Chapter 1301: Borrowing A Boat

Chapter 1301: Borrowing A Boat

Lord Bones boisterously laughed after being called out by Li Qiye: “This past was too long ago, I can’t really remember it.”

A while later, he added: “You know how ruthless the years are. I have spent nearly all of that little wealth while half of my life has been spent stuck in this place.”

Li Qiye glanced at this whining skeleton and said: “Don’t try to fool me. You should be praising your fortune that I’m not robbing you clean. Today, I only want to borrow something, yet you’re already crying this much.”

The skeleton replied with a bitter face: “Your Excellency, this is my lifeblood…” He knew what Li Qiye wanted to borrow, but it was too important to him.

Li Qiye explained: “I’ll return it after I’m done, it’s not like I want to steal your broken boat.”

“Your Excellency, it isn’t that I’m unwilling to lend it to you, but you should know that my insignificant life requires this boat to survive. I can’t survive without it, and it isn’t that easy to use. It needs time to recharge after each use.” Lord Bones was still as sad as before.

Li Qiye nodded: “I understand. If there was another option, I wouldn’t be asking for your broken boat. But don’t worry, this is just a backup plan of mine, I’ll deal with the other things in the Bonesea myself. When I try to cross the restricted area, I’ll use your boat as a last resort without breaking it, I assure you.”

“You want to go inside?” Bones was startled. He suddenly patted his head and jumped up to say: “It looks like my brain is done for, I’m not as quick-minded as before. That star went straight for the Bonesea, so I should have thought of you first. It’s not the old dragon god, it’s you.”

Bones had a profound understanding of the Bonesea; he knew what was going on the moment he saw the black star. However, he didn’t expect that it was the Dark Crow himself.

“Yes. A few things don’t belong there since they belong to me.” Li Qiye nodded.

“You want the Trident?” After asking, Bones felt that this wasn’t right and immediately corrected himself: “Wait, no. If you wanted the Trident, you would have taken action long ago.”

His jeweled eyes suddenly flashed with light: “What do you actually want if not this weapon?”

“You should know the answer to this better than me.” Li Qiye gave a profound smile: “You climbed out of that place, so you should know of the things there.”

“Well, well… I really don’t remember.” Bones hesitated for a moment and carefully searched his memories. However, despite coming from that place, it had so many secrets and mysteries that even he didn’t understand them all.

Li Qiye smiled and reminded the island lord: “If I’m not mistaken, there is a maelstrom there.”

“Really?” Lord Bones trembled a bit and took a deep breath: “Are you serious? I haven’t been there before, but I was able to take a glance at it from afar a very long time ago.”

Li Qiye said with a smile: “Across the ages, who has actually been there? Very few have managed this incredible task, such as Immortal Emperor Yan Shi.”

“I know of that place.” Even a character of Bones’ level became curious, so he asked: “Your Excellency, what do you want from this maelstrom? What can it do?”

Li Qiye gave a mysterious smile: “Well, that’s a secret. Plus, it would be pointless even if you find out. Your origin means that it is not meant for you unless you can be like Immortal Emperor Bu Si.”

“Fuck him. Whenever that bastard comes up, I just want to torture him.” Lord Bones’ anger was rising: “The chance back then should have been mine, but the bastard dared to cheat me!”

Li Qiye chuckled: “I don’t care for your enmity with the brat, but maybe you will be able to do something about it in the future.”

Bones thought about it for a bit. After a while, he took out the boat and gave it to Li Qiye. After Li Qiye put it away, Bones couldn’t help but add with a pained expression: “Your Excellency, take it easy, okay? What you have in your hands is my lifeblood.”

Li Qiye quipped: “Must you be so stingy?”

Bones immediately showed his pitiful side: “Your Excellency, you are the ruler of the nine firmaments, someone who can call for winds and rains. I am only a lowly character with no wealth at all, so how can I compare to you?!”

Li Qiye replied: “You don’t have to whine. If I’m successful, you will laugh until your teeth fall out. It will be a great chance for you to make a fortune, there’s no need to sneak back to the Bonesea every once in a while.”

“Is, is this really going to work?” The island lord’s jeweled eyes suddenly lit up as a hint of excitement could be heard in his voice.

Li Qiye laughingly spoke: “If you want to get rich, you better get ready for the harvest.”

Bones enthusiastically rubbed his palms and said: “If this is true, then I can get my life back.”

“That’s why I said there’s no point in crying. Letting me borrow this broken ship won’t be your loss.” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye.

“Hahaha, excuse me.” Bones laughed then thought about a different question and had to ask: “Your Excellency, if you actually do this, I’m afraid the Bonesea will flip the sky over.”

Li Qiye smiled in response: “It won’t be that fast. If it could do so, it would have done it long ago. Of course, that day will come eventually.”

Lord Bones turned quiet before querying: “Is it true that Heaven Spirit really can’t escape this disaster?”

Li Qiye jokingly quipped: “Did I just mishear you? You actually care about Heaven Spirit? Don’t forget, you are dead, do dead people care about the rest of the world?”

Lord Bones thought for a bit before replying: “Ah, you have brought this up before. Maybe it is because I have lingered on too long in this world, so I’m unavoidably attached to it. It is precisely this reason that many Immortal Emperors didn’t want to leave; their children and descendants are all still here.”

Li Qiye nodded after musing in his mind: “As a human, I do not like Heaven Spirit, but I do not deny that it is a really good place. Outside of a few annoying sea demons, it is truly outstanding with talents and sceneries. If I was born here, I’m sure I would have a deep love for this land.”

“Yes, it is such a lovable place, even for the dead.” Lord Bones sighed with emotion.

Li Qiye smiled: “But in the end, Heaven Spirit still has its own destiny. You don’t need to worry, just be ready to run for your life when that day comes, or... heh, you can just imagine the result.”

“Well, there’s nothing else I can do but run then. Other living beings in Heaven Spirit will just have to pray for themselves.” The lord smiled wryly.

Li Qiye flatly stated: “That’s just how it is. In Heaven Spirit, humans are rootless duckweeds. The charming spirits, sea demons, and treants all have their own destiny. Many things have been determined long ago.”

Bones helplessly replied: “The Bonesea will overturn this world one day.”

“So what? It is not the only power here. If it breaks the balance of Heaven Spirit, the great maelstrom and the Divine Tree Ridge will do the same.”

“When all three go crazy, wouldn’t the entire world collapse?” Bones’ expression shifted.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “These things aren’t set in stone just yet. The fate of the Heaven Spirit World isn’t only in the hands of a few people. Outside of luck, personal effort matters as well. For millions of years, countless treefathers, sea gods, and Immortal Emperors have tried their best.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be so pessimistic for Heaven Spirit, at least for the three great races.” Li Qiye finished with a sentimental sigh: “The only unfortunate race might be the humans.”

Bones responded: “I can only nag about these matters. If Immortal Emperors can’t do anything about it, then what can I do?”

“Which is why you just need to get ready. If I’m successful, you can ride my coattails.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Once you have accumulated enough, the day Heaven Spirit falls into chaos is the day you will be free since your life won’t be chained to here any longer. Use that time to run away.”

“Heh, makes sense.” Bones became excited: “I haven’t been to other places, so if I get freed... Hehe… I guess I no longer care if Bonesea will go crazy, I’ll be free like the birds in the vast sky and the fish in the wide sea!”

Just thinking about a future extrication left Bones in eager anticipation and excitement.

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