Chapter 1275: Bloodshark Sovereign

Chapter 1275: Bloodshark Sovereign

Hong Tianzhu was unperturbed while standing behind Li Qiye. He flatly replied: “Miss Shangguan, Young Noble Li is our lake’s plenipotentiary. If you wish to talk, you can talk with him.”

“A plenipotentiary?” Not only were the spectators surprised, even the guarding disciples of the lake were caught off guard.

Such a large lineage like the lake actually gave complete authority to someone this suddenly. Moreover, it was under duress. How could people not be shocked by this development?

The disciples from the lake didn’t even know who Li Qiye was, let alone understand him.

Feiyan’s expression changed after hearing this as well. She didn’t expect this reversal.

She coldly uttered: “Tianzhu, you should think twice. This is an existential crisis for your Dongting Lake!”

Li Qiye smiled in response before Tianzhu could answer: “There’s no need to waste time. Didn’t you want to talk? Go ahead, I am a very open-minded person. Say what you want.”

Judging from the lack of response from Tianzhu and the other elders, Feiyan knew that the lake was on Li Qiye’s side.

In spite of this, she still thought that she had a strong card up her sleeve, so she was full of confidence: “Li Qiye, if you want to save the lake, first kneel and confess your sins, I will be the judge. Second, the lake must hand over fifty female disciples with excellent bloodlines to become our incubators. Third, Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village will station troops at the lake. Only when these three conditions are satisfied will we withdraw our troops.”

A disciple blurted out: “Bullshit!” No one with a sliver of pride would ever accept such conditions.

This was a great humiliation to their lake. If they were to agree to these demands, they would never be able to lift their heads up again. This was an indelible shame.

The cultivators nearby secretly shook their heads. These conditions were too outrageous. No lineage would agree to them.

“And if we refuse?” Li Qiye didn’t become angry. Instead, he gently smiled.

Feiyan’s eyes turned serious, just like her tone: “If you refuse, well, it won’t be up to you. We’ll capture you and flay your skin before ripping out your tendons! As for the lake, we will trample it, kill all the men and enslave the women!”

This remark definitely didn’t win over the disciples from the lake. They became even more furious.

A disciple angrily shouted: “We’ll fight to the end!”

“Yes! Fight to the end!” Many echoed the sentiment with blaring roars towards Feiyan.

Li Qiye remained calm and faintly smiled: “Do you want to hear my opinion? It is very simple, you will be the one to kneel and present your head as an apology. Second, all the disciples from Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village must surrender to my whim. If you can agree to this, then I will only kill your ancestors and elders while sparing the others. If not, then it will be even simpler. I shall massacre Wyvern and the village and trample through your ancestral grounds, turning everything to ashes. Your lineages shall be no more in the Dragon Demon Sea from tomorrow onward.”

Such outrageous words shocked everyone present. One person among the spectators commented: “That’s an incredible response.”

Gongsun Meiyu's death had shown everyone that Li Qiye was strong, but it was a bit ridiculous to declare the destruction of two great powers.

“Senior Sister, give the order, let us kill this little animal!” The disciples from wyvern were enraged and primed to fight.

Feiyan’s expression was as cold as ice as she replied: “You’ll defeat us with just your empty words?”

“Why not?” Li Qiye dismissively said: “A loser like you isn’t qualified to negotiate with me.”

This repetitive retort left her face red. It was too great of a blow to her; the only way she could erase this disgrace was to kill him.

“Hahaha, such blustering. I have traveled across the four seas, yet I still haven’t heard of someone declare that they would destroy my Bloodshark Village.” While Feiyan had yet to respond, a gloomy voice came about instead.

In this great army of one hundred thousand soldiers, an old man was being carried out. He was seated on a great throne and had an imperious temperament.

People finally noticed his great stature when he slowly stood up. They felt much smaller after seeing his full size.

However, his physical prowess was not the only reason why others felt insignificant before him. He exuded a divine aura that made him seem as if he was untouchable, like a god overlooking all creation.

An old paragon recognized his identity and shouted: “Bloodshark Sovereign!”

“Bloodshark Sovereign!” Even the younger ones who had never seen him before had heard of his fame. They became quite frightened due to his notoriety.

Hong Tianzhu’s group took a step back in astonishment.

“He is a heaven-defying expert that had the chance to become a sea god back then.” Older paragons stared at him in awe.

This was a preeminent character during the last generation, someone accepted by the Trident. His fame was at an all-time high during that period because everyone in Heaven Spirit assumed that he would be the next sea god.

However, for some reason, the Trident left him later on and accepted a different sea demon as its master. That sea demon later became the Lithodidae Sea God!

Despite being abandoned, the sovereign still reached the top to become one of the most powerful demons of his time.

Today, his personal arrival left everyone gasping. They understood now that Wyvern and the village had no intentions of peacefully resolving the issue with the lake. Its destruction was their primary goal.

Some sea demons became quite excited and muttered: “I’m afraid the lake will become ashes the moment the sovereign takes action.”

“Feiyan is quite influential, to actually be able to tempt even the sovereign.” Some now realized why Feiyan was this confident. With a hidden card like the sovereign, victory was certain.

The atmosphere turned tense to the extreme. The lake’s disciples went pale after seeing the famous sovereign. Despair reared its ugly head in their hearts since their lake was facing probable destruction.

Outside of the battlefield on the distant horizon, many powerful charming spirit ancestors watched everything play out. In this region, charming spirits didn’t want to mingle with sea demons, especially those at the ancestor level.

This ancestor from an ancient lineage with astral eyes murmured: “That devil Bloodshark wants to take action, I wonder if the lake’s real power is still there or not.”

A disciple next to him curiously asked: “What do you mean?”

In the eyes of many youths and even the previous generation cultivators, Dongting Lake could be considered a great power, but it couldn’t compare to actual first-rate sects.

“It is an ancient legend that I have only heard of.” The ancestor explained: “The tales speak of the lake’s incredible ancestors that once contributed to an invincible legion. Our own ancestors have said that their ancestors left behind an incomparable protection for their descendants.”

This was the first time this junior had heard of this legend, so he skeptically replied: “Really?”

“Most likely.” The ancestor continued: “The lake is a coveted treasure ground. If they didn’t have this protection, others would have destroyed it already, there wouldn’t be any need to wait till today.”

Back on the battlefield, the atmosphere was quite solemn. The disciples from the lake all felt a cold chill and thought that they wouldn’t be able to escape this disaster.

“Haha, it seems like disappearing for a single generation has made the youths much more arrogant.” The sovereign coldly stared at Li Qiye: “You must be tired of living to bluster about destroying my village when I am still around.”

No one found his words unreasonable due to his established prestige.

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