Chapter 1298: Mu Shaolong

Li Qiye responded with his own smile and said: “Bring out your best dishes.”

“Sir, our specialities are ghostblood wine and dried bones.” The waiter answered very quickly: “Do you still want some?”

“One serving of each, then.” Li Qiye maintained his carefree smile.

“Okay, one ghostblood wine and one dried bones!” The waiter shouted and then left. He came back soon afterward with a bottle of wine.

The bottle was made out of a polished skull. The nose was where the wine came out. The cup was made from bone as well, and there was an eye as big as an ox’s with blood inside.

Li Qiye coolly poured wine into the cup. The liquid was blood-red. Some little explosions resounded when the wine entered the cup as bubbles that resembled skulls popped here and there.

The scariest part was the red eye in the cup. It started moving after making contact with the wine. The liquid began to slowly boil and emit a comforting aroma.

Wine made of blood and a cup made out of bone with a rotating eye inside. Even though the comforting aroma was very tempting, how many people would actually dare to drink it with this presentation?

Li Qiye didn’t seem to mind and gently took a sip. The alcohol was strong but not dry, pure without being overly concentrated — an excellent taste.

After finishing one cup, he poured another for himself. The eye in the cup seemed to be very close to the drinker, but it didn’t disturb Li Qiye at all.

He drank and glanced around at the many varied guests in the restaurant.

Some came to adventure while others came with purpose. Many also only wanted to rest.

The majority of the cultivators were here at Bones Island for the first time, so they were quite curious and looked back and forth.

Among the guests, two young men were particularly conspicuous due to the groups surrounding them. The members of the groups were Virtuous Paragons from the previous generation. Interestingly enough, they seemed to be flattering the two.

They didn’t come from the same sect; one grew up to be quite handsome while the other was brave and bright in appearance.

A young cultivator asked with an obsequious grin: “Young Noble Bao, are you going to the Bonesea this time as well?”

“I’m here to scout as a foot soldier for my grandmaster.” The handsome youth smiled. He spoke with a fairly reserved tone, but there was an air of pride around him.

“Is Senior Zhentian also coming?” An old paragon was startled and in disbelief.

The youth spoke with pride: “Yes. Gentlemen, I’ll share something with you all. My grandmaster has come into being, he will definitely become the Immortal Emperor of this generation.”

“Meng Zhentian…” The crowd was shocked as if a bomb had went off. The initially bustling restaurant quieted down. Only gasps could be heard. [1. Meng Zhentian = Dream Suppressing (the) Heaven. A cool name, so you know he’s a cool character?]

“Is Senior Meng really coming out in this generation?” The older paragons couldn’t hide their astonishment.

This handsome young man was Bao Yujiang, hailing from the Dream Empyrean. This was a mighty charming spirit lineage in this region. However, the thing that people were most afraid of was its Era Evader and supreme existence, Meng Zhentian.

The heroic youth smiled and told the paragons: “Brother Hu, Brother Bao wouldn’t hide such a grand event from you.”

These two youths were decently strong, but they still had a long way to go compared to the other geniuses. However, they still dared to call paragons from the previous generation as brothers.

Bao Yujiang’s master was Cao Guojian, a direct disciple of Meng Zhentian. Therefore, even the contemporary geniuses had to give him some face.

As for the heroic youth, his talents weren’t bad, but more importantly, he came from the Celestial Pavilion. Even though the disciples from this sect rarely traveled outside, they enjoyed great respect on these rare occasions.

His name was Mu Shaolong, a relatively high-ranking member of the pavilion. Compared to the grand characters who didn’t like to come out, he enjoyed running outside to make friends. Because of this, even though his cultivation was inferior to his peers such as the Extreme Yang Monarch, he was still famous in Heaven Spirit.

“Brother Shaolong is right. My grandmaster was good friends with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, so he didn’t wish to compete against the emperor as that would ruin their brotherhood. He evaded that era and is coming out for the Heaven’s Will this time.” Bao Yujiang nodded and held his head high when talking about his grandmaster.

He was not one to bully others due to his background, but he couldn’t help but exude great confidence when referring to his grandmaster, Meng Zhentian.

The guests here felt suffocated as cold chills ran through their bodies after hearing this.

Meng Zhentian’s name had a supreme effect in Heaven Spirit; anyone would be scared after hearing his name. Rumor has it that he was only one step away from becoming an Immortal Emperor.

Mu Shaolong broke the silence and smiled: “Congratulations, Brother Bao. When Senior Meng becomes Immortal Emperor, you will surely lead an imperial legion across the nine worlds.”

Bao Yujiang’s vanity was greatly stroked by this comment. He felt quite pleased and replied: “Please, Brother Shaolong, you are too kind. In the future, I will still need your assistance. Who doesn’t know that the Celestial Pavilion is a place full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers? If the Lunargrasp Fairy comes out, no one can oppose her in the nine worlds.”

Even though Bao Yujiang was gloating at the moment, he didn’t dare to flaunt his haughtiness in front of Mu Shaolong and returned the praise.

“My matriarch has been in seclusion for a long time now. Juniors like us don’t even have the chance to seek an audience.” Mu Shaolong enjoyed the comment, but he still softly sighed.

Bao Yujiang quickly replied while smiling: “Senior Lunargrasp is already invincible. She is enlightened and understands all the mysteries in this world. It isn’t strange for her to be seclusive at all.”

People were shocked by Meng Zhentian earlier, but the atmosphere became even quieter when the Lunargrasp Fairy was mentioned.

This name had not been brought up for a long time, but it was still more than enough to shake the entire Heaven Spirit World.

The Celestial Pavilion was a mysterious lineage. Being low-key failed to demonstrate their incredible strength. Despite not having an Immortal Emperor, it was even more powerful than an imperial lineage. Rumor has it that celestial immortals had appeared in the pavilion before, but no one knows if this was true or not.

The Lunargrasp Fairy deterred an entire era. This fear only spread when she didn’t come into being from one generation to another! Why? It was because she was the most powerful rival of Empress Hong Tian!

Even Li Qiye, who was sitting there leisurely without a care for the two’s conversation, batted his eyes after hearing the name “Lunargrasp.”

He looked over at Mu Shaolong and calmed himself before asking: “Is the Lunargrasp Fairy still living alone at Fullmoon Peak?”

Li Qiye suddenly stood out in this quiet restaurant. There weren’t that many humans in Heaven Spirit to begin with. If the crowd wasn’t distracted by the conversation, they would have noticed a human like Li Qiye much earlier.

“Yes, how did you know?” Mu Shaolong was startled and looked over at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer. He was lamenting in his mind as the past resurfaced along with many emotions.

Mu Shaolong smiled and asked: “May I ask for your name, Brother?”

“Li Qiye.” He looked at Mu Shaolong and nodded with a smile. His personality normally wouldn’t care for other cultivators outside of those who were too ignorant to know any better, so his current attitude towards Mu Shaolong was considered very friendly.

After the words “Li Qiye” sounded, some of the cultivators were aghast. A few even moved away from him to keep a safe distance.

Even though they hadn’t seen Li Qiye before, his notoriety had spread far and wide. Many in Heaven Spirit were well-aware of his fierceness.

Sacrificing a billion teeming fish, massacring Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village, and most importantly, killing Shangguan Feiyan — these were all deeds that astounded the masses.

“So it is Brother Li, I have heard of your name long ago.” Mu Shaolong cupped his fists politely. Of course, he didn’t need to flatter a human like Li Qiye. The Celestial Pavilion had no need to fawn over anyone.

Bao Yujiang was immediately interested and asked with a smile: “Brother Li, you are now famous all over the world, why not sit down and have a few drinks with us?”

“Yes, come and sit with us. If Brother Bao could take Brother Li to see Senior Zhentian, I’m sure the senior would appreciate him.” Mu Shaolong could see that Yujiang was interested, so he echoed the sentiment.

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