Chapter 130 : Evil Slaying Battlefield (2)

 Chapter 130 : Evil Slaying Battlefield (2)

The well-informed Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake looked to their young master and said:

“Young Master, in this old man’s opinion, this isn’t a good place to go. It is definitely ominous. We have harvested so much more in this trip than the last, why the need to risk such a great danger? Plus, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and the Heavenly God Sect had both went in. Our Flying Dragon Lake won’t get too many good things, why the need to compete against them?”

Under the guidance of the old turtle, Flying Dragon Lake’s young master gave up on going in. He brought his fellow demons back to the common area. However, the young master was still very curious about the legendary treasure of the gods. Thus, after arriving in the common area, he told his Demon Monarchs to erect a heavenly mirror in order to observe the no man’s area situation from afar.

Outside of a few sects that didn’t enter the no man’s area, the ones that were the most decisive were sects like the Violet Cloud Sect. The Dao Elder of the Violet Cloud Sect noticed the strange signs and had a bad feeling. In addition, he had harvested a lot during this trip and didn’t want to risk it, so he brought his disciples to leave the Evil Infested Ridge entirely.

Sects that didn’t enter the no man’s area was only part of the minority. Most of them still chose to follow Heavenly Prince Qingxuan into the deepest parts of the eastern region.

Without frightening existences like the great ape, all of these sects summoned their treasures and flew into the sky. Their speed had become a lot faster.

The first to reach the objective was the group of Heavenly Prince Qingxuan and Dao Child Shengtian. However, seeing the spectacle in front of them rendered them dumbfounded.

Before their eyes, there were only bones as far as the eyes could see; countless bones laid on top of each other and formed a mountain. All types of skeletal remains were here: humans, demons, Heavenly Beasts, and Longevity Spirits. There were even more bones with unknown names…

Scattered all over the ground, some were as big as a fist, some were monstrous like a mountain, and there were even some that were several miles long… All of the creatures here suffered a violent and unnatural death while they were alive.

There were quite a few Life Treasures and special weapons strewn about, but they had lost their spirits and became mere scrap metals. The existences here, while alive, must have been extremely powerful. Before their deaths, they tried to fight ‘it’, but in the end, their fate ended here.

When a cultivator dies after they reach a certain level, their flesh — or the most powerful part of their body — would remain. However, all of the existences here turned into bones. There was only one explanation… And that is, when they were alive, something stole all of their essence, whether it was Longevity Blood or the world’s energy!

Everyone shivered at the sight that was filled with skeletons on the ground. As the group of Heavenly Prince Qingxuan was in a daze, the rest of the cultivators from behind arrived and also saw this scene. They all became speechless as a chilling fear crept upon their spines and nervousness loomed in their hearts.

“This… What exactly had happened here?”

Seeing all of the bones, a sect master became deathly pale and said. This matter was too frightening.

“We shall go in.”

When everyone was still immobilized from fear, Heavenly Prince Qingxuan went ahead and wrapped his body in an azure aura. His eyes were still sharp and the old men around him kept on continuing to advance.

Dao Child Shengtian didn’t want to lag behind, so he also brought his Royal Nobles and went further in.

At this time, many sect masters and lords of the grand sects and powerful nations all judged each other in order to decide what to do next. They were smitten by the mountains made from bones.

“Since we have already arrived, it doesn’t make sense to go back. Of course, since there are so many people here, it is clear that there must be a stunning treasure.”

A lord gravely said, then he brought his men inside.

Seeing Heavenly Prince Qingxuan advancing, many cultivators became more courageous. They bit their teeth and they all followed him into the area. Very few people went back since they were already here.

Li Qiye rode the snail at top speed, but he was still the last person to reach the eastern depths. When they finally reached the bones that were scattered across the ground, not only Li Shuangyan, but Niu Fen was also shocked.

“What the hell is this place!”

Seeing mountains of bones up ahead, even Niu Fen, who had seen many ferocious grounds, got the creeps and could feel a grim future up ahead.

Li Shuangyan’s expression greatly changed and murmured:

“What on earth kind of place is this?”

“It is only a feasting ground. There is still some distance until the real nest.”

Li Qiye looked at all of the bones in front of him and smiled.

“Feasting area?”

Li Shuangyan lost her colors and said:

“What kind of evil creature is this? Is it still alive?”

“It shouldn’t be alive.”

Niu Fen carefully looked at the bones and said:

“All of the bones here are from a myriad of years ago. In my opinion, most of these bones were all from before the Emperors Era.”

“What you say is correct.”

Li Qiye smilingly added:

“To be exact, they were slain during the Ancient Ming Era. However, no one can say that they had successfully killed such a ghostly thing for certain. Even if one exterminates it a million times, as long as a single root remains, it will have a chance of reviving. Originally, it shouldn’t have the chance to rise again, but unfortunately…”

Li Qiye’s face became cold as he paused.

That year, when he as the Dark Crow, along with Immortal Emperor Min Ren, they came to this place and joined forces with the Cassia Lotus Tree to eradicate this evil creature. They actually burned the entire place down and refined the earth in order to destroy the evil creature’s chance of resurrection.

Later on, they brought the Evil Infested Ridge back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and turned it into their personal property. At that time, Li Qiye was afraid that it would leave behind a potential disaster for the sect, so he left behind two extremely powerful preparations to suppress this place. Even if that evil creature had a glimmer of life, it wouldn’t be able to revive. And Little Silly was one of these preparations!

Unfortunately, someone had infiltrated this place and killed the two means left by him and Min Ren. This matter had ignited Li Qiye’s killing intent!

The moment Li Qiye’s countenance became cold, Niu Fen and Li Shuangyan no longer dared to inquire further.

They passed through the feasting area and then stepped on a desolate land that consisted of scorched earth for ten thousand miles. The ground was littered with an unbelievable amount of cracks, as if this land had been burned by the strongest flame in this world!

“Who did this, that year? Truly frightening! It was definitely a heaven defying invincibility. If it wasn’t an Immortal Emperor, then it would still be someone very, very close to one.”

Niu Fen walked on top of the dried up land. Even though millions of years had passed, he still felt the strands of energies that moved on this scorched earth. It was an unbeatable aura.

“Incinerating the Eight Desolaces, refining the grand earth… This is what is referred to as not leaving a single grass behind.”

Li Qiye slowly said.

At that time, even though Little Brat Min Ren was already invincible, he still had not shouldered the Heaven’s Will and was not an Immortal Emperor. In order to destroy all of the life essence of that evil creature, he incinerated everything in this place. Millions of years had passed, and this land had remained barren and without a single sign of life.

Finally, under Niu Fen’s service, Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan eventually made it to their destination. This was a sunken ground. It was originally a vast piece of earth, but in the ancient era, it had been penetrated and turned into a huge crater. From a glance, one couldn’t see the bottom. It looked like the bloody mouth of a prehistoric fierce beast, causing others to be wary at a second glance.

When Li Qiye arrived, he found that everyone was standing in front of the crater and staring at the bottomless pit.

His arrival attracted the attention of many people. They all turned around and saw the giant snail, and they had a multitude of different expressions.

“Oh, so fun. Everyone is here.”

Seeing so many people, Li Qiye cheerfully laughed and said:

“Did anyone see the treasure of the gods, yet?”

In this place, there wasn’t just many great sects and powerful nations, there was also Heavenly Prince Qingxuan and Dao Child Shengtian. Even the Jewel Pillar Sacred School’s Chen Baojiao was also present.

Seeing Li Qiye, everyone had a different reaction. Heavenly Prince Qingxuan was surrounded by an azure energy so no one could see his expression, but his eyes were extremely profound. It pierced the souls of people, causing them to be wary of him.

As for Dao Child Shengtian, he already quarreled with Li Qiye so his expression was not very good. He simply gazed at Li Qiye, expressing his chilling distaste.

As for Marquis of Suppressive Might, standing behind Dao Child Shengtian, needless to say, seeing Li Qiye caused him to gnash his teeth. He was defeated by Gu Tieshou and had to lay in bed for a long time. Eventually, Marquis of Violet Mountain took his position!

Although many people hated this arrogant little demon, they had heard of Nantian Hao’s pitiful death. Rumors has it that Li Qiye had an Emperor Treasure on his body. Even though they didn’t see it, or confirmed whether it was true or false, they were still very afraid! Therefore, everyone could only coldly glimpse at him.

“Yo, Miss Chen is also here, ya.”

As for Li Qiye, he didn’t care about the gazes of others. He smiled and came to greet Chen Baojiao, and he confidently said:

“Miss Chen, this place is very dangerous. It could be said to be nine parts death and one part life. In my opinion, for safety reasons, Miss Chen should go with us. I will absolutely keep you safe. My character has always been good for beautiful and charming girls, like Miss Chen. I have never asked for payment.”

Li Qiye’s action silenced a lot of people. In front of so many people, without any hesitation, he unreservedly teased Chen Biao Jiao — this supreme beauty. This was too arrogant!


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