Chapter 1267: Bidding Farewell

Chapter 1267: Bidding Farewell

Li Qiye didn’t mind the rejection from the old man, evident by his smile.

The old man eventually continued: “Like I said, Crow, I don’t have any more pursuits, and this is the case for that item too. If you want it, then I shall perform the opening.”

“I understand.” Li Qiye mused it through and said: “After all is said and done, old man, you want me to owe you a favor.”

“Yes, you will owe me a favor.” The old man happily replied: “Crow, if you lose, then consider the item as a gift. But if you win... then regardless of what happens in the future, in the new world and era, just don’t forget that you owe me a favor.”

He leisurely went on: “It doesn’t matter to me how much longer I have to live, I just hope that you can remember this favor and take care of my descendants. What do you think, Crow?”

“Old man, in the end you just want me to babysit your descendants.” Li Qiye laughed it up and replied: “Everyone says that those who manage to grow old are all wily. You are quite calculating nowadays.”

“Old people are sentimental as well.” The old man only smiled: “Even though I don’t have that many children, their very being is a treasure. If I actually die one day, perhaps they will become other people’s prey.”

“Dragons, huh.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “If that day actually comes, dragon blood will indeed be very tempting. After all, who doesn’t want a piece of such a nice meal?”

The old man cheerfully replied: “I do want the little monkeys to turn into true dragons one day, but even if that day comes, it will be a calamity as well. The gods and emperors will all want them.”

After a long time, Li Qiye gave a carefree smile and declared: “Why not?! If I can win the final war, then nothing else will matter. I’ll just be a babysitter then; old man, you have my promise.”

The old man only gave a plain smile. This was within his expectations, so he wasn’t overly surprised or lost in jubilation.

The conversation stopped for a while before the old man spoke again: “About Little Jian... I’m sorry, even as her master, I was powerless to help her.”

There was a doleful look on Li Qiye’s face. He eventually sighed and said: “Old man, you were a good master and did all you could for both the brat and the girl.”

“There are a few uncrossable ridges in life. Not everyone can always be strong.” He helplessly lamented: “She was nearly flawless. It is a shame that she couldn’t escape the shadow of her past.”

The atmosphere became solemn. There were a few things that couldn’t be changed by even the most heaven-defying of people.

The old man eased up and smiled: “Well, I don't think she had any regrets even in her last moments. In fact, you might be the only one who feels remorse.”

“It was her choice back then.” Li Qiye faintly smiled: “She wanted to die due to her pursuit of normality. She was a good girl and has done many things for me.”

“Just dismiss the past from your mind.” The old man added: “You have always been the most important person in the girl’s heart, and she believed that she lived a fulfilling life. Despite not being able to overcome her shadow, you brought light to her world. Amidst the hues of carnage and shades of despair, you gave them life. When they were at their most vulnerable, you gave them the courage to live on.”

“Thus, consign the past to oblivion.” The old man nonchalantly declared: “The brat once said, the light you have given them is brighter than the darkness of the past.”

“But the light cannot shine to every corner of the world.” Li Qiye had a profound expression as he stared at the sky. It was as if he was peering through everything. After a while, he flatly replied: “There is no savior in this world. Everyone needs to rely on themselves.”

The old man laughed in response: “A savior? Those types of people should go to hell! Everyone wants a savior, but such beliefs will turn this savior into a devil! They would only breed inactivity and stagnation. People should be their own saviors; if they can’t save or change their own lives, how can a ‘savior’ do anything?”

“Makes sense.” Li Qiye bemoaned: “I saved the lives of those two, but could not save them from their fate.”

“Damn it!” In the end, the old man playfully cursed: “Crow, our combined age is older than just about anyone, why are we bewailing like two old women? To hell with this melancholic conversation!”

“Well, old people tend to blabber on and on.” Li Qiye grinned.

The two ended up quietly looking at the sky as if it was the most beautiful scene in the world.

This moment of solace was undisturbable. It was a time true overlords like them could find peace.

After a long time, the old man spoke again: “Crow, I will not see you off. Return from whence you came.”

Li Qiye quipped: “Fine, it would be too scary if you climbed out of the nest. I know the way.”

Just like that, Li Qiye stood up and looked at the old man to say: “Geezer, this is farewell. Perhaps this will be our last meeting.”

“Take care, damned crow.” The old man responded with a smile.

Li Qiye nodded and turned around without saying anything else.

“Crow!” He didn’t get far before the old man cried out. Li Qiye paused his steps.

The old man sat up straight and put on a solemn expression to say: “There are some legends that you have probably heard about. Once you cross that line and reach a certain threshold, destruction is imminent.”

“It’s not a legend.” Li Qiye became quite austere as well: “It is the truth and I’ll face it even when I have to cross that juncture.”

The old man slowly asked: “Are you prepared?”

“I shall be fearless and fight to the very end when that day comes. As long as I don’t fall, nothing will happen!” His voice resounded in the clouds.

The old man softly sighed and murmured: “The inevitable will come after all. I’m afraid no one will be able to escape.”

“I believe you can.” Li Qiye joked: “Old man, be ready for when it does come. I know you have the power to do so.”

He left after saying this.

The old man sat there in silence. After a very long time, he muttered to himself: “Either the start of a new age or the withering of all...”

He ended with a woeful sigh and disappeared. The garden became extremely quiet. This was an eerie silence. If it wasn’t for the odd flowers and other vegetation here and there, people would mistake this place for a dead zone.


Li Qiye finally returned to the Jian Mansion and was immediately greeted by Jian Longwei and Jian Xiaotie. They bowed before him and said: “Your Excellency.”

“No need for formalities.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “Act as before. I won’t be staying here for too long, I will be leaving after finishing some matters.”

After hearing this, the two couldn’t do anything except bow their heads again. They hoped that Li Qiye could stay and teach them a thing or two. In their eyes, if they could be taught by the legendary teacher of Immortal Emperors, they would gain lifelong benefits from it.

Jian Xiaotie busily told Li Qiye: “Your Excellency, a few things have happened at Dongting Lake, so Master Hong wishes to see you.”

Li Qiye ordered: “Tell him to come and see me. Dongting Lake has ties with me, so I shall help them.”

A bit later, Hong Tianzhu came running in. He quickly bowed his head after seeing Li Qiye: “Young Noble, things aren’t looking too good. Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village demand an answer from us or else they’ll send in their troops.”

Li Qiye had killed Shangguan Feilong and the Bloodshark Scion. This enraged these two powers, prompting them to demand that the lake hand Li Qiye over. Otherwise, they would crush the lake.

“Send in their troops?” Li Qiye smiled: “Let them come so that their blood can dye the blue ocean red. This shall be a baptism for the sea demons to understand the strength of the human race.”

Hong Tianzhu was shocked after hearing this. He couldn’t help but recall the events at the Peacock Land and how terrifying it must have been when a billion fish were sacrificed!

“Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village are nothing.” Jian Xiaotie was stirred. He said: “Give the order, Your Excellency. Our disciples shall trample both of them with haste.”

Hong Tianzhu was stunned after hearing this. Even the Jian Clan was working for Li Qiye? This was simply inconceivable to him.

He calmed down and shuddered before hesitantly speaking: “I heard the Bloodshark Sovereign is a sea god…”

“Just a false god.” Jian Longwei replied nonchalantly: “Does he really think he is a sea god after being recognized by the Trident? If he dares to show himself, I’ll behead him in front of Dongting Lake.”

Jian Longwei declared this in a matter-of-fact manner. This was enough to show the strength of their clan!

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