Chapter 1259: Gathering Of Heroes

Chapter 1259: Gathering Of Heroes

So it turned out that after Li Qiye killed Shangguan Feilong, his sister became furious and wanted to kill Li Qiye as an offering for her brother.

After she came running, Li Qiye could no longer be found, so she directed her anger towards the disciples from the lake instead. Luckily, Jian Xiaotie was there to stop her.

Nevertheless, she didn’t concede and took away Baitu and Yujiao while declaring that Li Qiye had to come and accept his death. Otherwise, she would kill these two instead.

After hearing this, Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold as he flatly said: “When it is time for blood to flow, there is no stopping it. If those girls wish to die, I’ll gladly help them.”

With that, he turned and left.

Though those words were casually spoken, the cold flash in his eyes left Jian Xiaotie quivering. He felt that he was looking at a death god that was about to kill.

A garden in the Jian Clan was being used to entertain the respected guests. At this time, there were many people here, including some of the most exceptional talents of the younger generation. There were a few experts from the previous generations as well. Some of them were even Virtuous Paragons.

Shangguan Feiyan and Gongsun Meiyu definitely stood out in this place; they were moons surrounded by stars.

Shangguan Feiyan was only second to the Seashield Prince among the geniuses at the Roaring Conch. Gongsun Meiyu was extremely famous as well, and her fame only rose after marrying the Profound Monarch.

At this feast, the elegant and enchanting Meiyu had an irresistible style. Each of her smiles and grimaces was able to sway souls. Nevertheless, no one dared to have any devious thoughts. It was suicidal to compete for the Profound Monarch's woman.

As for Feiyan, she stood here in an arrogant and chilling manner. Naturally, her mood was quite foul after her brother was killed.

This was an occasion meant for the youths. They happily came together to talk about all kinds of events in the world.

“My Queen, I heard the monarch has come out of his isolated cultivation. When will we be graced with his presence?” Someone couldn’t help but bring up the monarch.

Many youths and even characters from the previous generation became excited after hearing this name. They all directed their attention towards Meiyu.

The Profound Monarch's fame was not empty. His title was slightly approved of by the older God-Monarchs as well.

It would be a mistake if someone were to think that he was old. In fact, he was not that much older than Gongsun Meiyu. His talents and constitution could easily be imagined due to his early accomplishments.

He came from the Profound Sea Dynasty, one of the four branches of Immortal Emperor Gu Chun.

This was the first emperor in this world, and his four branches were formed during the Desolate Era. From this, one could see how old and strong these branches were among the charming spirits.

They had produced three Immortal Emperors and one grand completion Immortal Physique. This allowed them to have an unshakable status in Heaven Spirit.

The monarch had been extremely gifted since his youth. After becoming a monarch, he came into control of the Profound Dynasty.

After hearing the question, the charming-to-the-bones Meiyu chuckled. This slight smile made others tremble uncontrollably.

She answered: “The monarch has returned to the origin. He is opening up his territory to create a kingdom in order to receive the tributes of his people.”

Everyone here quivered after hearing this. The youths were full of envy and admiration. To become a True Monarch at such a young age was incredibly awe-inspiring.

There were five levels to God-Monarchs. In the mind of the older generation, only those at the True Monarch level and above were considered God-Monarchs.

For example, Feiyan was an Intermediate Monarch. However, in the eyes of the strong, she was not much at all; she was still a bit lacking before she deserved the title of God-Monarch.

Furthermore, there was a great gap between an Intermediate Monarch and a True Monarch. After reaching the true level, this monarch would have their own citizens and be able to receive tributes from them that would strengthen their blood energy.

Thus, these monarchs had an innate advantage that Intermediate Monarchs couldn’t make up for. Right now, the Profound Monarch had opened up his kingdom to receive power from this new source.

“What a pity.” An older paragon gently sighed: “If the monarch chose the path of the heavens, he could probably have become an Immortal Emperor to become a ruler alongside the Seashield Prince.”

Many people gently nodded in agreement. Only Meiyu smiled and proudly declared: “Even if the monarch can't become an Immortal Emperor, he will definitely become something quite close to one.”

No one would refute this claim because they believed the Profound Monarch was worthy of this high evaluation.

“That’s right, the charming spirits have the Profound Monarch and the sea demons have the Seashield Prince. Who else can compare to them in the contemporary?” A cultivator wanted to please Meiyu with flattery.

An old paragon nodded and praised: “Yes. The Seashield Prince has pretty much received the recognition of the Trident. After doing so, he will be able to reach the peak and become a sea god. From then on, he won't need to fear even an Immortal Emperor any longer.”

Many people grew excited when they heard this, especially the sea demons. Their blood began to surge after the Trident was brought up. This was an inevitable reaction for those of their race.

It was the ultimate artifact of their race and completely invincible in this world. It was even better than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure, so it became the sea demons’ pride. In their eyes, even if they couldn’t shoulder the Heaven’s Will, they could still fight an Immortal Emperor as long as the wielder could handle the Trident.

A demon sect master commented emotionally: “Ever since the Lithodidae Sea God, the Trident has not appeared. Its appearance this time will herald a new supreme.” [1. Okay, Lithodidae is just King Crab. I mused through it and looked for another name, but Lithodidae seems close enough. King Crab Sea God is just too strange even though I usually refrain from using modern taxonomy for names.]

The Lithodidae Sea God was the previous sea god of their race. In the past, the trident had actually recognized the Bloodshark Sovereign. However, for some unknown reason, it abandoned him and chose the Lithodidae Sea God instead.

“In this era, we have two candidates who qualify — the Seven Seas Martial Goddess and the Seashield Prince.” A sea demon here immediately commented without thinking.

His friend immediately elbowed him and told him to be more careful with his words. This sea demon finally noticed that Feiyan was here and smiled awkwardly.

The Roaring Conch was one of the strongest sea demon lineages in this region. They had produced two sea gods in the past. However, there was another behemoth around — the Seven Martial Pavilion. It was even stronger since it had given rise to three sea gods before!

The Seashield Prince was considered the strongest prodigy among the sea demons, but the Seven Seas Goddess was just as excellent. There was even a rumor stating that she had learned all seven grand styles from the pavilion!

Meiyu only smiled after hearing this: “The prince is a supreme genius, I’m sure he will become the next sea god.”

Feiyan also coldly responded: “My senior brother can compete with any other genius in this generation. The trident shall be his alone no matter who the other competitors might be.”

Feiyan’s cold expression slightly melted after talking about her brother.

People were taken aback after hearing her evaluation. After all, she was still a monarch, yet she held him in such high regard. This was indicative of his strength.

In fact, some had heard that Feiyan gave up on the path of the heavens because she knew she was not as strong as her brother. Because of this, she trod the path of the grand era instead.

The normally aloof girl couldn’t help but comment more on her senior brother: “He will not only become a sea god but also a user of a grand completion Immortal Physique. Others will only be wasting time trying to compete against him for the Trident.”

Her demeanor unavoidably became one of yearning and adoration.

Another sea demon flattered: “The prince’s Void Physique has been famous for a long time now. Even if the Seven Seas Goddess knows all seven styles of the pavilion, she still might not be able to contend against him.”

Despite the glorified praise, many people exchanged glances filled with respect. This was because the Seashield Prince was rumored to have a half-completion Immortal Physique. Feiyan’s statement today only made these rumors even more credible.

“We have many talents in the Heaven Spirit World right now. Even though no one has come out among the treants, just our Profound Monarch and Seashield Prince are enough to not be afraid of any other genius in the nine worlds when they become connected again.” A young cultivator laughed after stating this.

“That’s right. This will be the era of our charming spirits and sea demons. As for the human race… they aren’t worth mentioning.” Another echoed the sentiment.

“I heard that a human named Li Qiye has come out recently. He is quite strong as well.” A reckless boy couldn’t help but comment.

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