Chapter 1310: Blazing-serum Treants and Ice-spirit Sea Demons

Chapter 1310: Blazing-serum Treants and Ice-spirit Sea Demons

“Boom!” The tightly woven net of vines suddenly caught on fire at the center. In fact, calling it a fire was far from sufficient to describe what was going on.

This explosion left the net stranded in a sea of fire, making it seem like the sun itself. It immediately spread and exploded some more, emitting terrifying smoke. This ferocious flame swept through the entire area.

The fact that the space was sealed exacerbated the scale of this flame of indescribable power. Its high temperature could burn everything to ashes.

In this split second, the wooden net was no longer there, only a gigantic sun with its flames surging for thousands of meters could be seen.

These terrifying flames assaulted the world and burned everything. Li Qiye, who was stuck in the center, was affected the most. The flame had probably burned him to ashes.

The monstrous fire made it difficult for others to look straight at it. Many spectators were slack-jawed. Even a paragon was nothing in the face of this intense heat.

“This is why the Blazing-serum Treants are so scary. If they are willing to risk it all by using their lifespan, they could incinerate their own bodies to kill their enemies.” A treant ancestor explained: “The presence of the Ice-spirit Sea Demons made these treants grow even stronger and amplified the power of the explosion.”

“Is he still alive?” Someone squinted to look at the center of the ball of fire, but the blistering flames blocked their vision. Even a heavenly gaze couldn’t see through its blinding light.

As the blasts continued, everyone became curious as to what Li Qiye’s situation was.

Suddenly, the flames moved wildly. This sky-searing flame caved in as if something within the artificial sun was devouring its power.

More scorching sizzles resounded. The sealed space continued to quake as the blazing sun became smaller and smaller; it was as if it was losing its source of power.

Eventually, the sun became small enough for one to see what was happening. Everyone could now see Li Qiye frantically devouring this sunflame.

He had opened his fate palace. The cauldron of life emerged with the Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter. The cauldron itself already had an eternal flame of life while this primal chapter had an affinity for high temperatures. Thus, their combination was fundamentally flawless and allowed for the perfect absorption of all flames.

Meanwhile, the blazing flames of these treants were predicated on them burning their bodies. This type of flame was quite nutritious for Li Qiye, so his own fire of life grew much stronger after devouring it.

How could he let go when such a good opportunity was brought to his doorstep? He directly used his cauldron of life to turn everything into his own.

“How can this be? Something like this is actually possible?” Many people couldn’t believe their own eyes.

Everyone knew that the flame of this race was a wondrous substance since they burned their own life force in order to create it. However, not just anyone could withstand such an overbearing fire. Devouring this blazing flame could easily destroy their own cauldron of life.

The Blazing-serum Treants became distraught after seeing all the fire being devoured by Li Qiye.

The experts of their race shouted: “Combine!” All of their branches grew at an astonishing pace as they took root within the deepest part of the earth.

At the same time, the Ice-spirit Sea Demons combined with the treants. Their own bodies merged with the branches, then they poured their spirit water inside.

“This is so incredible, seamless cooperation from mortal enemies. Someone must have paid a sky-high price to make them work together like this to kill Li Qiye.” A sect master was astounded to see this teamwork.

At this time, the treants seemed to be blooming with flowers. However, petals didn’t come out from the hollow holes filled with darkness.

“Rumble!” Lava rushed out from these holes. Some sprayed to the sky before aiming straight for Li Qiye.

Shortly after, lava gushed from all directions, aiming to drown and annihilate Li Qiye.

“The treants are using their killing move! Do not get hit by this hot serum or you’ll explode right away!” A treant expert lost his voice while screaming.

The blazing serum from this race was quite terrifying. Not only did it have a high temperature, once it touched its prey, it would seem to come to life and invade the body before exploding.

Moreover, the power of this explosion was enormous; it was dozens of times stronger than the flames from earlier. Even the strongest body wouldn’t be able to withstand the internal explosions.

These serums that resembled lava came tumbling down from the sky, causing relentless explosions. The sealed space trembled, but everyone saw an unbelievable scene.

Li Qiye’s cauldron of life immediately opened wide and crazily swallowed all the incoming serum. It violently quaked as explosions resounded inside. Without a doubt, this serum was detonating within.

However, the Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter and its laws fortified the cauldron of life by sealing it. The barrage of explosions couldn’t harm the cauldron at all. How could these blazing liquids blow away an item at the primal chapter’s level?

Jaws dropped at this spectacle.

“Is his cauldron of life made out of immortal metal? It is perfectly fine after this many explosions, even the strongest Godking cauldron wouldn’t be able to handle so many powerful outbreaks.” A sea demon of the paragon level was shocked.

“Rumble!” More blazing serum shot out in an endless manner. It crazily attacked Li Qiye’s cauldron of life as if this treant race wouldn’t give up until he was blown to pieces.

A few sea demons were lost in admiration. One of them said: “It is fortunate that these two races are mortal enemies. If they work together, they might become one of the most terrifying lineages in the Dragon Demon Sea. This endless barrage of serum could instantly destroy a great power.”

“No, that’s not right.” A Virtuous Paragon from the previous generation was quite experienced. After watching for a while, he shook his head and said: “Something is wrong, they are not in control of their serum anymore.”

This paragon was right. At this time, the experts from the two races were completely frightened because their serum kept on gushing out. They had lost control of the situation as they kept on feeding Li Qiye’s cauldron of life as if it wanted to squeeze them dry.

Even though their serum was quite powerful and horrifying, it also came at a heavy price. It was equivalent to a cultivator’s blood energy or even longevity blood. This lavish barrage of their serum meant that their longevity blood was being drained.

An expert from the treant race shouted towards the Ice-spirit Sea Demons: “Separate!”

Due to the previous fusion, their serum became stronger and, of course, this meant that Li Qiye was absorbing an even greater amount.

“We can’t!” These sea demons were alarmed as well. Their spirit water was supporting the treants and their serum. However, Li Qiye was not only devouring the longevity blood of the treants, he was also sucking them dry since they were one with the treants.

They desperately tried to separate their bodies, but Li Qiye’s cauldron of life had a formidable swallowing nature. It locked the two races together in a way that they simply couldn’t separate.

Waves splashed everywhere. Despite the struggles of the two races on the sea, they failed to escape from Li Qiye’s grasp.

“Oh mother! This is not the Blazing-serum Treants attacking Li Qiye, he is simply devouring their longevity blood!” Finally, people understood the situation and couldn’t help but quiver in horror.

“No!” Ultimately, the experts from the two races screamed pitifully. Li Qiye had completely devoid them of their energy source. After a couple moments, countless corpses floated on the sea.

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