Chapter 127 : Six Dao Lotuses (1)

 Chapter 127 : Six Dao Lotuses (1)

Many cultivators at this time didn’t dare to meet Li Qiye’s gaze. No one could believe that when this fifteen year old boy was angry, he would act as if he was possessed by an evil god, becoming merciless and brutal!

They finally understood that when this young boy was being arrogant, it was not because he was foolish and ignorant, but because he was this powerful and was always a ferocious giant!

People shivered at the thought that even Royal Nobles were massacred; how fierce was this boy? Even the Regional Monarch of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom was not spared; how outrageous was this boy?

Many cultivators secretly felt glad that they didn’t offend this young man. Otherwise, they would have been massacred as well.

“We shall go…”

Finally, Li Qiye only said these words.Niu Fen didn’t dare to demur, he turned into a giant snail and brazenly carried Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan away.

“Oh mother, this brat is truly the devil. He’s so crazily ferocious!”

After Li Qiye left, a cultivator finally woke up from his daze and couldn’t help but sigh.

The cowardly people felt their legs becoming weak as they sat straight down on the ground. Remembering Li Qiye’s expression when he was possessed by the evil god earlier, they couldn’t help but tremble. This devil was matchless in cruelty. His aura earlier was unstoppable; not even the gods or Buddha would be able to block him!

“Why is this kid so scary? Isn’t he a Mortal Physique?”

A cultivator from the last generation emotionally said:

“Have you ever seen a Mortal Physique destroying a Life Treasure? This is the physique of a Raging Dragon!”

“Could it be the Solar Immortal Physique? In the legends, Immortal Emperor Min Ren possessed the Solar Immortal Physique, one of the twelve Immortal Physiques. The moment it came out, he was invincible in the Nine Worlds. He swept through all oppositions!”

A cultivator couldn’t help but make a quiet conjecture.

“Impossible. From the start till now, no one was a natural born Immortal Physique. Immortal Physiques are truly invincible in the Nine Worlds, but Immortal Physiques require tortuous training to complete. It doesn’t only require one of the twelve appropriate Xiantian Physiques, but also the correct Immortal Physique Merit Laws. From the past till now, there have not been that many Immortal Physique Merit Laws available!”

A Demon Monarch shook his head and said.

“Does this mean that Immortal Emperor Min Ren left behind a merit law for the Solar Immortal Physique?”

A cultivator emotionally asked.

Emperor Merit Laws were indeed peerless, but Immortal Physique Merit Laws were supremely unparalleled. Any Immortal Emperor would be able to create an invincible Emperor Merit Law, but only Immortal Emperors with Immortal Physiques would be able to leave Immortal Physique Merit Laws behind. Without the physique, how could they even create Immortal Physique Merit Laws!

It could be said that Immortal Physique Merit Laws were way more valuable than Emperor Merit Laws.

A sect master inside the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom shook his head and said:

“This is certainly impossible. In the last millions of years, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect never had the rumors of passing down an Immortal Physique Merit Law. Even though Immortal Emperor Min Ren had the Solar Immortal Physique, he didn’t pass this down. This was not a secret or anything.”

“Then what is that brat’s physique? It was so heaven defying! It could even shake the Heavenly Sovereign Life Treasures.”

Someone lost their colors and said.

A cultivator from the last generation sighed and said:

“It could be a King Physique Merit Law, or a Saint Physique Merit Law. Even though he is a Mortal Physique, he is absolutely cultivating a Physique Merit Law. It’s just that no one knows what it is.”

“The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is truly unbelievable, ah. Even though it declined into a third rate small sect, it still has an Emperor Merit Law and a Physique Merit Law that even the grand sects and powerful nations do not have, ah!”

Another cultivator reminisced and said:

“An Emperor lineage lasting for millions of years without falling — these are not simply words. A skinny camel is still better than a fat horse.”

In fact, not just one person was envious. Who wouldn’t want to have Emperor Merit Laws and Physique Merit Laws? They were things that captured the souls of people, but in order to seize them, they need to think about it carefully. Last time, a few ten thousand cultivators were led by Li Qiye to the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape and got completely annihilated. Who is to say that such a matter wouldn’t happen again?

Remembering the scene where blood flowed like the rivers, everyone shivered.

The frog had escaped, but Li Qiye had not given up. To him, even if the Evil Infested Ridge had more treasures, they were still not as valuable as this frog. He had chased it for ten more days, but he couldn’t capture it. After it had been alerted from last time, it became even more cautious and careful. Catching it would be even harder than traversing the sky.

While Li Qiye was in steadfast pursuit of the frog, other cultivators were benefitting from their excavation at the dangerous area. Even though they couldn’t enter the no man’s area, the dangerous area was still very safe, so they found many spirit medicines and treasures.

However, some people were becoming more anxious as they lost their patience, like Heavenly Prince Qingxuan and Dao Child Shengtian.

For people with backgrounds like Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, ordinary treasure metals and godly steels couldn’t get into their sight. This time, he only came for the legendary item inside the Evil Infested Ridge. Rumors has it that there was an extremely magical item inside the ridge — very mysterious, and that it was an item from the Gods Era.

Dao Child Shengtian also heard some news regarding the legends of the treasures of the gods. He knew a few inside stories, so with the appearance of Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, he was sure that there was truly a treasure inside the Evil Infested Ridge.

Since Heavenly Prince Qingxuan was always wavering in the east, Dao Child Shengtian could almost be completely sure that the legendary treasure was in the deepest area of the east.

The treasure of the gods, or even the weapon of the Godly Monarch in the legends, how could Dao Child Shengtian not be tempted? Compared to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, the Heavenly God Sect needed this treasure even more, especially the weapon in the legends!

Dao Child Shengtian even asked his ancestor to lend him an Emperor Treasure, but his request was not answered, leaving him to be worried.


When Dao Child Shengtian and Heavenly Prince Qingxuan were both anxious and while Li Qiye was searching for the frog, suddenly, in the deepest area of eastern Evil Infested Ridge, there was a loud explosion. Afterwards, everyone in the ridge saw a heaven frightening scene. A bloody light shot out like a pillar all the way up to the sky and illuminated the entire eastern region. After a good while, this pillar of bloody light finally dissipated.

“What is that?”

Seeing the bloody light that penetrated the sky, everyone in the Evil Infested Ridge was astonished. This scene was too shocking. Without a doubt, there was a great change taking place in the depths at the eastern side of the Evil Infested Ridge.

“Could it be that the legendary Godly Monarch weapon is really coming into being?”

Seeing this scene, a cultivator emotionally exclaimed.

Until now, there was already a speculation that the Evil Infested Ridge has a Godly Monarch weapon and the treasure of the gods. At this moment, with this bright pillar of blood, it once again proved the previous rumors.

Suddenly, this news about the treasure and Godly Monarch weapon was spread far and wide, and everyone really believed that these treasures were entering into this world.

“Go, we shall enter!”

Seeing the bloody light that pierced the sky, Heavenly Prince Qingxuan decisively said.

The old man next to him couldn’t help but ask in a serious manner:

“Your Highness, the no man’s area is guarded by the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape, and I’m afraid that there is more to it than just the great ape. There are even million year old Longevity Spirits, and once targeted by those, it is a road to disaster.”

“From the looks of things, those fierce beasts seemed to be suppressed by the Godly Monarch weapon; they are all hiding away in the no man’s area. Wasn’t the last time because the little demon, with the surname Li, led them to the nest of the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape, which was why all of them died?”

Heavenly Prince Qingxuan said.

Grandpa Guan pondered for a moment, then he replied:

“We can’t predict the actions of one million year old Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits. It is better to be careful.”

“We should be cautious and advance with the slowest speed. We shall walk while hiding all of our auras in order to not disturb them.”

Heavenly Prince Qingxuan gravely said.

Seeing that the prince had made his decision, Grandpa Guan no longer tried to advise him. Instead, he just told him to be careful.

Heavenly Prince Qingxuan led his troops to enter the no man’s area. Not long after, Dao Child Shengtian brought the nobles of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom into the no man’s area as well. The two of them entering caused quite a stir amongst the cultivators.

“It is truly a Godly Monarch weapon and the treasure of the gods coming into being!”

At this moment, everyone went wild with excitement.

“Come, we shall also enter!”

Even the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom had entered, so the other great sects and powerful nations, as well as secret heritages, couldn’t maintain their calm and also declared their participation!

“However, the no man’s area is protected by the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape. Going in is so suicidal!”

A sect master was hesitant. His heart was dreary of the frightening great ape.

“I heard that as long as we don’t go near the lair, we wouldn’t alarm the beasts like the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape. We will go behind the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. Whichever route they choose, we will also go the same way while maintaining a low profile. There is no need to disturb the spirits and beasts. I heard that these beasts were suppressed by the Godly Monarch’s power, so they all hid in their lair and are not willing to come out.”

A cultivator shared his wishful thoughts.

Even though they knew the no man’s area was occupied by powerful beasts, but after seeing the Heavenly Prince and the Dao Child entering, how could they not be tempted?

The moment the bloody light pierced the sky, Li Qiye also saw this scene. He lost his colors and murmured:

“At last, it happened. Wretched brat! Destroying the balance… One day, I will find your descendants and repay this debt!”

“What is that thing?”

Seeing this light, Li Shuangyan was also surprised. She realized that something extraordinary was about to happen.

“Is this place really the land of the gods in the legends? Is there really a treasure of the gods?”

Li Shuangyan didn’t believe in the story regarding the treasures of the gods, but at this moment, this occurrence was quite different.


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