Chapter 1308: Provocation

Chapter 1308: Provocation

The Thornspur Ancestor was shocked at the failed suppression and knew that the situation had gone sour. He turned to flee because he knew of Li Qiye’s fierce reputation.

He initially wanted to ambush Li Qiye with his most terrifying Darkcorpse Evil Water, but after failing, he didn’t dare to linger here any longer.

“Stay and play.” Li Qiye suddenly appeared in front of him.

The frightened ancestor immediately changed directions and fled towards the horizon, but he couldn’t escape. Li Qiye blocked his path again. The ancestor shifted once more, but Li Qiye was much faster in stopping him.

The ancestor’s expression turned unsightly. He knew that his speed was inferior to Li Qiye's, so escaping was impossible. He could only risk it all at this moment.

“Since you can’t run, you might as well die.” Li Qiye laughed and declared after seeing that the ancestor had given up on running.

With that, his finger aimed straight for the ancestor. It was just a very casual touch without any destructive force.

The ancestor didn’t try to dodge and instead rushed forward. It was as if he had become suicidal and wanted to be pierced by this finger.

“Pluff!” Unsurprisingly, Li Qiye’s finger pierced the ancestor’s chest.

Many people were confused by his actions and the intended consequences.

“Not good, Li Qiye fell into the trap. You can’t touch the Thornspur Ancestor, his entire body is poisonous.” An older cultivator reacted right away with a shout.

Although being pierced left him with unbearable pain, the ancestor still gave a devious smile with a gloating demeanor: “Hehehe… Little animal, you are truly strong, but you will still die to me. Even if you are a God-Monarch, you won’t be able to survive. The poison from my body is a hundred times stronger than the external ones I can create.”

The crowd was dumbfounded after hearing this. They knew that he was poisonous, but not to this extent.

“It really was a trap.” An old cultivator murmured: “If his natural poison is really that strong, it will be insufferable even if Li Qiye could escape death.”

Li Qiye was not surprised at all. He chuckled in response: “This is considered acute poison? What a joke, you think this can kill me?”

The gloating ancestor suddenly stopped after seeing that Li Qiye was just fine standing there. He cried out: “Impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible in this world.” Li Qiye smiled. He cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique, so even if this poison was stronger, it wouldn’t hurt him in the slightest.

Having said that, he slammed his palm into the ancestor’s chest. The palm became infinitely dazzling as if he was holding a sun.

“Ah—” The ancestor screamed pitifully. His chest was being incinerated, then his entire body turned to ashes.

He couldn’t escape at all since this scorching fire torched him in a split second.

Extreme Yang Fist. The ancestor’s poison trap backfired on him. He allowed Li Qiye to get close only to be burned by Li Qiye’s fist.

Li Qiye patted his palms clean and flatly said: “Trying to kill me at your level?”

Many cultivators on the sea surface were alarmed after seeing this and quietly stared at each other.

They had heard of Li Qiye’s reputation and he lived up to it today. A poisonous creature like the Thornspur Ancestor was easily annihilated by him. Even the frightening Sima Yujian almost got killed as well.

They trembled and thought about staying away from him in the future in order to avoid an indignant death.

After Li Qiye returned to the boat, Ruyan ordered her disciples to embark on their journey once more.

“Sima Yujian then the Thornspur Ancestor...” Jianshi spoke after Li Qiye sat down: “The bounty must be very high for people like them to take action. Not many can afford this price in Heaven Spirit.”

“It’s no big deal.” Li Qiye smiled a little without a care in the world. In fact, he had a pretty good idea of who placed the bounty on his head.

Ruyan chuckled and added: “Wealth moves the heart and bounty invites brave people to accept challenges.”

“That’s fine, the more the merrier. Killing a few hundred thousand will only be a warm-up.” Such a casual remark left the two girls silent.

For cultivators, killing was a way of life in order to improve. However, Li Qiye’s style of murder was different as shown by his earlier conquests. Calling him Fierce was a polite way to put it since he was more of a butcher.

“Sima Yujian is actually a bit interesting.” Li Qiye commented while the two girls had wry smiles on their faces.

Jianshi replied: “She is indeed a rare genius. Unfortunately, she was born in the wrong generation, having to meet her junior brother and master. Otherwise, she would be the current sect master of the Swiftdao Holy Land.”

“If she had stayed at the holy land and the Swiftdao God didn’t exist, maybe she would have been the youngest person to be recognized by the Heaven’s Will in Heaven Spirit.” Ruyan chuckled and added: “Her talents are incredible, plus that holy land is known for its cultivation speed, making her a tiger with wings.”

The Swiftdao Holy Hand was created by Immortal Emperor Su Dao. He didn’t have as many eternal tales as the other emperors, but he created a supreme grand dao, allowing for the fastest cultivation speed in this world.

It could be said that under the same conditions and aptitudes, cultivating his emperor law would double the speed of other emperor laws or more. This was the reason why their disciples improved much faster than those of any other lineage.

“I’m talking about her assassination arts.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Assassination arts?” Jianshi asked: “Young Noble, do you know the origin of her tactics?”

Sima Yujian had never returned after leaving the holy land. By the time she showed herself again, she had already become a frightening assassin. People said that from that day onward, she stopped using merit laws from the holy land. Because of this, many believed that she had created a supreme dao of assassination.

Li Qiye only smiled without responding.

At this point, the boat suddenly stopped again.

Ruyan frowned and asked her disciples: “What is it this time?”

A disciple came in and reported with a strange expression: “Something, something is happening outside.”

She inquired: “What’s the matter?”

The disciple hesitated and glanced over at Li Qiye, but he didn’t know how to phrase his words. Eventually, he stammered: “Some, someone has put a sign in the ocean.”

“Let’s go take a look.” Li Qiye noticed his demeanor and smiled before walking outside.

There was a floating buoy with a particular message: “Li Qiye will die if he goes this way!”

There was also an arrow above the words pointing forward.

They were large enough to be visible from a distance. Many cultivators saw the message as well and started to whisper to each other.

This was blatantly provoking Li Qiye. Without a doubt, this was creating an irreconcilable feud with him.

Jianshi grimaced and said: “Someone is trying to goad you into a trap, Young Noble.”

Li Qiye revealed a smile and replied: “I actually want to see what they can do with this trap.”

“It’s not Sima Yujian.” Ruyan stated her opinion.

Jianshi gently shook her head: “I think so too. Despite being an assassin, she still has the pride of a great genius. She wouldn’t bother using this type of scheme.”

Li Qiye looked over at the direction of the arrow and cheerfully commanded: “Go that way.”

“But what about the trap waiting for you?” Jianshi was rather worried.

Li Qiye answered: “I’ll just go alone. I like breaking others’ schemes and seeing the desperation on their faces.”

Ruyan chuckled and said: “If you want to go, then we will naturally follow you. Not too many people in the contemporary can scare us.”

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