Chapter 1254: Quarrels

Chapter 1254: Quarrels

Feiyan’s expression turned sour while the others hated Li Qiye even more. Meanwhile, Jian Xiaotie smiled wryly. Provoking Meiyu alone was problematic enough, but now he had offended Feiyan as well.

As for Hong Tianzhu’s group, they could only be described as speechless. Meiyu was backed by the Profound Dynasty while Feiyan came from the Roaring Conch. Both of these entities were untouchable.

But now, Li Qiye was antagonizing both of them. This was simply too crazy; it was as if he didn’t care about his enemies.

“Quite bold.” Feiyan’s pretty eyes turned cold. The halos around her body became even brighter as she stared at him: “I heard you are a tree controller. I want to see just how much you have learned from the Peacock Tree to allow you to act so bold and provoke me!”

“Only a God-Monarch, no big deal.” Li Qiye lazily answered: “I don’t want to stain the Jian Clan with blood today. Be smart and scram or I’ll chop you to pieces!”

These words were too direct and domineering. Jian Xiaotie felt his scalp tingling. This was adding oil to the fire!

“How confident, let me see it then!” Before Meiyu could erupt in anger, her eyes glared at him. In an instant, a murderous energy surged forth. Her halos suppressed the entire area, leaving others breathless.

“Ladies, ladies.” Jian Xiaotie quickly got between the two sides and blocked them from each other.

He cupped his fists to both Li Qiye and the two girls while smiling: “Brother Li, Miss Gongsun and Miss Shangguan, how about everyone just calm down today? Take one step back and everything will be better. Today is a joyous occasion, so please, spare us some face. Just smile and drop it.”

As an outsider, he didn't want to bother with their feud. However, this was before the Grandfather’s celebration and bloodshed was a very unlucky omen.

“Sister Shangguan, spare his dog life for now. Let him hold onto his head for a while longer. Wait until after the birthday celebration, it won’t be too late then.” Meiyu could endure this anger despite wanting revenge for her maid.

After all, fighting and killing at the birthday celebrations of the Jian Grandfather would be too disrespectful to the Jian Clan. Even though she was the monarch’s favorite, she still had a sense of propriety.

“You got lucky.” In the end, Feiyan still showed some consideration towards Jian Xiaotie. She peered back at Li Qiye and said: “If it wasn’t for Young Noble Jian pleading for you, this date next year would have been your funeral.”

“More like all of you are quite lucky. I do not wish to kill today, otherwise…” Li Qiye smiled gently, but his eyes flashed with a cold glint.

“Brother Li, this way please!” Jian Xiaotie was afraid that these three would quarrel and fight again, so he quickly led the way for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t make it difficult for Jian Xiaotie. He just came back to the Jian Clan and didn’t want to kill. Otherwise, these girls wouldn’t have the chance to act like this in front of him. His usual disposition would have made him kill anyone who revealed a murderous intent against him!

The people from the lake heaved a sigh of relief. The confrontation between Li Qiye and the two women left them out of breath. A real fight would have been a very serious event.

“Master Hong, I heard you have some reservations about the marriage between our clans?” As Hong Tianzhu chased after Li Qiye, Feiyan called for him with a distant tone before he could make it very far.

Hong Tianzhu didn’t want any of this, but he still had to stop and cup his fists: “Miss Shangguan, it is not that I have a negative opinion of this marriage, it is just that this pertains to the most important event in the lives of the two children. We need careful deliberation before making a choice.”

“The elders from your lake have already agreed, my little brother is very happy as well, and my country is willing. Master Hong, what else is there to talk about?” Feiyan became quite imposing.

With that, she stared at Hong Yujiao and stated: “Is it because your daughter is unwilling? Does she think that my Wyvern Country is not a match for your Hong Clan?!”

“Well, I’m sure she doesn’t think that…” Hong Tianzhu coughed awkwardly. He didn’t want this marriage either since it was inviting wolves into their home! However, the ancestors had all agreed, so it was difficult for him to refuse.

“Little Sister Hong, do you not want such a wonderful thing?” Gongsun Meiyu chimed in at this time: “Young Noble Shangguan is a dragon among men. Wyvern is also a great power in the Dragon Demon Sea, and the two of you are quite a match. Your Hong bloodline can be considered a match for him, it will pass down excellent offspring for Wyvern…”

Hong Yujiao was already quite annoyed with Feiyan’s aggressive tone, but she became even angrier because of Gongsun Meiyu’s interjection. The woman made it sound like this marriage was her trying to climb up the social ladder…

In fact, after seeing Feiyan’s presumptuous attitude, Hong Yujiao hated the idea of this marriage even more.

Her temper was not that mild, so she coldly responded to Feiyan: “Miss Shangguan, I will be in charge of my marriage.”

Feiyan continued to glare as she replied: “One’s marriage should be arranged by their elders. If the ancestors from the Hong Clan have decided, you just need to follow their arrangements…”

Li Qiye turned back and interrupted Feiyan: “If she doesn’t want this engagement, then scram already. Don’t use that shitty attitude to try and bully them! My Hong Clan is not something your Wyvern Country can reach up to!”

Her previously subsided anger immediately rose again. Feilong, on the other hand, couldn’t help but step forward and shouted as well: “Li, you are not part of the Hong Clan, so this has nothing to do with you. The business of the Hong is not for you to interfere with!”

Feiyan coldly glared at him and said: “Ignorant junior, I didn’t want to spill blood in this place, but you deserve a slapping with that comment.”

Li Qiye leisurely smiled in response: “You are right. I didn’t want to kill or spill blood here, but a slapping isn’t a bad idea!”

“Brother Li, Brother Li…” Jian Xiaotie quickly stopped him and nearly grabbed him in order to stop him from rushing forward to teach Feiyan a lesson.

“Brother Li, please give this little brother some face? Out of consideration for me, just calm down today and don't worry about any enmity. Everyone can deal with these grudges in several days, right?”

Jian Xiaotie’s bitter expression showed that he was on the verge of begging.

Li Qiye glanced at him before flatly speaking: “Tell them to stay the hell out of my sight. After today, there will be no more mercy!”

With that, he turned and left.

Jian Xiaotie was relieved. In fact, he didn’t know that Li Qiye was being quite considerate of him already. If it was any other time, he would have immediately began killing without a care after being provoked this much.

This was his first day of returning after a very long time. He didn’t wish to spill blood in the Jian Clan right away.

Hong Tianzhu sighed as well and quickly followed Li Qiye with his disciples.

“Master Hong.” Feiyan stated coldly after seeing that Tianzhu wanted to leave: “You should reconsider. Don’t let an outsider interfere with such an important matter. It won’t be good for Dongting Lake.”

This remark was not only aggressive but also threatening. Hong Tianzhu naturally understood the implications and stiffened after hearing the words. Nevertheless, he didn’t respond and followed Li Qiye.

He felt very helpless in this matter. He had personally returned to the lake a couple of days ago in order to convince the ancestors, but was unsuccessful.

Even though he didn’t want to depend on others for this marriage, he felt an urge to trust Li Qiye this time. If no one could stop Feiyan, then this marriage would be a foregone conclusion.

Hong Yujiao didn’t want to marry Feilong, but Tianzhu himself didn’t have the ability to change his daughter’s fate. Thus, he decided to gamble and latch onto this saving grace — Li Qiye.

Yujiao was quiet the entire way. She was in a daze and didn’t know what to do. She was certain that she didn’t want to marry Feilong. However, if the ancestors wouldn’t change their minds, then there was nothing else she could do.

“Brother Li, there’s no need to confront them so directly. Sometimes, the circuitous path is the right one.” As a human, Jian Xiaotie kindly reminded Li Qiye: “In the Dragon Demon Sea, humans are at a disadvantage. This is the world of sea demons; if you take the Roaring Conch head-on, I’m afraid you will lose sooner or later.”

Li Qiye only smiled and answered nonchalantly: “Xiaotie, I simply didn’t want to kill today over this kind of shit, but after tomorrow, I will kill anyone who continues to be blind, even if it is inside the Jian Mansion.”

Jian Xiaotie was without words after hearing this. He warned Li Qiye with good intentions, but Li Qiye simply didn’t take it to heart.

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