Chapter 1252: Birthday Celebration

Chapter 1252: Birthday Celebration

Shangguan Feilong also stopped the Bloodshark Scion from fighting and quickly added: “Scion, there’s no need to bother with a scoundrel like this. It will only ruin the mood of the Grandfather’s birthday, that wouldn’t be good.”

The scion glanced at the Jian Mansion not too far away and grunted to call it a day. Everyone had to be reserved at the Jian Mansion.

“Don’t worry, his head is already claimed.” Feilong grinned and told Li Qiye: “We won’t bother with you for now, but don’t be happy for long. Queen Gongsun has already claimed your head. She has released a message about taking your head to sacrifice to her maid!”

Hong Yujiao and the rest of the disciples from the lake were aghast. Even Hong Tianzhu was a little stirred. He naturally knew who Queen Gongsun was; as the concubine of the Profound God-Monarch, her backing was the monstrous Profound Dynasty.

“Who the hell is she?” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye and simply didn’t take it to heart.

The rest of his group had no comments. The guy was too domineering. Among the younger generation, who would dare to make such a remark about Gongsun Meiyu?

“Haha, ignorant fool. No one will be able to save you once the queen is here.” Feilong smiled deviously.

In fact, it was him who told Meiyu about Li Qiye’s presence at Dragonwell. If Meiyu wasn’t preoccupied with meeting the big characters from the Jian Clan, she would have already tried to take his head as revenge for her maid, Gongsun Qianer.

“Gentlemen, we are here.” Hong Tianzhu noticed the sparks in the air and quickly interrupted them when they made it to the entrance.

The Jian disciples were welcoming guests. These disciples were very knowledgeable and quickly greeted the group: “Master Hong, Bloodshark Scion, welcome to our humble abode…”

Hong Tianzhu returned the gesture. Even the Bloodshark Scion didn’t dare to act presumptuously before the Jian Clan. He politely conversed with these disciples. As for Feilong, he had been here already to deliver his gift, so he was very familiar with these disciples.

While the others were talking with the Jian disciples, Miss Lin came next to Li Qiye and whispered: “Thank you for earlier.”

Li Qiye took a look at this gentle girl and noticed her slightly embarrassed demeanor. He sighed in his mind.

In the past, these clans were completely united under one legion. Their battalions formed by their disciples once threatened the world with many great expeditions. Part of their prestige came from their integrity and open-mindedness which attracted many human experts to join them.

However, many years have passed and their descendants suffer from internal conflicts. They were now fish on the chopping block in the eyes of many!

While Li Qiye was recalling the past, the young lady reminded him: “Let’s go inside.”

The rest of the group that were talking to the Jian disciples earlier had already entered. The remaining disciples from the lake followed them inside as well.

Li Qiye and Miss Lin walked up the steps. While standing beneath the entrance, Li Qiye looked up to look at the plaque. It was a very simple wooden board with the word “Jian” written on it. It contained an extraordinary divinity.

That happy and outgoing smile with a hint of craftiness always accompanied her laughter. This laughter was too difficult to forget, always ringing in his ears when he looked at the plaque.

“Your Excellency, the ruler of the universe and adjudicator of the Heaven’s Will, how about leaving behind a word to protect my Jian Clan’s descendants?” The wily girl blinked with a pair of wise eyes that seemed like they could speak. She smiled and continued: “I won’t ask for you to protect them, only that if one day, our descendants blindly maneuver against you, you will think about this character “Jian” and spare their lives.”

The past seemed like it was just yesterday. Her unforgettable voice and posture still lingered in his heart. He gently sighed while looking at the word on the plaque and thought to himself: “Little girl, why did you have to try so hard back then? All of that just to scheme for little Hong Tian. If I wanted to obtain my body from the Immortal Demon Grotto, I would have done so long ago.”

During his melancholic reminiscence, Hong Tianzhu had presented his gift. It was not a stunning present, but it also didn’t throw away the lake’s reputation. It was right around the middle of the pack.

The Bloodshark Scion also presented a treasure box with a blood pearl inside. He was very proud of his present and stated: “My ancestors can’t personally come to wish Senior Jian a happy birthday, so they allowed me to bring this Bloodshark Divine Pearl as a gift instead. Please excuse us for the little gift that doesn’t show our full sincerity.”

Despite saying this, he had a complacent demeanor. After all, this was an exceedingly rare divine pearl. It was not easy to come up with such a treasure.

The guests were marveling at this priceless gift.

“One Bloodshark Divine Pearl.” However, the old man receiving the presents had a relatively flat reaction and only recorded it on the list.

The Jian Clan was a wondrous existence with a deep foundation. The old man receiving presents had seen pretty much every kind of treasure. This was only one divine pearl, so of course his reaction was dull.

The gloating scion felt a bit lost after seeing the lack of reaction. He felt a bit of remorse as well because this pearl was still considered very precious for their village. But now, this old man from the Jian Clan was treating it like an ordinary piece of candy. This made him feel quite uncomfortable.

A disciple noticed that Li Qiye was standing by the door in a daze and quickly asked: “This is… Who might you be, Sir?”

“Heh, his name is Li Qiye from Peacock Land. Who knows if he was actually invited to the Jian Grandfather’s birthday or not?” The Bloodshark Scion was annoyed, so he used this opportunity to intentionally lower Li Qiye’s standing.

“So you are Young Noble Li from Peacock Land, I have heard of your great fame.” The Jian disciple was not a frog at the bottom of a well, so he immediately cupped his fists to greet Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the scion who was trying to debase him and casually handed over the invitation given to him by Jian Xiaotie.

“Young Noble Li, please come inside.” The disciple quickly led him to the main hall.

The scion who wanted to mock Li Qiye had to stop after seeing the invitation and could only snort instead.

After being taken to the reception area, Li Qiye didn’t say much and only handed a wooden box to the old man.

This box was very ordinary looking, as if it was a random and inconspicuous container for a regular birthday present.

“Oh? This is your present?” The Bloodshark Scion sneered and commented with disdain: “I heard your Peacock Land has no disciples other than a hoodlum like you, so I guess it is understandable for such a weak lineage. Don’t tell me you plucked a few leaves from the Peacock Tree and brought them here as a present for the Grandfather?”

“Brother Bloodshark, you shouldn’t be so demanding. After the calamity, Peacock Land has been stricken with poverty. One must remember that sincerity is more important than gifts. Just a few leaves are more than enough.” Shangguan Feilong smiled and added fuel to the fire.

These two had grievances towards Li Qiye, so they held nothing back in their remarks.

Li Qiye ignored the two and told the old man in a flat tone: “A ginseng root, decent for longevity replenishment.”

The old man’s face changed as he immediately opened the wooden box. A rich and incomparable ginseng fragrance dispersed. As people smelled this scent, their blood energies suddenly erupted. The older cultivators felt like they were dozens of years younger.

A ginseng root was placed in this ordinary box. The entire section was as red as blood with a flowing purple glow, making it resemble a piece of jade. It seemed that this particular root had its own life.

The old man couldn’t help but exclaim in shock: “A Violet Blood Ginseng King! The root of an ancestor ginseng!” Despite his great experience, he was still shaken all the same. This was not something comparable to several million years old medicines. This was an immortal medicine!

Even just a small section had an unbelievable worth. For many cultivators, this little piece alone could prolong their life for a long time. Numerous older masters dreamed of such an item!

“An ancestor ginseng!” Some of the guests were astounded and quickly circled around to take a look.

“This is my first time seeing an immortal item like this.” A great power’s ancestor was shocked and had saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth.

“Immortal medicine, amazing. This is something that can only be obtained with great fortune, how many people have actually seen an immortal medicine in their lifetime?” Astonishment was the common reaction for these guests.

“This is an item exclusive to Godkings.” No one dared to have any ill thoughts about it since only Godkings could use an item of this level.

Hong Tianzhu and the other disciples from the lake were aghast at this inconceivable gift.

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