Chapter 1255: Miss Lin

Chapter 1255: Miss Lin

Jian Xiaotie prepared the rooms for Li Qiye’s group. After taking care of everything, he finally bid goodbye.

The guy was very enthusiastic and thoughtful. This was not only because of Li Qiye’s valuable gift, but also because everyone was human, so he was even more attentive towards Li Qiye’s group.

Hong Tianzhu and the other disciples rode on Li Qiye’s coattails and enjoyed this superb treatment. This was a reception that was normally meant for imperial and sea god lineages.

If Hong Tianzhu’s group came alone, they wouldn’t have been subjected to this great hospitality.

Among the disciples, some were happy while others worried. The majority were mostly excited by just being able to enter the Jian Mansion. It would be even better if they could meet the clan’s disciples. After all, everyone was part of the human race, so there was an easy connection there. In this regard, the current generation of Dongting Lake was still relatively unstained from ambition and the lust for power, unlike the previous.

Hong Tianzhu, Hong Yujiao, and Miss Lin all had a sleepless night. The girls were worried about their marriages. Hong Yujiao simply didn’t want to marry Feilong at all. This was doubly true for Miss Lin. She didn’t know the Bloodshark Scion at all. Moreover, his reputation was quite bad. After the marriage, she would just become an incubator, used for her holy bloodline.

However, these two could only despair at their fate, unable to change it. At this time, they couldn’t help but think about Li Qiye!

He was only a stranger whom they knew nothing about except that he came from Peacock Land. Nevertheless, he still gave them a favorable impression, especially when he supported them in preventing their marriages, further fueling their hope. They inadvertently prayed that this stranger could change their fate.

Needless to say about Hong Tianzhu, his night was even longer. He didn’t only think about his daughter’s marriage, but also the fate of his disciples. More importantly, the future of the lake itself!

Even though he was the master of the lake, his own power was limited. The ancestors from the clans did as they pleased, so he couldn't coordinate the lake as a whole. It was simply impossible to make the lake stronger under such circumstances.

On top of it all, he was worried about his own future. These ancestors didn’t mind cooperating with outside races and even betrothing their most excellent bloodline to them. This was simply inviting wolves into their home!

The most at peace among them must have been Zhang Baitu. He was very content at this moment and didn’t desire much more. He simply wanted to continue to persevere on the path towards the dao. Because of this, he had the best sleep out of the group.

They woke up early the next day. Hong Tianzhu went to see the other guests here at the mansion and left the juniors behind.

Hong Yujiao’s group didn’t know anyone here, so they went to find Li Qiye to see what he had in mind. However, he was nowhere to be found when they arrived at his little courtyard.

Hong Yujiao asked: “Brother Zhang, where is Young Noble Li?”

Zhang Baitu shook his head in response: “I don’t know either. He left very early in the morning and didn’t tell me where he was off to.”

The group was disappointed at his absence. The disciples looked at each other a bit before Hong Yujiao made a decision: “We’ll go out for a walk. It’ll be good to get acquainted with the Jian disciples.”

The rest nodded in agreement. This was still a good opportunity for them to get closer to the Jian disciples. It was a good thing for the lake as well.

“Brother Zhang, come with us.” Hong Yujiao didn’t leave him out despite him not being close to the rest of the disciples.

They left the small courtyard in order to take a walk around the Jian Mansion.

However, they didn’t get far before meeting Shangguan Feilong and the Bloodshark Scion.

Feilong asked: “Little Sister, are you all going for a walk too?”

The scion’s eyes lit up like a hungry wolf after seeing Miss Lin. He smiled and said: “Brother Shuangguan and I are familiar with the Jian Clan, we should go together.”

Hong Yujiao didn’t want to go together with them, but she couldn’t refuse so directly.

Luckily, Jian Xiaotie came at the right time and the atmosphere settled down.

“Everyone is up so early, where is Brother Li?” Jian Xiaotie wanted to bring Li Qiye’s group to more places around the Jian Clan.

He had a strange affection for Li Qiye. Moreover, Li Qiye represented Peacock Land which meant that he would also stand for the human race in the future, so Jian Xiaotie was happy to befriend him.

“We don’t know.” Hong Yujiao’s group shook their heads as she replied: “Young Noble Li has left much earlier. We don’t know where he went.”

Jian Xiaotie said with a little disappointment: “Oh. The venerable ancestor came out today from his cultivation, so I wanted to introduce Brother Li to him.”

“My big sis and Queen Gongsun have gone to meet His Venerableness as well.” Feilong immediately added. He spoke with an elated expression. After all, few could see the Jian Grandfather, but his big sis was eligible to visit him.

Jian Xiaotie looked at Hong Yujiao’s group and suggested with a smile: “If everyone wants to take a walk, I’ll show you the way while we wait for Brother Li to come back before making other plans.”

Hong Yujiao was quite relieved to hear this. They were worried since they weren’t familiar with the mansion.

Jian Xiaotie personally led the way and acted as a good host. Feilong and the scion also shamelessly followed them with the intention of getting closer to Hong Yujiao and Miss Lin.

It wasn’t only the two girls that disliked the duo, the other disciples from the lake felt the same way. However, they weren’t the host so they couldn’t do anything but let these two follow them.

Despite being the successor of the clan, Jian Xiaotie didn’t put on airs. He led the way while telling many interesting anecdotes from the clan, resulting in a lot of laughter.

At the same time, Feilong and the scion used this opportunity to get closer to the two girls. However, Hong Yujiao was polite yet distant towards Feilong while Miss Lin was trying to stay as far away as possible to the scion.

This annoyed the scion to no end. A sharp glint even flashed in his eyes. In his snobby mind, marrying him was Miss Lin’s blessing, but she was clearly hiding from him. He intended to teach her a lesson later on so that she would come to learn her own status!

Outside of certain forbidden locations, Xiaotie took the group to many different places. He was especially attentive towards the disciples from the lake.

They eventually passed by an ancient-styled courtyard. It had high walls so no one could see what was inside.

“Young Noble Jian, what is this place?” Zhang Baitu became curious at this fortress-like courtyard with its high walls.

Jian Xiaotie stopped and explained: “This is an old building in our clan that is normally closed and locked. I can’t enter either.”

He knew very little about this old courtyard, only that it dated back to the era of their progenitor. As for its purpose, he and the other disciples simply did not know.

Normally, this courtyard wouldn’t be open to outsiders. He, as the successor, had only entered a few times. Alas, he failed to see through the mysteries inside and assumed that it was only a regular building.

“Young Noble Jian, the door is open.” A lake disciple walking ahead cried out and curiously looked inside.

Jian Xiaotie was surprised to hear this and quickened his pace. Sure enough, the normally shut wooden door was actually open.

“Who opened it?” Jian Xiaotie was caught off guard and immediately went inside.

The disciples from the lake were curious and followed him.

This courtyard was not large. There was a lot of green bamboo here with their shadows swaying around. When the wind blew by, the leaves would flutter. This was a very elegant place, great for contemplation.

In the center of the courtyard was a stone table with chairs surrounding it, and on the table was a chess board. A statue was situated on one side while a person sat opposite to it. [1. It is Chinese chess, xiangqi.]

“Brother Li, why are you here?” Jian Xiaotie was surprised to see the person seated in the chair.

It was Li Qiye; he sat there quietly as if he didn’t hear the question. The rest of the group saw him and didn’t think that he would be here after leaving so early in the morning.

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