Chapter 1268: Besieged

Chapter 1268: Besieged

Hong Tianzhu was astonished after hearing this. If an existence like the Bloodshark Sovereign was regarded with such disdain, then just how fierce and domineering was this Jian Longwei?

At the same time, he felt his blood boiling because his lake would definitely be able to overcome this crisis with the Jian Clan’s help.

“I’ll do it myself.” Li Qiye voiced his refusal with a gesture and flatly said: “It is time for the sea demons to open their eyes to the proud human race. Let them know that even at the Dragon Demon Sea, humans can still suppress the heavens!”

Jian Longwei didn’t dare to compete against Li Qiye for this merit. They understood that this person was a supreme overlord. Even if a sea god came along, they would be annihilated. Li Qiye was someone who had killed Immortal Emperors after all!

Li Qiye told Hong Tianzhu: “If the enemies come sieging, then we shall fight and bury them beneath the sea.”

Hong Tianzhu opened his mouth, but no words came out due to some hesitation.

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “No need for scruples, say what you want.”

Hong Tianzhu took a deep breath and made up his mind: “The ancestors, they, they want to negotiate for peace and are willing to accept the demands from Wyvern and the village.”

“Negotiate for peace?” Li Qiye laughed and coldly uttered: “Since when did Dongting Lake become so weak? Would your ancestors ever negotiate with their enemies? When they were still around, surrender would not cross their minds even if they were whittled down to the very last man on the battlefield! Their bones were cast from iron and their hot blood could erect the strongest citadel in this world!”

Li Qiye angrily scolded Hong Tianzhu: “In those years, Godkings and imperial lineages were nothing in your ancestors’ eyes. The banners of your clans symbolized a will made of steel and the most invincible corp that annihilated their enemies and crushed all cities in their way. But look at their descendants now. Even ants like Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village can walk all over you, subjecting you to servility! Have you no shame in letting down their supreme, hard-earned prestige?”

Tianzhou felt his face and blood getting hotter. He recalled the glory days of his ancestors when Dongting Lake could look at the rest of the world with disdain. It was just as Li Qiye had said, his ancestors were invincible with nerves of steel.

When they were alive, they proudly trod through the nine worlds and swept through all of their enemies. Hong Tianzhu was ignited. If they were to kneel before these great powers today, it would be a great letdown to their ancestors!

Hong Tianzhu threw caution to the wind and clenched his teeth before declaring: “Young Noble, if you are willing to help me, I am ready to lead our disciples to battle instead of negotiating for peace, even if the elders do not agree!”

“It is good that you have this determination.” Li Qiye looked at him and nodded: “Return to Dongting Lake and observe how Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village, these ants, shall be trampled by your ancestors! Let the descendants of the lake remember their invincibility once more so that they will never dishonor their ancestors’ prestige again!”

“We shall fight alongside you, Young Noble!” Hong Tianzhu’s blood was boiling in this moment as he clenched his fists.

Jian Longwei nodded his head approvingly after seeing this. He knew that Hong Tianzhu’s momentary burst of heroism had won Li Qiye’s favor. This will change the fate of the lake as well as his own.

If he had faltered earlier and wanted to negotiate, Li Qiye would drop this matter right then and there. From then on, the lake would never rise again after falling into the hands of its enemies.


Both Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village were furious at the murderer, Li Qiye. Shangguan Feiyan, who had suffered defeat to him, vowed to kill him as well.

In just one night, these two powers mustered a one-hundred-thousand-strong army. They quickly mobilized to Dongting Lake and released a message about their intent to destroy it.

This commotion excited this marine region. Many cultivators and sects eagerly awaited the show. Some sea demons were quietly gathering in the dark as well.

Dongting Lake was coveted by many due to its rich nature. So now, when the lake was about to fall, everyone would want to share a cup of the soup.

This was especially true for the sea demon sects close to Dongting Lake. They were secretly waiting for this battle to end. If the lake were to lose, then they would divide it. If the other two powers were to lose, then that would signal an eventually decline, meaning that there would be more promising territories up for grabs.

“Dongting Lake, listen up. Hand over the human brat, Li Qiye, and put down your weapons in surrender. We may forgive you then. Otherwise, your lake shall be crushed!” The village master and king of Wyvern personally led this expedition.

Before the grand army had even arrived, they already sent out this demand to the lake.

With the siege looming over their heads, everyone in the lake became quite nervous. The ancestors here held a meeting throughout the entire night.

The Xu, Lin, and Hong Clans were very unhappy with Hong Tianzhu for contributing to this trouble. It could even be said that they were furious. In their eyes, he was inviting a disaster to the lake.

Originally, they wanted to form a marriage pact with Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village. This development would be mutually beneficial since they could bolster their own status and authority. However, there were no longer any marriages, only enmity.

“Rumble!” On this day, this sea region was full of monstrous waves. Two great armies came from both sides of the lake in a pincer maneuver.

On the left was Wyvern and on the right was the Bloodshark Village. This was a premeditated military deployment.

Wyvern’s army consisted of many gigantic serpents soaring above the surface. This was a sea demon lineage that claimed to be descended from true dragons; the blood of true dragons flowed inside them.

Of course, this was only them exaggerating their own worth. A more credible explanation was that their ancestor was a gigantic sea serpent. The dragon blood inside them was very thin. As for what type of dragon it was, this was still up for debate.

Therefore, the disciples from Wyvern were born as sea serpents. After becoming powerful enough, they would finally gain a humanoid form. Having a humanoid form at birth meant that their bloodline was extremely noble. [1. Just a clarification on the name Wyvern. The raw word means “a dragon with horns not yet grown”, thus a lower-level dragon. I consider wyvern to be closely related to dragons, but at a lower level, so I chose Wyvern. The issue here is that the author is talking about the traditional Chinese dragon, which is more of a serpent, to describe these creatures. If I knew this beforehand, I probably wouldn’t have chosen Wyvern. Maybe Hydra or Drake (not the rapper) would have been a better fit, or Hornless Dragon Country to play it really safe.]

Of course, the masters of this country were willing to maintain their true forms because it had a greater battle prowess. This, however, was very unfavorable for passing down their bloodline.

At this time, a very long sea serpent resembling a gigantic dragon swam closer with a ferocious momentum. It looked like 100,000 dragons were dancing in the sky.

At the same time, bloodsharks were cutting through the towering waves. Each of them was quite large, so surging tides were generated with each sweep of their tails.

They had long and sharp white teeth. When they opened their jaws, these teeth looked just like swords; their cold glints instilled fear into the spectators.

Old men were standing on some of them. These were all elders with soaring blood energies that made it seem as if they wanted to tear the world apart.

“Dongting Lake, we give you one day to hand over Li Qiye and surrender or face the consequences!” Shangguan Feiyan finally showed herself in this great army with her divine halos.

She fled the Jian Clan after suffering a complete defeat and was able to stay alive. This time, she came back with help.

She didn’t only want revenge but also to take this opportunity to turn Dongting Lake into her own. She came prepared this time and had great confidence in herself. Even if Li Qiye and the lake were stronger than expected, they would still die!

The encirclement around the lake left the crowd with varying emotions. Some were happy, some were shocked, and some had ulterior motives. Of course, there were some spectators that were watching purely for entertainment.

Someone murmured while watching Dongting Lake under siege: “Shangguan Feiyan wants to wash away the humiliation from the Jian Clan. Li Qiye was really vicious then.”

“He is indeed very ruthless, he even dared to kill the concubine of the Profound Monarch. It looks like he doesn’t give a damn about anything.” A sea demon sect master said: “But he might have difficulty escaping unscathed this time, even with Dongting Lake’s protection. I heard Shangguan Feiyan didn’t only come prepared, she also brought a weapon of a sea god. More importantly, I heard some rumors that she has been able to convince the Bloodshark Sovereign to come and personally destroy the lake.”

“The Bloodshark Sovereign!” Both humans and sea demons were shivering after hearing this name.

“Wow, a legendary sea god. When he comes out, who will be able to contend against him?” A newly debuted cultivator was full of awe.

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