Chapter 1300: The Lord Of Bones Island

Chapter 1300: The Lord Of Bones Island

Old Chu smilingly responded: “As people say, you get what you pay for. The bottle that gentleman brought earlier isn’t something you can afford.”

The cultivator was embarrassed after hearing this. He looked at him and asked: “Can your talismans really protect us?”

“Like I said just now, you get what you pay for. If one talisman isn’t enough, put a few more on. You won’t be able to go too far with these cheap goods though.” The old man grinned.

There was nothing the cultivator could do. He felt that he got swindled by the old man again.

Even though some people felt that Old Chu was slightly untrustworthy, several still bought these protection talismans and hoped for the best.

As for irrationally expensive items like this hand of the immortal, they didn’t dare ask about buying them.

“Clang, clang, clang…” After seeing the interest die down, Old Chu left the restaurant and began his peddling once more while ringing his bell: “Immemorial secret bones, heaven-seer divine gaze, the hand of an immortal…”

Li Qiye chuckled. He handed money to the waiter and left as well.

Old Chu only left slightly before Li Qiye and didn’t walk too fast, so Li Qiye caught up right away.

He was not in a rush to talk to Old Chu, so he leisurely tailed the old man while looking at the buildings and pretty scenes around Bones Island.

It seemed that the old man didn’t notice Li Qiye behind him. He walked and shook the bell in his hand while loudly advertising.

In this fashion, the two of them slowly walked through several streets. The moment they reached an alley, Old Chu stopped and slowly turned around.

His cheekbones produced a smile as he asked: “Sir, do you still want to buy more?”

Li Qiye walked forward and looked at him to say: “I don’t want to buy anything, but I do want to meet your master, the lord of this island.”

“Ah, Sir, I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding. We don’t have a master or an island lord.” Old Chu laughed in response.

Li Qiye flatly stated: “I don’t wish to repeat myself.”

The old man was still smiling. He shook his head and replied: “Sir, this lowly one is only a nobody trying to do some business, I don’t understand what you are—”

Before he could finish, he was suddenly frozen still. A law from Li Qiye pinned itself to Old Chu’s forehead. Li Qiye took action without any warning; he was faster than time itself, so Old Chu didn't have a chance to respond.

“Crack!” With lightning speed, Li Qiye removed a bone from Old Chu’s body. At the same moment, the old skeleton seemingly turned into a puppet that was falling apart, scattering all over the ground.

The sound of bones breaking came about. This bone was shattered completely in Li Qiye’s hand. However, the crushed powder didn’t fall to the ground; it floated in the air and abruptly formed a small black hole.

Li Qiye stepped inside without any hesitation. When he disappeared, the black hole quickly collapsed. Outside of the bones scattered on the ground, it was as if nothing had happened.

“Bang!” When the black hole disappeared completely, the bone that Li Qiye removed came back together and fell to the ground.

“Clack, clack, clack!” The sound of bones coming together emerged. The strangest thing happened when that single bone fell to the ground. All the scattered bones reconnected and a complete skeleton was formed.

Old Chu got up from the ground. He unexpectedly acted just like before by picking up the bell and carrying his big trunk. The bell sounded once more while he shouted away.

Up in the sky where the white clouds drifted in the distance was a floating palace. Its size was modest, and there was a little pool of water in front of it.

A person was lying in a wooden chair, basking in the sun. He looked very relaxed and comfortable while drinking his bloodwine — the leisurely life of an immortal.

To be precise, he resembled the skeleton of a twelve-year-old.

This skeleton was golden; each bone seemed to be cast from gold. A pair of jewel-like eyes were in its sockets.

However, the most eye-catching part of this skeleton was not its golden nature or the jewels for its eyes, but the halo above its head.

This halo was incredibly holy. Others would feel inferior the moment they saw this light and have an urge to prostrate. It looked like the aura of an angel, something capable of cleansing anyone’s mind and dispelling the light of this world. [1. First time seeing angel used in ED, seems a bit out of place. The last sentence was weird too.]

The idle skeleton suddenly sat up and shouted: “Who is it?!”

“Buzz.” A black hole opened and Li Qiye walk out in front of this skeleton.

Upon seeing this intruder, the jeweled eyes shot out a bizarre light as it glared at Li Qiye with a serious expression.

“Fellow Daoist, may I have your name?” It cupped its fists after not being able to recognize Li Qiye.

Li Qiye revealed a friendly smile, flashing his striking white teeth: “I broke your bones last time, yet you don’t remember me? Do I have to do it again?”

“Fuck!” The skeleton suddenly jumped to the side and threw away its bloodwine while exclaiming: “You’re that damned crow!”

“You got it.” Li Qiye smiled with his dazzling, perfect teeth. He then sat down in the chair without any reservation and comfortably sighed.

“You, you snatched back your real body?” The skeleton stared at him in disbelief.

“Yes, this is my real body. I traveled very far to get here, so shouldn’t you be getting the good wine out for a guest like me?” Li Qiye closed his eyes and made himself comfortable.

This skeleton was Lord Bones, the master of Bones Island. Its origin was unknown. At the very least, less than few people knew of its origin across the eons, but it had always been in charge of this island.

Lord Bones stared at Li Qiye for a bit before giving up. It went inside the palace to take out more bloodwine and poured a full cup for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye accepted the cup and drank a mouthful before sighing: “You really know how to enjoy life, hiding this stuff all to yourself.”

Lord Bones replied: “Hah, what else can I do? After being tricked by that bastard Bu Si, I can only hang onto this little life in this place and drink a little bit each day to kill time.”

“Well, that’s true.” Li Qiye drank some more and nodded.

“That motherfucker.” Lord Bones started cursing after the past was brought up: “That goddamned bastard! I trusted him so much back then, yet he actually tricked me. Look at me now, I can’t die even if I want to. I have to go through so much trouble each time I want to sneak back.”

Li Qiye only laughed at the cursing lord and replied: “Didn’t the brat’s skeletal mount run to the Bonesea? You can sneak back to catch it.”

“Hmph, I’m not in a hurry.” The lord gritted his teeth from anger: “I’m waiting for that brat. If he doesn’t succeed, then forget it. But if he does… Hehe, he better not let me see him or I’ll peel off his skin again and again so that he’ll learn who the boss is. He dared to trick me, so I won’t let him off so easily.”

Li Qiye leisurely commented: “I don’t know if you will have the chance.”

“Of course I will, I’ll take real good care of him.” The lord became quite heated as his murderous intent grew: “It would be a real shame if I don’t let him taste some of the most horrifying methods of torture in this world.”

Li Qiye smiled and put down his cup to say: “I’m not interested in asking about your feud with him. If you can torture him, then I’ll applaud for sure. However, I’m here to borrow something from you.”

“Oh, hahaha.” The lord turned cautious and laughed: “Damned crow, no, Your Great Excellency, don’t joke with a lowly man like me. I am only a wandering ghost, suppressed from above and tortured from below. How could a person like me have anything of interest for someone as amazing as you?”

“Your Excellency, you are the ruler of the nine worlds, an eternal god, the sole master of the nine heavens and ten earths. Nothing in this world could enter your sight.” The lord flattered Li Qiye incessantly.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but chortle in response: “Bones, your words aren’t reasonable since you really are just hanging onto dear life here. The Bonesea has done too much to you. On top of that brat tricking you back then, it really has been tough on you.”

Lord Bones continued with his flattery: “Hahaha, Your Excellency, you are still so wise and brilliant. Your insight is matchless.”

“However…” Li Qiye proceeded with a grin: “You conveniently took out many items from the Bonesea back then. You were supposed to go fifty-fifty with that brat back then, but you greedily took eighty percent instead. You tell me, if the brat didn’t pull a fast one on you, would he have let this go?”

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