him. It was simply too fast, making it seem as if it had been waiting for Li Qiye this whole time. The moment he stood still, it immediately coiled around him.

Moreover, it coiled around him crazily as if aiming to strangle him. Another old man appeared out of nowhere while holding the other end of the rope.

Someone exclaimed: “The Hook General!”

“Whoosh!” A light flashed while the rope held Li Qiye tightly. This glint aimed for his throat in a ruthless manner in order to push him towards his death.

“Pluff!” The incomparably sharp dagger pierced his throat. Blood sputtered under this fatal stab.

“Haha, even if you were stronger, you can’t escape death in the face of our joint offense…” A gloomy voice sounded as the fifth old man appeared.

He was the Dagger General, a master at ambush and assassination.

He didn’t have much time to think before Shield, Net, and Spear standing in front of him were aghast. They all shouted at the same time: “No!”

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