Chapter 1279: Seavinity Banner

Chapter 1279: Seavinity Banner

This marine region was drowned in a state of quietude. No one dared to breathe loudly as they watched the confrontation between Li Qiye and Shangguan Feiyan play out.

“Summon!” Feiyan took out a banner and held the pole with one hand. An oceanic atmosphere assaulted the spectators; it was as if this flag was gestating a god.

The sea demons here quivered before this banner. They felt an urge to kneel and worship due to an instinctive sense of respect that came from nowhere.

“The Seavinity Banner, a weapon left behind by a sea god from the Roaring Conch!” Someone immediately shouted after seeing the banner. [1. Exact raw is Sea God’s Banner. Sea god is a term that is used too much already. For example, in that sentence, I would be repeating sea god twice. The other problem is that Sea God’s Banner sounds like a descriptor and not an actual artifact. What if another sea god has a banner? Thus, this made me want to use Divinity Banner or any other adjective similar to divine/hallowed, but this would leave the sea part out. Adding sea to it makes the title too long, and I’ve been hesitant towards using long titles for readability recently. Seavinity includes both; it is a made-up word, but for a proper name, this shouldn’t be an issue, especially after readers see this footnote and understand my thought process.]

It instilled fear and awe into the spectators. This was the flag of a supreme sea demon; it represented their invincibility and glory.

Even though the Trident was the most powerful weapon during the reign of all sea gods, they had no way of retaining it. When they died, the Trident would fly away and reappear when it was time to choose a successor in the next generation.

Because of this, no one viewed the Trident as an inheritable weapon. Each sea god would create their own powerful artifacts and weapons, but none of them could compare to the Trident. However, these artifacts truly belonged to them and were able to be passed down to their descendants.

The banner in Feiyan’s hand was a weapon created by a Roaring Conch Sea God.

“She actually has a sea god’s weapon.” Both the young and old of the sea demon race became quite envious.

Even though the Roaring Conch had two sea gods, it also had millions of disciples. It was quite a glory to inherit a sea god’s weapon. This was enough to show just how much the sect valued her.

Feiyan shouted with the banner in her hand: “Li, you must stay true to your word, don’t change your mind in front of the world.”

She was afraid that he would change his mind after seeing this weapon and wouldn’t want to fight her alone! After previously losing to him in just one move, she understood that her strength was no match for his. In her mind, he was at least a True Monarch or a Bestowed Monarch.

Thus, she placed all of her hopes for revenge on this weapon! Because she was afraid of him reneging on the deal, she loudly shouted so that everyone could hear her. If Li Qiye were to change his mind today, his reputation would be destroyed.

“You are too funny. Let alone make me change my mind, you actually think that you can do something to me with this sea god’s banner? This is such a blatant underestimation.” He shook his head and laughed: “Very well, since this banner is giving you so much faith in your revenge, I’ll shatter it.”

With that, a saber hymn resonated through the sky. With a saber in his hand, he coldly stared at her.

An imperial aura engulfed the region with its coming. With the Benevolent Saber in his hand, an immortal aura surfaced around his hand. The weapon seemed to become one with him.

This blade was the true fate weapon of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Its creation required painstaking efforts from both the emperor and Li Qiye.

Today, his ability to wield the blade was no less than if the emperor was using it himself. The only thing missing was the Heaven’s Will. If Li Qiye had the Heaven’s Will, he would be able to exert the same power from this blade as the emperor of past.

“An Immortal Emperor True Treasure!” Hailing from the Roaring Conch, Feiyan knew her stuff. Her face paled as she stumbled backward.

At this moment, her pupils contracted, revealing both fear and despair! Even though she had a sea god’s banner, the blade in Li Qiye’s hand was a true treasure!

With respect to comparing the weapons of sea gods and Immortal Emperors, the Trident was the first part of the equation. True treasures were no match for its power — this was the reason why sea gods could fight against Immortal Emperors!

However, without the Trident, sea gods were only Emperor Assailants at best; they couldn’t truly fight against a real emperor. Because of this, the arsenals they personally create were no match for imperial weapons, let alone a True Treasure.

Despair reared its ugly head again in Shangguan Feiyan. It was just like Li Qiye had said, her hope had been shattered.

The banner that she thought would allow her to get revenge for her father and brother paled in comparison before his True Treasure!

Many sea demons were astounded to see his weapon as well.

A sea demon blurted in disbelief: “Isn’t he the successor of Peacock Land? A tree controller? Since when did he become a descendant of an Immortal Emperor? To actually have a True Treasure!”

Many knew about Li Qiye’s status as Peacock Land’s successor, but no one would ever have thought that he would be the owner of a True Treasure as well.

Li Qiye insipidly said: “I told you that I would crush your hope.” [1. This is too cruel now…]

“Buzz!” Li Qiye poured his vitality into the blade. At this moment, he seemed to be incredibly far away, as if he was standing above the nine layers of the heavens.

“Boom!” The world trembled. Li Qiye unexpectedly emitted the aura of an Immortal Emperor. The blade lit up, allowing its snow-white edge to illuminate the horizon. The blade itself seemed to be returning to life as an eternal existence.

“How, how can this be?” Many people were dazed as Li Qiye seemingly turned into an emperor. Many of the people with weaker cultivations dropped to the ground due to weakened knees under his pressure.

They found it completely inconceivable as they gazed at Li Qiye in the sky.

“No way! Even a Godking can’t bring an Immortal Emperor True Treasure back to life!” A commenter’s voice was trembling.

“It is because he has been recognized by the True Treasure. This is quite rare no matter the generation.” A human who understood these weapons understood what was happening.

“Thump. Thump. Thump.” Feiyan kept on faltering before this scene. True despair had struck her.

“Li, I’ll die with you!” Feiyan plunged into madness. She spat a great amount of longevity blood onto the banner. Her complexion turned deathly white afterward.

This determined her demise. Despite her young age, she had used all of her blood as an offering for the banner. Even if she could win this fight, she wouldn’t be able to live much longer due to her withered lifespan.

“Aiming for mutual destruction… even victory won’t let her stay alive.” Everyone knew that it was over for her.

“Boom!” After the refinement, the banner became much more brilliant and poured down gigantic universal laws. These pillar-like laws plunged into the vast sea.

“Splash!” Tidal waves of endless height assaulted the sky. All of these pillars of water intertwined with the laws to turn into a stout figure.

At this time, the banner coiled around this aquatic figure, turning it into a deity. If was as if a sea god had returned to life. This figure turned and opened his eyes.

“Boom!” The world quaked with his coming. His celestial flames engulfed the entire region. The grand aura emanating from this sea god spread across the Dragon Demon Sea as if a real sea god was here in person.

“Your Excellency!” Many sea demons were stirred and prostrated on the water. Some even broke into tears.

An astonished human asked in horror: “Is that a resurrected sea god?”

“No.” An older human gently shook his head and explained: “This is a tribute. She used all of her longevity blood in order to bring about one invincible strike from a sea god! All of the forces from the weapon have been gathered into this blow. Victory or defeat will depend on it.”

“Can Li Qiye withstand a blow from a sea god?” Miss Lin’s group was quite worried after seeing the gigantic figure.

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