Chapter 1309: The Trap

Chapter 1309: The Trap

The great ship traveled north along the direction of the arrow at a steady pace while remaining cautious.

Many cultivators were surprised to see the boat’s trajectory. Any reasonable person would know that the buoy from earlier was an attempt to goad Li Qiye towards the trap.

They weren’t willing to be fooled and would rather avoid it completely instead of being led by the nose. Everyone knew that Li Qiye was aware of this trap, but to their astonishment, he still chose to go towards it.

“Knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain yet still choosing to climb, how bold and decisive. What a confident person!” Even sea demons unavoidably felt a little admiration for Li Qiye.

“Prudence allows for a ship to sail ten thousand years.” An old cultivator murmured: “The path towards the dao is endless with countless dangers. If not careful, even the most amazing genius might find their boat capsize one day.”

“Come, let’s take a look. I actually want to know who is trying to mess with Li Qiye.” Some cultivators couldn’t contain their curiosity and decided to follow.

Someone had already placed a high bounty for Li Qiye’s head, and now there was this blatant provocation and trap. The person behind this must have an irreconcilable feud with Li Qiye.

The boat didn’t go too far before seeing another message on the sea with an arrow: “Li Qiye will die if he goes this way!”

The boat, once again, followed the direction without any hesitation. After some distance, they kept seeing the same sign again and again with a new direction.

“Just what kind of trap is waiting for him?” The quantity of the signs built up the anticipation of the cultivators following behind the boat.

Eventually, the boat stopped because of a large sign with “Li Qiye will die here!” written on it. There wasn’t an arrow above the words this time.

The spectators knew that the trap was before them, so they stopped to watch from afar.

Li Qiye told the two girls: “Stop here, I’ll go take a look.”

“Be careful.” Jianshi reminded him after seeing that he wanted to go alone.

“Don’t worry, I actually want to be killed.” Li Qiye looked at her and smiled: “It will be a good thing.”

The two sisters were speechless. This was their first time hearing someone who wished to be killed.

Li Qiye slowly walked on the waves towards the sign in front of him. He seemed to be taking a stroll through his own garden instead of walking towards a trap.

The sea demons in the distance were surprised by his carefree demeanor. One of them said: “This Li might be arrogant, but he can really back it up. Courageous and domineering, a very unique individual even among the young geniuses in Heaven Spirit.”

“It’s about to begin, I wonder how strong his enemies are.” Some spectators were holding their breaths in anticipation. They didn’t want to miss a single detail. Some wanted to see just how strong this trap was and if it could deal with Li Qiye or not.

Li Qiye glanced at the buoy and casually threw it away before smiling: “Come, do your worst and impress me.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” At the initial location of the buoy where Li Qiye was standing, great pillars soared into the sky from the bottom of the sea.

They surrounded this region and runes began to appear on their surfaces.

“Clank!” These runes instantly connected with each other like iron chains and sealed the entire area.

“Whoosh!” They emitted a powerful aura and a blinding light. Even space seemed to be frozen.

A spectator blurted after seeing this brilliance: “The aura of a sea god! This is a sea god’s method!”

Now that the nearby space had been frozen by the pillars, they began to emit an energy to suppress Li Qiye and cut off all paths of retreat.

“These are items personally refined by a sea god.” Someone commented after seeing some clues on the pillars.

A cultivator asked: “Which sea god?”

The paragon slightly opened his mouth, but he refrained from answering. He didn’t want to expose the background of the sea god. After all, he and Li Qiye didn’t know each other. There was no need for him to run his big mouth and provoke a sea god’s lineage.

“Buzz!” When Li Qiye gathered his blood energy, a seal of the sea god surfaced on the pillars in order to suppress his energy; it was immediately successful.

Another expert wondered: “I wonder if Li Qiye can withstand this level of suppression in that sealed space.”

Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind at all and stopped gathering his blood energy. He smilingly said: “Fine, I can still destroy you all without using my blood energy and merit laws. It’s time to show me your worth, don’t waste my time.”

When all of his power was converged, he looked just like a mortal. The crowd was dumbfounded by his actions.

Even in the face of a sea god’s suppression, he still chose to not use laws and his blood energy. Just how confident and domineering was this?

Small buds stretched out of the sea. It looked like new branches were growing from them. Just like that, more and more of these young buds surrounded this sealed area for as far as the eye could see.

“What is this?” The crazy growth of these buds creating a meadow-like location on the sea left many astonished.

They didn’t know what these buds were. Shortly after, the buds grew into large vines like swimming serpents. They wove together and created a huge net that wrapped around Li Qiye.

While this was happening, he stood there without moving while watching this scene with a smile.

“It’s the Blazing-serum Treant!” The nest-like creation formed from these vines was finally recognized by a cultivator.

Treants emerged from the sea as well as inside the sealed sky. Their heads were skulls while their bodies were made from vines and roots. Their bodies were very muscular, like horned dragons taking root in the sea. They grew with frightening speed and immediately crowded the entire area. Suddenly, huge vines covered everyone’s vision.

Next, the net made out of giant vines began to rapidly shrink. It seemed to be using a mighty force to strangle Li Qiye inside.

A different type of sea demon was standing on these gigantic vines as well. Their bodies were transparent like seawater, rendering their organs visible. When their bodies swayed with the vines, liquids continuously gurgled out into the vines themselves.

Meanwhile, the vines crazily absorbed this liquid. It looked to be greatly nutritious since the vines could grow even faster to occupy the area.

All of this happened very quickly. Starting from the buds until they grew into the entrapping vines, it only took the time it takes to perform a merit law.

Escaping this sealed space was truly a challenge. Moreover, Li Qiye couldn’t move at all since he was wrapped by the vine net.

“Ice-spirit Sea Demons, no way!” A sacred lord from the Dragon Demon Sea was startled.

An unfamiliar cultivator asked: “What do you mean?”

“Ice-spirit Sea Demons and Blazing-serum Treants have been mortal enemies for generations. They have always been at odds!” This sacred lord blurted out: “But these two races are complementary to each other. The water of the Ice-spirits is extremely nutritious for these treants, allowing them to mature faster. This means that the explosiveness of the treants would be dozens or a hundred times greater in combat…

“... at the same time, the roots and buds of these treants are also nutritious for the sea demons. All along, the Blazing-serum Treants wanted to capture the Ice-spirit Sea Demons to suck their water dry while the Ice-spirits wanted to absorb the Blazing-serums’ roots and refine them into their own treasure liquids. They have massacred each other for generations, so why would they work together like this…?”

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