Chapter 1307: Darkcorpse Evil Water

Chapter 1307: Darkcorpse Evil Water

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head after listening to Yujian. He replied: “Such a vulgar action, hiring an assassin. Okay, I don’t care who wants to buy my life, I’ll pay you ten times more. What do you want, Immortal Emperor Refined Jades, imperial weapons, or supreme manuals? Just say the word.”

The crowd was dumbfounded after hearing this. Everyone thought someone as fierce as Li Qiye would immediately erupt in anger upon finding out that someone wanted his life. A fight would then ensue.

No one expected for him to act as if he could smash someone to death with just money. He directly mentioned Immortal Emperor Refined Jades and imperial weapons. This youth was far too rich, he really could kill someone with wealth at any moment!

Yujian coldly said: “The buyer has already made the payment.”

Li Qiye shook his head: “No problem, everything is negotiable in business. Just tell me what you want. I don’t need you to tell me who the buyer was, you just have to kill him. I’ll repay this lowly act in the same manner. Tell those who want my life that I have too much money and will pay ten times what they can afford.”

Many were speechless. This was completely contrary to their image of Li Qiye being a warmonger. Right now, he was acting like a young master who had just fallen into wealth and wanted to show off his money.

Yujian didn’t agree with his request; instead, she coldly uttered: “Prepare for your funeral, I’ll take your life three days later.”

“Fine, if you want my life, why wait? Take it now.” Li Qiye smiled and suddenly teleported behind her before finishing his sentence.

He was way too fast. The majority of the crowd didn’t see how he got behind her.

In this split second, Yujian also took action. Her sword silently flashed like a scorpion delivering a fatal sting under the guise of night.

This sword glint was incomparably fast as it aimed for Li Qiye’s chest.

There was no technique behind it, only pure murderous intent. This direct prick could pierce through his abdominal cavity.

She might be fast, but he was even faster. His two fingers immediately clamped the blade. However, this flashing edge seemed to have a life of its own as it jumped up to evade him.

Just like that, it pierced through his clothes and made contact with his flesh. A section of his skin was revealed.

The sword move didn’t make full contact with him; Yujian immediately retreated with extreme speed the moment Li Qiye’s skin was exposed. The sky was filled with her shadows, no one could tell which was real or fake.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye smiled at this scene. He stretched out his palm.

“Whoosh!” A black hole emerged as Li Qiye’s vitality soared. The black hole expanded as if it wanted to devour this whole region.

Heaven Devourer Evil Fist! This fist could devour all existences in the world with its tyrannical power of absorption. Once locked onto by this attack, no one would be able to escape.

The shadows in the sky couldn’t escape, all was devoured by the black hole. In the end, only one shadow was left. She flew away from the black hole like a ray of light with incredible speed, successfully fleeing.

“How far can you run?” Li Qiye laughed while watching the fleeing girl. He took a single step on the ocean and traveled a thousand miles in order to capture her.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” He was right behind her when countless arrows shot out from the void. These arrows were quite fast as they penetrated the fabric of space. One could hear space being torn apart by their barrage.

The terrifying aspect of these arrows wasn’t their speed, it was their material. They were made from refined white bones and carried an extremely terrifying corpse energy. The type of miasma trailing from these arrows was the real weapon.

This energy held great destructive force and was capable of killing everything in its path. One could easily tell that they were crafted from some horrifying skeletons. Once hit, even if the impact didn’t kill the enemy outright, the corrosive force of this corpse energy would destroy the body and true fate.

Sima Yujian came prepared without a doubt. She had come up with a path of retreat and laid these arrows beforehand.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye against this oncoming onslaught. He casually pointed forward and space rippled. Even though Li Qiye was standing right there, the spectators started seeing a strange illusion.

The space surrounding him seemed to be liquefying. The fast arrows were going through this watery space right for Li Qiye, but strangely enough, they didn’t make contact with his body.

After they reached his flesh, Li Qiye’s body suddenly turned into air as space was restored to its initial form. The arrows all disappeared as if they were never shot in the first place.

This was space displacement, a technique from one of the four space controlling arts of the Space Scripture. It could move space around in the blink of an eye. Because of this, all of the arrows failed to hit Li Qiye’s body since they were transferred to a different space.

With this opportunity, Yujian decisively escaped even further away, not daring to stop for a second.

The space Li Qiye was standing on suddenly lost all gravity. With a strange noise, a drop of water floated up from the sea.

A drop of seawater shouldn’t be special at all, but the moment this drop touched Li Qiye, it wrapped around him completely. Moreover, this single droplet immediately became huge. It sealed his body completely and began to slowly petrify him in a block of amber.

At first, everyone thought that this was another trap left behind by Sima Yujian. However, they felt that something was amiss because Yujian was nowhere to be found. If this was another attack from her, she wouldn’t have escaped this quickly.

Jianshi was startled and immediately warned Li Qiye: “Watch out, this is the Darkcorpse Evil Water!”

“Hehehe, you are indeed a schoolmaster. How knowledgeable, to be able to recognize my ultimate treasure.” A gloomy laughter resounded at this moment.

Continuous splashing noises came from the water. Next, a person with a sinister smile surfaced from the sea.

The moment people saw who it was, they shivered in fear due to his horrific appearance. The man had a big, round fish head with many thorns protruding from it like needles.

Despite having a human body, many tentacles branched off from his body. These tentacles were very small, only around three to five inches long, so they looked like extra lumps of meat.

These lumps were all moving, instilling chills into the spines of the spectators. Moreover, they were as black as ink with poisonous juices leaking out.

A schoolmaster recognized who he was and exclaimed in horror: “Thornspur Ancestor!”

“Thornspur Ancestor?” Some people had never seen him before, but they had heard of this name: “That’s the man whose body is poisonous through and through, right?”

“Hehehe, I haven’t been out all these years, yet someone still remembers my name.” The Thornspur Ancestor was happily feeding off the fear of others with a smug expression.

Thornspur belonged to a branch of sea demons, an extremely rare branch. Members of this branch were born with toxic bodies. Anyone who made contact with them would be poisoned to death unless they were strong enough to withstand the toxins.

Because of this characteristic, they could kill in secrecy. Thornspur was special among them. He himself was a Virtuous Paragon and had killed many great characters in the past with his poison.

“Hahaha, Junior, you might be strong, but there is no escape from my Darkcorpse Evil Water.” The ancestor stared at Li Qiye trapped in the bubble and deviously laughed: “Blame the person who paid the high price for your life. I’ll turn you into amber before going to collect my bounty!”

“Is that so?” After the ancestor’s gloating, Li Qiye unexpectedly went outside of the water that was sealing him. No one saw how he escaped.

“How?!” Thornspur was completely stunned and aghast.

“Trying to seal me with such a petty trick?” Li Qiye sneered. After training with the Space Scripture, not to mention this type of water, even the most heaven-defying sealing technique would find it prohibitively difficult to imprison him.

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