Chapter 1306: Sima Yujian

Chapter 1306: Sima Yujian

The boat of the Evil Devourer School continued onward. Because Li Qiye was not in a hurry, its speed was quite slow. Many cultivators from behind surpassed them.

Today, it suddenly stopped.

After noticing the situation, Ruyan asked: “What happened?”

A disciple immediately reported: “Schoolmaster, someone is in our way and won’t let us pass.”

“Who is in our way?” Ruyan frowned and thought about some possibilities. Not too many people in Heaven Spirit would dare to stop the Void Imperfection School.

“Sima Yujian from the Swiftdao Holy Land.” The disciple revealed the name.

After hearing this, Ruyan and Jianshi looked at each other before going outside.

There was a girl standing above the blue sea. The ocean seemed to be freezing due to her presence. She emitted a chilling aura that spread throughout the entire region. Anyone would shiver after sensing this cold and heartless aura.

She looked very young, even younger than Zhuo Jianshi. Her gray dress was very simple without any adornments.

Her simplicity was different from others. It was a style that rendered everything superfluous, like a weapon for murder without any unnecessary parts.

Her hair draped over her shoulder as she wore an ice-cold expression. Her gaze infiltrated the soul. Upon closer inspection, one could see a fiery bloodthirst surging deep in her pupils. Anyone would quiver when staring into her eyes.

In terms of coldness, Li Shuangyan and Bai Jianzhen were both cold. However, there was a distinction.

Li Shuangyan was an apricot flower standing strong amidst a blizzard while Bai Jianzhen was like the chill of steel. Meanwhile, this girl had a frigid ruthlessness capable of killing anything and everything. She was the sharpest edge that could penetrate someone’s heart at any moment.

With an oval face and clear complexion, she was actually quite beautiful. The sparkle of her eyes made them seem like gems and her lips were as red as flames. Her features made others think of a particular phrase — a beauty was as precious as jade.

Moreover, her figure was also excellent. Her exquisite curves were clear with a single glance. She had a tight belt that accentuated her figure even more, especially her plump breasts and round buttocks. It was a sight that brightens the eyes.

Unfortunately, people wouldn’t notice her pretty face due to the murderous intent being exuded from her body. Many would retreat instead of approach.

Her bloodthirst overshadowed her beauty.

Many cultivators would actually take the long way around or simply observe from a distance when she was around.

“Sima Yujian!” Some from the Abyss Sea were alarmed to see her.

“The most famous assassin in Heaven Spirit, and the youngest one at that!” People were shocked after hearing her name.

Ruyan and Jianshi came out and saw the girl. Ruyan’s eyes glimmered as she murmured: “Sima Yujian...”

This was a name that would instill shivers into the heart of listeners.

A charming spirit spoke: “A genius with incredible potential. What a shame that she chose the path of assassination.”

Another cultivator from the Abyss Sea felt regretful as well: “The Swiftdao Holy Land should have had two wondrous geniuses. What a pity.”

Yujian came from an imperial lineage, the Swiftdao Holy Land. Her talents were exceedingly high. After joining the sect, her cultivation suddenly flourished. In this aspect alone, few youths in Heaven Spirit could compare to her.

Unfortunately, someone else started cultivating even faster than her later on — her junior brother, the Swiftdao Celestial God.

Rumor has it that his cultivation speed broke all records, even exceeding their own progenitor, Immortal Emperor Su Dao! [1. Su Dao = Swiftdao.]

She who basked in the glory met someone who was even faster than her in cultivation. The two began to compete for the seat of sect master of the holy land. Ultimately, Yujian lost to her junior brother.

Keep in mind that during this bout, Yujian had already embarked on the path of the heavens at the realm of Dao Sovereign.

After her defeat, she left the holy land right away. Even though she didn’t cut ties with it, some say that she never returned afterward.

When she showed up again as an assassin, she had an entirely different image in the eyes of the world. A formidable one she was; in just one night, she killed eight famous big shots.

People started saying that after her departure, she created a supreme grand dao, one of emotionless murder. Because of this, she had turned into an assassin.

In the cultivation world, few people were willing to become assassins, especially those who could reach the Virtuous Paragon realm. The reason was that at that level, they would enjoy prestige and fame. Why would they choose to become something with a bad reputation like an assassin?

Every single assassination attempt from her was successful. In the past, she was already famous, but now, her success only amplified her fame.

“Miss Sima, what are you here for?” Jianshi asked despite knowing that it wouldn’t be anything pleasant.

Yujian coldly uttered: “I want to see Li Qiye.” Her voice was chilling to the bones as her murderous intent seeped into the sea water.

With her amorous and seductive aura, Ruyan chuckled in response: “May I ask why you want to see him?”

Despite her charming posture and careless appearance, she was very cautious at this moment.

Jianshi shared the same mindset, but this didn’t mean that they were afraid of Yujian. After all, it was easy to avoid a spear in the open compared to an arrow from the dark.

Sima Yujian was truly a terrifying assassin, so even the two of them walked the path of prudence.

“To kill him.” Yujian was direct as her bloodthirst soared.

Jianshi and Ruyan glanced at each other after hearing this frank response. The spectators in the distance also trembled with cold sweat running down their backs.

“How fierce, challenging a monster like Li Qiye.” The crowd was startled to hear such a direct challenge.

Li Qiye’s infamy couldn’t be any greater. Few from the younger generation would dare to challenge him, let alone declaring their intention to kill him.

“In terms of cultivation, Yujian is no match for the Swiftdao God, but if she wants to assassinate someone, then it is a different story. Two years ago, the Seaweed Monarch from the Jade Sea was assassinated by her.”

A sect master from the Jade Sea elaborated: “The Seaweed Monarch was a True Monarch. He was prepared for her, but he was still killed in the end.”

“It wasn’t just him either.” An information seller added: “The death of the White-whale Godking has something to do with her too.”

“But he’s a Grand Godking, how could she have killed him?” Many people were skeptical of this claim.

“Of course she wouldn’t be a match for him in a direct confrontation, but assassination is different.” The seller stated his own opinion.

There were six different levels for Godkings: Grand Godking, Heavenly Godking, Supreme Godking, Apex Godking, Dominating Godking, and Nine Worlds Godking.

On the side, Ruyan chuckled a bit after hearing Yujian’s response: “Young Noble Li is our guest. If you want to harm him, you will have to get past us first.”

Yujian coldly glanced at her and mercilessly said: “As long as someone pays, I won’t mind killing you two as well.”

“So you’re saying that someone paid you to kill me.” A leisurely voice sounded as Li Qiye came out from inside.

“Fierce is here.” Many people shouted after seeing him. His fame was no lesser than Sima Yujian’s.

Her eyes were instantly fixated on him. They emitted a terrifying glint as if they could penetrate his body.

Many people felt their bodies being pierced by razor-sharp swords under her sweeping glance. However, Li Qiye didn’t care at all.

He looked at her and smiled: “I’m actually curious, who paid for my life?”

He looked very nonchalant, as if he was talking about the weather. He didn’t show any signs of the fact that Yujian was here to take his life. Other people would be scared to death and drop to the ground or act quite cautious.

“Can’t say.” Yujian coldly replied: “I’ll come for your life in three days!”

The crowd was astonished. Her actions demonstrated her great confidence. In fact, this was her typical style, informing people before killing them…

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