Chapter 1251: Bloodshark Scion

Chapter 1251: Bloodshark Scion

Hong Yujiao felt gloomy after hearing her father.

Hong Tianzhu continued his explanation while feeling frustrated: “As for the ancestors from the Xu Clan, it is pretty easy to guess why they are in favor of this marriage. Among the younger generations, your bloodline is the most exceptional with the highest chance for atavism! If you stay at the lake, you will have a better chance than anyone else to inherit my mantle and become the next master of the lake…”

“... As you can imagine, if our Hong Clan were to stay in power, the other clans will not be happy. This is why they were able to reach an agreement about the marriage proposal so quickly!” He sighed after finishing his explanation.

She voiced her displeasure: “Our ancestors are too outrageous. I am not an object!”

Tianzhu continued with a hint of helplessness: “Despite being together, our clans have always sought power. It has been many years since we were last united. Young Noble Li was right about why others look down on us. Our clans are not doing a good job of operating the lake; everyone is only after their own interests and small gains.”

“Perhaps this is the time for us to change. Otherwise, we will die from infighting before an enemy has the chance to destroy us.” His eyes became determined after stating this.

She worriedly responded: “Father, I’m afraid the ancestors will not agree to reuniting our clans and obeying our past teachings. Even our own ancestors won’t allow you to do so.”

“I know.” Tianzhu gently sighed: “But what else can we do? Do we keep on watching the internal struggle until our demise?”

He lowered his tone here: “As for the marriage, I will personally discuss it with them. Their actions were too unreasonable this time…”

Having said that, he contemplated quietly for a while.


A few days passed in the blink of an eye. Zhang Baitu had finally comprehended his own dao and was overjoyed by his success. Not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine that such a day would come.

He left his closed cultivation since the birthday celebration was swiftly approaching. Together with Li Qiye, he went to the Jian Clan along with Hong Tianzhu, Hong Yujiao, and some disciples from the lake.

At this time, Dragonwell City was quite lively. People crowded together along the streets. This was especially true for the Jian Mansion. Carriages were everywhere with people coming and going.

Guests from all over the seas came to wish happy birthday to the Jian Grandfather. Even imperial lineages created by sea gods and Immortal Emperors were no exceptions.

Before arriving at the mansion, Li Qiye’s group met Feilong along the way. It seemed that he intended to walk together with them.

“Uncle, Sister.” Feilong cupped his fists and greeted them while only giving a cold humph towards Li Qiye.

He didn’t wish to provoke Li Qiye this time. It wasn’t that he was afraid of Li Qiye even though Li Qiye was the disciple of the Peacock Tree. After all, his big sis was the genius of the Roaring Conch, so his backing was quite amazing as well.

This time, he was accompanied by another young man. This young man had a stout stature with a sharp pair of eyes. There seemed to be an ethereal bloody mist hovering around him.

Feilong introduced him: “Uncle, this is the Bloodshark Scion, you probably recognize him.”

Hong Yujiao and the rest of the lake’s disciples trembled a bit. The Bloodshark Village was very famous in the Heaven Spirit World. Moreover, it was right next to the Wyvern Country.

Most importantly, it was more powerful than Wyvern. Wyvern was relatively milder in their conduct while this village was notorious for its cruelty. They often attacked smaller factions.

Furthermore, one of its ancestors was the Bloodshark Sovereign, a very terrifying existence. Rumor has it that in his youth, he was once recognized by the Trident. However, for some unknown reason, the Trident abandoned him so he ultimately couldn’t become a sea god.

Nevertheless, his status at the Dragon Demon Sea was still untouchable. Other great powers had no desire to provoke him.

“Sect Master Hong, nice to meet you. In the future, we will be in-laws. Your lake’s problems will be my Bloodshark Village’s problems.” This scion was even more arrogant than Feilong as he cupped his fists and smiled.

“In-laws? Why do you say that?” Hong Tianzhu furrowed his brows. It seemed like many interesting events were happening all at once.

Feilong was the one who answered: “Uncle, you haven’t heard yet, but the Lin Clan has betrothed their golden daughter to him.”

Hong Tianzhu’s expression sank after hearing this. He was left in the dark despite being the sect master. It looked like the Lin Clan didn’t want to let the other clans know about it.

He also understood that they did this in order to oppose the Hong Clan. If, say, his daughter was to actually marry Shangguan Feilong, then it wouldn’t only be a marriage with Wyvern, they would also gain the favor of the Roaring Conch.

This marriage was a source of worry for the other clans at Dongting Lake. Because of this, the Lin Clan, a sect relatively close to the lake, was the first to have a marriage alliance with the Bloodshark Village.

He secretly lamented after realizing this. Many clans didn’t even hesitate to cooperate with outsiders for power.

At this time, the scion’s eyes fell upon a female disciple. Even though she couldn’t be described as kingdom-toppling, she still grew up to be quite beautiful with a graceful bearing like an orchid in a valley.

His eyes lit up right away as he stared in an overbearing and rude manner.

“You must be Sister Lin. We shall be a great couple after getting married.” The scion laughed and said: “You have a holy bloodline while I have a sea god’s bloodline. Our marriage will be a perfect matrimony.”

This scion was proving to be even more arrogant and overbearing than Shangguan Feilong.

For this trip, Hong Tianzhu brought along the most excellent disciples among the younger generation. He wanted them to get to know the youths from the Jian Clan.

This miss with the surname Lin was a brilliant disciple. At this time, the scion’s stare caused her discomfort. She couldn’t help but hide behind Hong Yujiao.

The scion’s words were quite imposing. He spoke as if she was already his incubator, angering the other disciples. Alas, they didn’t dare to speak up.

The scion ignored the glares from these disciples and remained haughty as he dismissively said: “This marriage is very beneficial to your Dongting Lake. This is the lake’s honor.”

Hong Tianzhu snorted at this comment, but he remained calm.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye who was watching indifferently on the sideline couldn’t help but shake his head. These foolish ancestors from the clans back at Dongting Lake were incurable. They didn’t mind working together with outsiders to grab power. This was the same as inviting wolves to their own home!

Such a hungry wolf was standing before them, evidenced by his invasive gaze at the young lady from the Lin Clan. The Bloodshark Scion smiled and said: “After the celebration, you should come with me to the Bloodshark Village. I’ll take you to see our customs.”

The young girl was still hiding behind Hong Yujiao while feeling disgusted by the scion’s eyes that resembled those of a hungry wolf. She felt both angry and helpless because her own ancestors had betrothed her to the village!

At this time, Li Qiye began again with an insipid tone: “Bloodshark Village? Only a lowly race that enjoys feasting on rotten corpses. It took you forever to be able to come out of the water, yet you are here acting all pompous? Your lowly race is not qualified to marry one of my people! Scram to the side!”

Despite his initial stance of not caring for Dongting Lake, he couldn’t bear to watch any longer. He had decided to personally rectify the problems those foolish ancestors had caused Dongting Lake!

His comment came to Miss Lin’s rescue. Many disciples felt quite pleased to hear it because they couldn’t speak out against the order of their ancestors.

The Bloodshark Scion became heated right away. He turned around and coldly exclaimed: “You are that brat, the disciple of the Peacock Tree? It isn’t here right now, so don’t think you cannot be offended! Anyone can kill you right now!”

A chilling glint flashed across his eyes after issuing the threat.

Li Qiye suddenly smiled back. This was a smile that made Hong Tianzhu’s heart skip a beat. He suddenly felt an ominous foreboding because he had heard of the blood ceremony that Li Qiye and the treefather carried out.

“Let us go to the Jian Mansion.” He quickly interjected in order to remind both the scion and Li Qiye.

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