Chapter 1262: The Person In The Coffin

Chapter 1262: The Person In The Coffin

The entire scene was eerily quiet after Meiyu’s particles dispersed. The crowd could hear each other breathing.

There was no other sound because people had yet to return from their shock.

Feiyan, on the other hand, noticed that the situation was quite dire after her chest was penetrated. She immediately ran for dear life without pausing at all. At this moment, she didn’t give a damn about maintaining the appearance of a God-Monarch.

Eventually, people calmed down and noticed the messy garden. They stared in a daze at this astonishing event.

They all knew about Meiyu’s cultivation, and her seductive gaze was even more terrifying. As for Shangguan Feiyan, despite being an Intermediate Monarch, she was still not a match for Li Qiye and was suppressed after a single exchange.

One could say that she was being careless and didn’t use her weapons. Nevertheless, she was strong enough that her bare hands could still slay ordinary paragons. Thus, it was surprising that she suffered against Li Qiye and was forced to flee.

Zhang Baitu and Hong Yujiao were slack-jawed and couldn’t react in a long time. They knew that Li Qiye was very strong, but not to this level. He crushed Meiyu like an ant!

Earlier, they were worried that he might be manipulated by her seductive gaze. It looked like their anxiety was needless since Li Qiye was only pretending earlier.

“Whoosh!” When everyone was still stunned, the void opened and an old man walked out. It was the person Li Qiye banished right before finishing off Meiyu. He was able to escape from deep space without suffering any damage in a leisurely manner — this was indicative of his great power.

Despite his gray hair, his complexion was still good for he was in high spirits and had a youthful vigor. Despite restraining his terrifying aura, just his eyes alone could shatter stars and create a grand dao. His gaze alone was enough to instill cold chills into others.

An old paragon recognized him and murmured: “The Jian Grandfather...”

He was the current master of the Jian Clan, the reason for this celebration — Jian Longwei.

“Friend, you have crossed the line.” Jian Longwei couldn’t help but shake his head: “This is stirring the hornet's nest, a great catastrophe. I’m afraid no one in the human race can protect you when it has escalated to this level.”

Jian Longwei had no hostility against Li Qiye. In fact, he even liked the guy for being so gifted. Unfortunately, he had killed Meiyu and gravely wounded Feiyan. This was offending two great powers in the Heaven Spirit World. Even Jian Longwei would have a difficult time protecting him after this major event.

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “Only the Roaring Conch, it can’t be considered a catastrophe.”

Jian Longwei didn’t know how to respond after seeing Li Qiye’s relaxed demeanor. He assumed that this was a case of a calf not being afraid of a tiger and said: “The Roaring Conch can command a hundred tribes, to oppose them is to seek death—”

“Longwei, leave.” Before he could finish, a feeble voice sounded in his mind. This voice was not loud and only Jian Longwei could hear it.

However, he seemed to have been struck by lightning after hearing this voice. He even thought that he had misheard and found it completely unbelievable. This matter actually alerted their progenitor!

Li Qiye casually pointed forward and a portal appeared, then he disappeared inside it right away.

Many couldn’t react in time after the portal went away, so they just stood there looking silly.

“So strong.” Eventually, a person murmured after their mind returned: “No wonder why he dared to help the Peacock Tree refine a billion Teeming Fish. This is a mass murderer, a death god. No, we have to call him the Fiercest!”

“Fiercest.” Someone carefully thought over this title and found that it was very fitting. Gongsun Meiyu was the Profound Monarch’s favorite concubine, but Li Qiye killed her without a care. Just how decisive and ruthless was he? Such a person was indeed worthy of being called “Fiercest.”

Jian Longwei regained his composure as well and told Jian Xiaotie: “Xiaotie, take care of the guests.”


In the depths of the Jian Clan was a forbidden ground. A pond was sealed in this place, but it was more apt to call it a coffin made out of water.

This coffin was in the center and emitted a flashing amber hue. Each ray of light seemed tangible.

This liquid amber coffin was so strong that even the seal couldn’t contain it completely. People could still feel the faint immortal fragrance of a dragon’s saliva. After catching a whiff, they would feel their bloodline become several times stronger as if they were about to turn into a true dragon. They would feel that dragons were surging through the blood in their veins.

An old man dressed in a simple style was sleeping inside this coffin. Despite his humble robes, he had the image of a stately emperor. It was as if he had once soared above the nine heavens, rising above the world; he was a natural born leader.

“Buzz.” A portal appeared and Li Qiye came out of it. He went in front of the water coffin to look at the old man before slowly sitting down and giving a gentle sigh after a while.

“Splash!” The sound of water splashing came about. The old man submerged in this coffin floated above its surface and opened his eyes, revealing his devastating power.

He wanted to sit up, but Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and said: “Jian Wen, there’s no need for formalities. If you climb out, it will be problematic to reseal you, so just lie there.”

He rested his head down and emotionally looked at Li Qiye: “Your Excellency, it really is you. You have regained your real body.”

Li Qiye sat there in a carefree manner and nodded: “It is thanks to Lil’ Blackie. He paid a great price.”

The old man in the coffin gently sighed in response: “Your Excellency, everything Blackie had was thanks to you. You gave him life, gave him invincibility. What he did was simply to repay you.”

Li Qiye sat there and watched his friend who had grown old. He had seen this kind of thing too many times already.

“Time is merciless. Even the old man’s dragon saliva cannot seal you much longer.” Li Qiye lamented: “You are now old, no longer as mighty as before.”

The old man smiled in response: “I’m quite satisfied after living for so long. It is all due to the blessings of Your Excellency and Master.”

Li Qiye agreed: “That old man indeed treated you as his own. It looks like I was right to leave you and your sister to him.”

The old man chuckled. Even a powerful existence like him still smiled like a child before Li Qiye; it was as if he had returned to the past.

Back then, they were vagabonds without a home. Their days were filled with anxiety and fear, running from one place to another until they met a certain crow. That was the day that they found peace and understood what the word “happiness” meant.

“Your Excellency, have you visited Big Sis?” The old man showed a pure smile like a little boy.

Li Qiye was quiet for a while before nodding his head: “Yes. I didn’t want to return after all these years, but I still had to bid her a final farewell.”

The old man pondered as well before replying: “Big Sis had no regrets. She only lamented the fact that she couldn't surpass her final dao test in her heart in order to accompany you to the very end. She wanted to apologize to you for being an obstacle to your eternal path.”

Li Qiye gently sighed: “Just let the past go, I don’t blame her either. I have forgotten about such distant matters. If I took everything to heart, I would never be at peace.”

The old man happily added: “I have always thought that Your Excellency would never return and that I wouldn’t be able to see you again. I’m quite content now to see you one last time.”

Li Qiye nodded but stayed quiet.

Eventually, the old man softly asked: “Your Excellency, are you here to say goodbye?”

“You can say that.” Li Qiye affirmed: “It might be for good this time. Seeing you one last time will fulfill one of my wishes.”

He asked with a very strange and complicated expression: “Are you going up there now? It is a world where gods and emperors coexist...”

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