Chapter 1260: Divine Reflection Seductive Gaze

Chapter 1260: Divine Reflection Seductive Gaze

Many people were astounded after hearing this reckless kid. Everyone knew about the enmity between Li Qiye and Gongsun Meiyu since he killed her maid. And recently, he killed Feiyan’s little brother as well.

Someone next to him gently gave him a nudge. However, this kid was too honest and continued on without realizing the situation: “Why are you pushing me? I’m just telling the truth. Rumor has it that back at the Jade Sea, Li Qiye refined billions of Teeming Fish, something that no one in history has ever dared to do before. The treants in that region are saying that he is as ferocious as a butcher. Everyone is afraid of him there.”

The people standing next to him felt helpless and wanted to make some distance between him and them. They looked away as if to say that they didn’t know this crazy fella.

Feiyan, who was sitting there coldly, scowled after hearing this, but she didn’t act up.

Nevertheless, many still noticed her displeasure and immediately spoke: “I have heard about the blood sacrifice as well, but that’s only a rumor. The real mastermind was the Peacock Tree, Li Qiye was only an errand boy carrying out instructions.”

“But it was still refining an entire army of Teeming Fish.” The young boy was unrelenting: “He still dared to stand before so many of them, this speaks volume of his great courage. If it was me, I would have pissed my pants already.”

“Courage at times is only blind ignorance and arrogance.” Feiyan coldly stated: “Cultivators rely on power, ignorance will only lead to death.”

“Shut up, no more from you.” The senior of the reckless boy noticed Feiyan becoming angry and quickly slapped him.

The youth felt wronged after being scolded by his senior, but he couldn’t do anything besides silently smolder with indignation.

“Haha, he’s only a human, nothing much. The Heaven Spirit World belongs to us sea demons and charming spirits. A human alone can’t create any winds or waves.” This senior laughed in order to smooth things out.

Gongsun Meiyu snickered and said: “He’s just a junior, that’s all. There is nothing to talk about. He has been presumptuous for too long and has now provoked me, so it is time for him to die!”

“Of course, of course.” Someone immediately echoed the sentiment: “A human is nothing in our Heaven Spirit World! So what if he is a tree controller? He can’t amount to much. If these humans dare to oppose us sea demons, we’ll just wipe them out completely. A bunch of ants daring to be so impudent before us dragons—”

“Bam!” A slap came before this sea demon could finish speaking. It sent him flying and made him vomit blood alongside some of his teeth.

“I want to see who would dare to destroy my human race.” A leisured voice came about. At this time, Li Qiye stepped into the garden and swept through the crowd with his belittling gaze.

“Li Qiye.” Many charming spirits and sea demons immediately stood up to look at him.

After seeing him, Feiyan’s eyes emitted a terrifying murderous intent. Meiyu turned cold as well as she stared intensely at him.

Li Qiye gave them dismissive glances and nonchalantly said: “Hand over Zhang Baitu and Hong Yujiao.”

Feiyan’s God-Monarch halos began to pulsate. She no longer hid her power as her aura ran rampant like a soaring dragon. These halos seemed to have the trajectory of stars as they shut out this area completely. The whole world turned cold before her bloodthirst.

At this time, she was showing off her strongest state, so those with shallow cultivations felt their legs trembling and had to stumble several steps back.

Even though they all knew she was a God-Monarch, it was still frightening when she emitted her God-Monarch’s might!

The sea demon that was slapped by Li Qiye immediately shouted after seeing Feiyan channeling her energy: “Goddess Shangguan, kill him. Crush this human ant into meat paste, show him no mercy for opposing our race.”

His expression became twisted after being slapped flying by Li Qiye in front of everyone, causing him to lose all face.

“Boom!” Li Qiye kicked him down again, creating a deep pit with blood dyeing the paved slate.

Li Qiye demanded: “Let them go, this is your last chance.”

Feiyan’s bloodthirst surged even more, causing everyone to shiver. Her murderous intent came sweeping by, seemingly flaying the flesh off of everyone standing nearby.

Feiyan mercilessly exclaimed: “I can let them go if you kneel and kowtow to profess your crime, then commit suicide. I will use your skull as an offering to my brother in heaven and let those two go. Otherwise, not only will you suffer a fate worse than death, those around you will suffer the same way!”

“It seems that you still don’t know life from death.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Come and accept your death!” The entire world was flipped upside down when Feiyan stepped forward. Her aura suppressed the entire garden so others couldn’t even move half a step. Some even felt the impulse to kneel.

Her aura rendered people out of breath before she even attacked. This made people exchange glances while feeling chills. Her fame as a God-Monarch was not baseless at all.

“When a God-Monarch is around, Virtuous Paragons are nothing.” Even an ordinary paragon from the previous generation had to murmur after feeling the pressure.

“Sister Shangguan, there’s no need to kill him so fast. Torture him first, let him taste the agony of betrayal and watch his friends die.” Gongsun Meiyu suddenly interjected right as Feiyan was about to attack.

With a buzz, a bright mirror emerged behind her head. Profound runes appeared right on the mirror; everything became as bright as scintillating snow, nothing could hide before its light.

“Celestial reflection…” A few people who knew about her looked at each other then quietly retreated to make some distance.

Celestial reflection was something that only charming spirits could do. People also called it divine reflection. It was extremely heaven-defying since it could solve the mysteries of the dao and understand the void as well as examine the changes of nature and sense the heaven and earth! She had cultivated this mirror-form constitution to a very high level, resulting in a technique that frightened the courage out of others.

At this time, two people walked out from a pavilion. It was Zhang Baitu and Hong Yujiao who were captured earlier. They looked sluggish as if they were puppets as they stood behind Gongsun Meiyu.

“Here are the ones you’re looking for. Unfortunately, they are my slaves now.” Meiyu’s smile was bewitching. The bright mirror behind her was even more influential as it robbed others of their will.

She viciously chuckled and continued: “Since you have killed my maid, your friends will be my new slaves. I will torture them until they choose the sweet release of death.”

Many charming spirits shuddered after seeing the two in a trance. A big shot murmured: “The Seductive Gaze of the divine reflection...”

The Seductive Gaze was Gongsun Meiyu’s terrifying art. She was born with a natural aptitude to be an enchantress and cultivated her mirror into this type of gaze. She was able to bewitch and control people to freely use as her puppets.

Li Qiye grimaced after seeing the two standing behind her and coldly uttered: “You’re courting death.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Meiyu smiled in response: “If you fall into my hands, I will show you a fate worse than death.”

With that, she smiled ominously and ordered: “You two, go kill him.”

Zhang Baitu and Hong Yujiao immediately rushed out after hearing her command. They ferociously lunged for Li Qiye. Even though they weren’t particularly strong, especially Zhang Baitu who was quite weak, they used everything they had in order to kill Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye simply lowered both of his hands and immobilized the two on the spot. In the blink of an eye, his eyes shot out two rays of laws that struck their foreheads.

With the sound of something unlocking, the two of them seemed to be struck by lightning and took several steps back.

“Young Noble.” Both of them woke up right away with a clear pair of eyes. Li Qiye was able to dispel their confusion without a doubt.

Li Qiye then started walking towards Gongsun Meiyu.

“Oh? You are unexpectedly capable.” Meiyu was actually startled from this, but she maintained a confident appearance and revealed a seductive smile.

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