Chapter 1274: Suppression

Chapter 1274: Suppression

Everyone present trembled before the iron creeds. At this time, they understood the real meaning behind the creed. This was a real entity meant for rewards and punishments, it wasn’t just a concept.

“Kill.” Li Qiye mercilessly declared the fate of the four Virtuous Ancestors.

Four water swords protruded from the water figures’ hands. They raised these swords and cut down at the same time.

“Pluff!” The Virtuous Ancestors’ heads fell to the ground. Blood rushed out from their necks and dyed the chamber red.

All the ancestors here trembled when they saw the rolling heads. Their arrogance from earlier disappeared right away. Even their Virtuous Ancestors were killed, and they were not much in comparison.

Li Qiye sat back in his high chair and coldly swept through everyone with his piercing eyes. Everyone was now kneeling while feeling a fearful chill, Hong Tianzhu included.

They finally understood what a supreme authority was. This was the true suppression of the nine heavens. The moment the Dark Crow spread its wings, the entire world would be blotted out. Billions of existences would begin to tremble.

Li Qiye questioned them: “Before your forefathers and the iron creeds, do you confess your sins or do their spirits have to force you?”

The four water figures came forth emotionlessly. Even before their descendants, they were as cold and ruthless as ever. Each took over a corner with their sword raised. Even though these blades were made out of water, they were still flashing with bloodthirst. These were god-slaying weapons.

The ancestors here were aghast when the spirits of their ancestors blocked the four directions. They understood that if they tried to escape, these spirits would show no mercy in striking them down.

“I, I confess my sins.” A Hong ancestor realized that the situation was no longer salvageable. Struggling any further would be futile and suicidal, so he dropped flat to the ground and said: “I am guilty and willing to accept the punishment of the iron creed.”

“I, I confess as well.” With someone taking the lead, the rest of the ancestors eventually bowed on the ground, no longer daring to resist. People all valued their lives. In their eyes, a clean and honorable death was no match for a borrowed life.

“Very well, the capital punishment can be forgiven, but judgment must be delivered.” Li Qiye coldly uttered: “In accordance to the iron creeds, they shall be punished for their gravest sin. Their sentence shall be banishment to the detention precipice. Their lives shall be spared so that they can serve the lake in the future.”

“Clank, clank, clank!” Iron laws flew out from the portraits and instantly nailed themselves into the bodies of these ancestors. They then dragged these ancestors away without meeting any resistance.

The iron creeds were the vows of their forefathers and all the brothers in the Indomitable Battalion. These laws contained their unbendable will and heroism. To resist these iron laws was tantamount to resisting the entire battalion.

In the past, these newer ancestors chose to abandon the creeds. Not only did they stop passing down its teachings, they made decisions in secret instead of debating using this chamber. In the end, they didn’t have the ability to destroy the creeds themselves.

The lower-tier members were continuously shivering while watching their ancestors being dragged away. Even Hong Tianzhu was startled.

They had heard about the iron creeds in the past despite their ancestors’ unwillingness to talk about this subject. However, they thought that the creeds were only a written set of rules like the ancestral teachings. They didn’t expect it to have such power.

They finally realized why the Virtuous Ancestors chose to abandon the creeds and stopped debating in this grand chamber. So it turned out that these four were afraid of the creeds.

It all became clear now. If everything was carried out in accordance with the creeds, the clans could only carry out their own responsibilities without taking advantage of the lake. There was no way of imposing their will on the laws and direction of the lake.

Li Qiye coldly declared: “I don’t care how many resources and docks your clans have occupied. From today on, the iron creeds are in effect again. I will give you one year to complete this process. The violators shall be at the mercy of the creeds.”

Hong Tianzhu was the first to agree to the re-implementation of their old legacy. He prostrated on the ground and quickly declared: “I shall obey the iron creeds.”

“We also agree.” The others quickly did the same and stated their willingness. In their eyes, even the ancestors were powerless to stop this, let alone them.

Li Qiye flatly said: “Very well, I am here today to represent your forefathers in order to clean up this mess, but ultimately, the authority of the lake still belongs to all of you. The fate of the lake is within your grasp.”

The crow floating above him returned to the chair while the portraits on the wall turned still once more after the iron creeds slowly went back inside them. The four water figures also returned to the lake.

“We respectfully bid farewell to the ancestors.” Hong Tianzhu thought about a legend after seeing the features of these figures that were completely identical to the portraits on the wall. He bowed his head once more to the spirits.

“Farewell, Venerable Ancestors.” The others did the same. They understood that the spirits of their ancestors had always been within the lake.

“I come bearing news!” After the four water figures left, a disciple hastily rushed in. When he saw the scene within the chamber, he was at a loss for words.

While still in his chair, Li Qiye spoke in an aloof manner: “What’s the matter, speak.”

A stranger sitting in the main seat of the chamber was a very strange event. However, this disciple uncontrollably answered: “Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village have declared war. They demand an answer within forty-five minutes or else they’ll begin the siege.” [1. The raw is three-quarters of an hour.]

Li Qiye sneered: “Naive fools. Very well, today, everyone in the Dragon Demon Sea shall open their eyes to witness the true might of Dongting Lake!”

“With the exception of the elders and protectors who need to maintain their posts, everyone else follow me. It is time for all of you to see the invincible prestige of your ancestors, their style as they swept through the nine worlds. Be ready to engrave it in your minds.” With that, he stood up and went outside.

Outside of those who had to return to their posts, the rest followed Li Qiye outside. The great armies of Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village were surrounding the lake. They had made preparations to attack with both the village master and the King of Wyvern boosting their morale. They awaited the order to attack.

The disciples from the lake guarding the checkpoints were quite nervous. They didn’t know whether the lake could withstand this looming disaster. Many great powers and cultivators from all over the seas eagerly watched. Some just wanted to have some fun while others aimed to take advantage of the situation.

Shangguan Feiyan rose to the sky and declared: “Forty-five minutes have passed. Elders, if you don’t give us a reply, don’t blame us for attacking your lake.”

“I’ll give you a response right now.” A dismissive voice came about. Someone was floating above the lake’s sky with Hong Tianzhu’s group right behind them.

“Li Qiye!” Shangguan Feiyan immediately became aggressive. Her eyes turned red upon seeing her enemy again!

“It’s Li Qiye.” The others watching from the horizon were surprised to see Hong Tianzhu together with Li Qiye.

Shangguan Feiyan angrily blurted: “Li, you actually dared to linger here?”

Li Qiye only smiled in response: “Why not? You think you are a threat to me? You’re just a loser who lost to me before.”

“You!” Feiyan had no retort to this nonchalant statement. Meanwhile, the others exchanged glances. Even though some thought that she lost due to her own carelessness, this was an irrefutable truth.

She took a deep breath and said: “Li, someone else will take care of you. I am talking to the lake right now.”

With that, she shifted her gaze towards Hong Tianzhu and coldly said: “Hong Tianzhu, where are your ancestors? They have agreed to hand Li Qiye over, this is the condition for surrender.”

So it turned out that the ancestors from the lake had already finished negotiating with Feiyan on the conditions of surrender the moment she gathered her troops here.

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