Chapter 1261: Crushing Your Head

Chapter 1261: Crushing Your Head

“Buzz!” Gongsun Meiyu’s divine mirror became dazzling and illuminated the entire garden. The whole scene turned as white as snow; the spectators had a hard time keeping their eyes open.

An eye emerged from her mirror. This extremely beautiful and spirited eye turned seductive in an instant. Its extraordinary splendor would cause people to instantly lose their way.

“Watch out!” Zhang Baitu and Hong Yujiao both shouted in horror. They had suffered under her technique before and knew just how terrifying it was.

However, Jian Xiaotie quickly dragged them away from the fight.

“Young Noble, do you really want to hit me?” Meiyu’s voice was seductive to the bones. It caused others to feel weak and caused their souls to leave their bodies. Her beautiful eyes emitted strange yet enchanting glows like the limpid autumn water.

Li Qiye stopped and stared obsessively at her. In a short period of time, her eyes became even more charming. It sent waves right into Li Qiye’s eyes in order to captivate him completely.

“You are so beautiful.” The confused Li Qiye murmured to himself while standing there motionlessly.

“So frightening.” Many people gasped before this scene. She could control the enemy without the need to fight at all.

Meiyu sneered after seeing Li Qiye falling under her control and voiced her disdain: “And here I thought that you were actually strong. You can’t even handle a single blow, such a dao heart is not worth mentioning.”

Feiyan coldly glared at him. Li Qiye was a dead man in her eyes, she could do whatever she wanted to him.

“Sister Shangguan, you can torture him however you want now.” Meiyu revealed her faint, enchanting smile again.

However, this charming smile seemed very scary to the spectators. The Seductive Gaze in her divine reflection was too much. Once her opponent lost their mind, she could manipulate them to her whim.

“Come over here.” She gently beckoned him over.

Li Qiye seemed incredibly sluggish while being completely under her control. After hearing her order, he slowly walked towards her.

Both Baitu and Yujiao were pale from fear as they cried out: “Young Noble!” However, Jian Xiaotie prevented them from trying to help him.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye stood before her. She looked at her puppet and felt quite pleased with herself before smiling to say: “Even if you could dispel the charm, your body itself won’t be able to resist the seduction. This is the most primal power, you can’t withstand it at all.”

She was completely confident in her seductive gaze. As long as one was fixated, it wouldn’t matter how powerful they were, they wouldn’t be able to control their mind. Their heart would start wavering until they fell completely under her control.

She contemptuously ordered: “Okay, kneel and bow your head to apologize to Miss Shangguan until you crush your skull completely.”

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a hand grabbed her by the hair. This sudden development was completely unexpected. She couldn’t react in time because she was standing too close to him.

“Bam!” This hand that gripped her hair slammed her head into a stone pillar until blood spattered.

“Bang!” Another crash could be heard. Her head was swung into the pillar again. Her face was mangled completely beyond recognition. Her initially supreme features were smashed to a pulp and now looked quite scary.

Li Qiye was the culprit. He easily slammed her into the pillar mercilessly.

“Stop!” Meiyu screamed as her blood energy erupted in order to escape his clutches. However, he shifted his grip to her neck. Under his Hell Suppressing Fist, she couldn’t move at all.

“Bang!” Her head slammed into a different pillar until it collapsed along with her skull. Blood and brain matter gushed out in the midst of this horrifying carnage.

“Die!” Feiyan shouted and swiftly took action. She intertwined her ten fingers to form a phoenix mudra. A phoenix roar echoed in the sky; it came killing with the aura of a God-Monarch. Its sweeping momentum could shatter the cosmos and sweep through both gods and devils alike.

A God-Monarch’s attack was incomparable. It could reverse the stars and flip the world over. She aimed to suppress Li Qiye with this one move in order to regain control of the situation.

However, Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at her phoenix mudra. He casually unleashed the Sky Destroyer Fist, a fist capable of shattering myriad dao and the vault of the sky with a sharp and overwhelming might.

“Screech—” The phoenix cried miserably as it was split into two in an instant.

After defeating the mudra, Li Qiye’s fist didn’t stop and kept flying towards Feiyan at an extreme speed.

It was too fast and sharp; Feiyan was aghast. Her halos came together to form a shield to block this attack.

However, the shield couldn’t stop this sharp strike. With a bang, the fist pierced through her chest. She was blown outside while her body shattered several pavilions in her path.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t pause. He slammed Meiyu into a different pillar. Pieces of her flesh continued to fly as her head was completely mashed.

Such a bloody scene scared everyone out of their minds. Some couldn’t even bear to watch. Meiyu used to be an irresistible temptress, but now her head had been deformed beyond recognition. The contrast was too great.

“Bam!” At this time, Meiyu’s body suddenly exploded into a blood mist. Li Qiye was forced several steps back from the explosion.

“Little animal, you have angered me!” An endless radiance blossomed from the bloody mist. Meiyu once again appeared before everyone.

Her aura turned even more brilliant and her charm was amplified. Each inch of her skin became even whiter and more perfect. She intentionally revealed herself to the crowd. The spectators felt their blood boiling after seeing her cleavage. Her sweet fragrance assaulted and mesmerized them as well.

This was the ultimate form of her seductive gaze. With her true fate at work, she was able to exert her seductive gaze to its limit. Her divine reflection projected itself on the sky and turned into a gigantic mirror. It poured down an incomparable light that was concentrated on Li Qiye.

At this moment, many cultivators in the garden felt their manhoods rise; they were immediately seduced by her sweet scent.

“Little animal, die!” Meiyu’s eyes were sparkling. Her temptation manifested into a physical form like a heavenly worm spitting out its strings to wrap around Li Qiye.

“Insignificant trick.” Li Qye didn’t even lift a brow. With a buzz, his inner physique emerged. Universal laws began to suppress the heavens. When the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique came out, Li Qiye seemed to turn into an oppressive god.

“Bang!” He mercilessly stomped down on Meiyu.

“Activate!” Meiyu responded with a cry. The mirror in the sky shifted and illuminated Li Qiye even more.

“Boom!” It didn’t matter how strong her mirror was since it was useless before Li Qiye’s physique. She was instantly trampled beneath his foot.

Li Qiye coldly uttered: “You shouldn’t have schemed against my people.”

“You…” Meiyu screamed and wiggled back and forth in order to escape. Alas, she couldn’t move at all due to the weight of the Immortal Physique.

“Little friend, show mercy.” An old man suddenly appeared in the garden. He reached out towards Li Qiye in order to save Meiyu.

Li Qiye spread out his palm and a black hole emerged and instantly engulfed this man. Under the Heaven Devourer Evil Fist, even this old man could do nothing but accept his banishment.

“Ancestor!” Jian Xiaotie was shocked to see the banishment.

Li Qiye insipidly said: “No one can save you.” The Hell Suppressing Physique activated and came crashing down, obliterating Meiyu.

“No!” She screamed before her death. Her true fate was shattered and turned into bright particles that slowly dispersed. There was not the slightest trace of her left in the aftermath.

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