Chapter 1277: Imitation Trident

Chapter 1277: Imitation Trident

An army of one hundred thousand was slaughtered in the blink of an eye. The Indomitable cavalries swept through them like the wind blowing around autumn leaves without the slightest signs of stagnation. The difference in power was far too great.

Everyone was shocked after this scene and couldn’t regain their sanity. The battle just now was too cruel and terrorizing. This was the scariest army they had ever witnessed — completely ruthless and invincible!

“Among the four legions of the Dark Crow, the Tiger Legion is the most ferocious while the Silver Fox is the most crafty!” Jian Longwei exclaimed after the quick massacre: “This Indomitable Battalion is famous for being quite ruthless in the Silver Fox Legion as well as being the top elites. Zhang, Hong, Xu, and Lin… these four great generals had killed the generals under an Immortal Emperor before! How could this meager army be a match for them?”

“Ancestor, have you seen the Silver Fox Legion before?” Jian Xiaotie’s hair was standing on end. This was the first time he saw such a scary regiment, the first time he witnessed such a sweeping victory!

“No.” Jian Longwei shook his head in response: “I heard it from our progenitor. Legend states that the Silver Fox Legion is very mysterious and has followed His Excellency for a very long time. No one knows where they are, but when His Excellency requires their service, they will suddenly appear behind the enemies and destroy them within the shortest amount of time possible.”

Jian Xiaotie murmured: “So this is the hidden power of Dongting Lake.”

Longwei nodded: “That’s right. According to the rumors, after the Indomitable Battalion retired and died from old age, they buried their bodies and refined their true fates into heroic spirits. They prepared a supreme formation under the lake where these spirits have been sleeping ever since. They required the nourishment from this treasure land in order to maintain their form as a spectral army.”

“Just think about it, Dongting Lake is part of the Dragon Mountain Range. In addition to getting the consent of the Dragon Kingdom, the important part is that they have the power to protect themselves.” Longwei gently sighed: “If they didn’t have this powerful protection, how could their current disciples possibly guard the lake? These sea demons are only a bunch of fools who think that they can take over the lake. They have forgotten about another problem. Who would dare to try and divide parts of the Dragon Mountain Range’s ancestral ground without permission from the Dragon God?”

Xiaotie remained quiet. Their Grandfather was named Jian Longwei not at birth, but rather through a process of bestowment. This name represented a supreme glory.

Jian Longwei was just like his name, he was the guardian of the Giant Dragon Kingdom!

After a very long time, some big shots from the previous generation finally calmed down.

“The legend is true, it’s not a baseless assertion.” A paragon, aghast, took several steps back and murmured: “They are the mythical spirits of the saints that have always been protecting Dongting Lake.”

For a very long time, rumors have been circulating in this sea, stating that Dongting Lake was protected by the saints of this world. However, many snorted at this claim, especially skeptical due to the decline of the lake. They believed that this was only a false rumor, that these spirits were intangible and baseless.

However, everyone today saw these spirits in person, the real power of Dongting Lake that had been keeping watch over them.

“How impudent!” With reddened eyes, the Bloodshark Sovereign crazily roared. He initially wanted to break the banner in the sky in order to kill Li Qiye. However, everything happened too quickly. His army was massacred so fast that it caused his eyes to flush red. Under a blinding rage, he wanted to kill the Indomitable Battalion.

“Leave your dog life with me.” Li Qiye interjected while the sovereign was lunging for the battalion.

“Little animal!” The sovereign instantly turned around and stared at Li Qiye in a frenzy.

Li Qiye slightly raised his right hand and slowly enunciated: “Trident, come.”

His words turned into mantras and the mantras turned into laws.

“Splash! Splash! Crash!” The water in the lake crazily churned as if it was boiling. A boundless divine light came from within.

This light illuminated the world. A gigantic formation with countless engraved runes emerged from the lake. This great and ancient array was connected to the veins of the lake.

At this time, the lake seemed to be a living entity, as if a dragon heart was beating within its earth. People could hear a powerful and resonating thump.

“Buzz!” The light sprayed everywhere as if gods were descending to this world.

Within this light, a great spear emerged. It was simple and natural. There were three sharp prongs at its tip. It looked like an ordinary decorative artifact, but such an ancient style resembled the opening of a world.

It was clearly formed by the water in the lake, but it gave the sensation that it weighed billions of pounds. It seemed that outside of sea gods, no one could handle this great trident. [1. The raw is actually one hundred billion, but it is just being used as a large number and not an exact amount, so billions work better.]

“The Trident!” Even someone as incredible as the sovereign turned silly after seeing this great weapon. He turned haggard and stumbled backward.

The sea demons watching from a distance shouted its name as well. The masters from the other races all gasped.

“Is that our sea god’s Trident?” The eyes of all the sea demons widened in astonishment.

“No—” An old sea demon paragon carefully looked at this trident and was jolted. He quickly blurted: “This isn’t the real Trident, it’s only an imitation!”

Many sea demons felt relieved after hearing this revelation. One of them murmured: “Lucky, it’s just a fake.”

The Trident was the symbol of the sea demons. It carried the greatest significance in their hearts, the spiritual totem in their minds.

Thus, only the supreme of their race, the sea god, was qualified to wield this invincible symbol.

If the Trident fell into the hands of the humans, it would be too great of a blow to their race and drive them completely mad.

It was no wonder why they were so worried. Ever since the start of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s generation, a sea god had yet to appear. The same was true for their Trident.

The last sea god was Lithodidae; he appeared during Immortal Emperor Yin Tian’s generation. 

So now, when the Trident appeared out of nowhere, all the sea demons naturally became alarmed. They thought that it had fallen into the clutches of Dongting Lake.

Unlike the relieved sea demons, the Bloodshark Sovereign’s eyes were still glaring at the Trident.

He was once accepted by the Trident, so he had it under his control during his youth. It was the most glorious time of his life. Back then, his cultivation soared by leaps and bounds. Many of his talented peers lost to him, including the young Lithodidae Sea God.

This quick jump in power placed him among the top echelons. Later on, the Trident abandoned him for some reason and chose Lithodidae instead, allowing him to become a true sea god.

Losing the Trident cut off his path to becoming a deity. From then on, his life fell into a trough. Even though he continued to cultivate and made progress, he couldn’t regain the surging years of yore and his old invincibility.

Later on, since he wasn’t willing to give up, he also tried to create an imitation of the Trident. However, the only result was failure. These fake tridents didn’t have the same unstoppable power. Ultimately, they were only scrap metal.

It wasn’t until many years of experimentation that he realized that he couldn’t understand the profundities of the true Trident. Creating a replica was simply impossible. In fact, many sea demons had tried to do so for millions of years now. Even for those who were successful in copying the Trident, the end result was a weapon much weaker than the real deal.

His mind quivered as he looked at the Trident before him. Due to his past, he was very familiar with its power. Even though this was only an imitation, it had the unstoppable might of the real Trident.

“Trident…” He was both scared and shocked. He didn’t expect to see such an imitation, his lifelong pursuit!

However, he was also frightened because he knew the power that he was about to face!

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