Chapter 1250: Marriage Proposal

Chapter 1250: Marriage Proposal

Li Qiye watched over Hong Tianzhu for a bit before speaking: “Very well, if you are truly sincere, then it will be for the best. I will give your lake one last chance; if you can’t seize it, then you are on your own in the future.”

Hong Tianzhu became excited and quickly bowed: “Thank you, Young Noble.”

Even though he knew neither what Li Qiye was capable of or about the souls of the ancestors, his intuition was telling him that this was a once-in-a-million-years opportunity for their lake. If they were to miss it, then they would truly be on the verge of a real decline.

Hong Yujiao was also confused at this moment. They didn’t know who this man was, but she felt an unfathomable aura from him. When he sat there, it seemed as if he was the master of all. Both she and her father felt their statuses lowered while he would remain the same for all eternity.

Li Qiye asked Hong Tianzhu: “Did you come to Dragonwell to celebrate the Jian Clan’s birthday?”

Hong Tianzhu quickly answered: “Young Noble, you are correct. Our lake was invited for the 8,000th birthday, so we came to give the Jian Grandfather our blessings.”

“Very well, we’ll go together then. Having an audience with the Grandfather will be good.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “As for whether you can build a friendship with the Jian Clan in the future or not, that will depend on your own fortune.”

“Meet the Grandfather?” Hong Tianzhu was both excited and nervous. Even though their lake did have some ties with the Jian Clan, it was a very shallow relationship.

To a large extent, the only reason they were invited to this celebration was most likely because they were also humans.

Their lake was not qualified to see the Grandfather alone. This was something left to behemoths like the Seven Martial Pavilion and Roaring Conch.

How could he not be shocked by this development? It was truly a good opportunity for Dongting Lake.

“Your Highness, please stop, our master is in a meeting.” The voice of a disciple from the lake came from outside.

But before this disciple could finish, the person had already barged inside. The intruder was the Wyvern Crown Prince, Shangguan Feilong.

The disciple outside couldn’t exactly stop him, so they were at an impasse.

Hong Tianzhu and Hong Yujiao were surprised to see this sudden intrusion and slightly frowned.

After coming inside, Shangguan Feilong felt annoyed when he saw Li Qiye and snorted. However, he didn’t push it further and decided to ignore Li Qiye. He cupped his fist towards the other two and said: “Uncle, Sister, please excuse my rude interruption, I was simply too anxious.”

The deed was done, so despite feeling unhappy, Hong Tianzhu managed to ask: “Nephew, is there an important event?”

Shangguan Feilong was visually happy. He bowed and carefully spoke: “My big sis wants to invite you to the Jian Clan to talk about the marriage between Sister and me.”

“What marriage?” Hong Yujiao’s expression shifted.

Hong Tianzhu grimaced as well and said: “Nephew, this joke is going too far. It is too early to talk about marriage.”

“Uncle, it isn’t early.” Shangguan Feilong gloated: “My big sis has sent messages to the ancestors of the lake, and they have agreed. Moreover, our marriage will be administered by the Seashield Prince.”

Both the father and daughter were alarmed upon hearing this sudden development. They couldn’t react in time.

“The ancestors of the lake have high hopes for this marriage and wish for it to happen soon.” The happy youth spoke: “My big sis heard that Uncle was staying at Dragonwell, so she told me to come and invite you to the Jian Clan to discuss things further.”

Hong Tianzhu raised his brows and asked in a serious manner: “When did the ancestors agree to this?”

“Just a while ago.” Shangguan Feilong was all smiles: “Sister and I are a perfect match. This marriage is a match made in heaven—”

Hong Yujiao coldly interrupted him: “I’ll be in charge of my own marriage, the ancestors don’t need to worry about it.”

Hong Yujiao was quite dissatisfied with the ancestors from the lake suddenly deciding her marriage for her.

Hong Tianzhu felt the same way, evident by his grimace. He understood why the ancestors agreed so quickly. To a large extent, it was due to Feilong’s older sister, Shangguan Feiyan.

She was one of the most excellent geniuses of the Roaring Conch. Plus, there had been rumors of her marrying her senior brother, the Seashield Prince, to become the future mistress of that sect.

If the lake could form this marriage pact with the Wyvern Country, they would also be able to suck up to the Roaring Conch. It would be very beneficial to have such a strong backing.

However, he was not happy about this marriage. His daughter had the most excellent bloodline among the lake’s younger generation. He naturally didn’t want their Hong Clan’s best bloodline to go to a foreign race.

Shangguan Feilong quickly responded to Hong Yujiao: “Sister, we are childhood friends. You have the best bloodline while I will inherit the Wyvern Country. Our children will be dragons and phoenixes amongst men, they could even inherit the true dragon’s bloodline from my forefathers…”

“Since when did the Wyvern Country have a true dragon’s bloodline?” A very blunt voice interrupted Feilong. Li Qiye coldly commented: “A little snake crawling up from the seabed dares to claim to be a true dragon?!”

Li Qiye didn’t show Feilong any respect: “The Wyvern Country is nothing. How can it be qualified to marry a daughter from the Hong Clan? When the ancestors from the Hong Clan lorded over the world, your forefather was only a little snake at the bottom of the ocean!”

“You!” Feilong’s expression became quite unsightly after the hurtful words. He furiously pointed at Li Qiye and spat: “Li, don’t think you’re all that because you're the Peacock Tree’s disciple. It can only be invincible at Peacock Land and will never be able to leave! Without its protection, you are nothing and can be killed at any time!”

Li Qiye was too lazy to give him another glance. He stood up and told Hong Yujiao: “Your marriage is for you to decide. Those geezers from the lake are hopelessly stupid; in order to gain a backing, they are willing to give up their best bloodline to a foreign race as a cauldron! Truly a bunch of idiots.”

“If you want to marry, then do it. If you don’t, then you don’t have to worry about anyone forcing you! Just let me know and I shall deal with them. These other races are not qualified to marry the excellent bloodline of the Hong Clan!” Having said that, he walked towards the door.

Feilong was enraged by Li Qiye and shouted: “Motherfucker, I dare you to say that again!”

Li Qiye ignored him and left the lobby.

Hong Tianzhu quickly consoled him: “Nephew, a marriage is a happy event, but it is also very important. Wait until I come back and talk to the ancestors to figure things out, then I’ll meet your sister. Of course, I’ll probably see her at the birthday celebration anyway.”

“Uncle, after this feast, my sister will be going back to the Roaring Conch. She wants to arrange the marriage before leaving.” Feilong had to ignore Li Qiye and replied to Hong Tianzhu: “If this can be done, she can also invite the Seashield Prince to preside over our wedding.”

“I understand your eagerness as well as Miss Shangguan’s line of thought.” Hong Tianzhu was conflicted. The ancestors didn’t bother talking to him before deciding his daughter’s marriage.

He continued to appease Feilong: “Don’t worry, I will give your sister a definite answer before she leaves.”

It took a while before Tianzhu managed to calm Feilong down and send him away.

“The ancestors are too unreasonable. How can they make a decision about my marriage like this!” Hong Yujiao expressed her dissatisfaction after Feilong’s departure.

Hong Tianzhu sighed and insipidly said: “Do you still not see it? There is only one reason why the ancestors from our Hong and Xu Clans could reach an agreement in such a short amount of time. Even though we have a lot of power in the lake right now, several of our Hong ancestors are near the end of their lifespans. If they die, then the Xu Clan will have a chance to close the gap. The Roaring Conch is the most powerful lineage right now with a great amount of divine medicine. If I’m not mistaken, the ancestors must have reached an agreement with Shangguan Feiyan; they want to use this marriage to trade for some medicine!”

He sighed helplessly after coming to this conclusion.

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