Chapter 1247: Jian Xiaotie

Chapter 1247: Jian Xiaotie

While watching Li Qiye’s unhurried manner of eating, the youth couldn’t help but praise: “Brother, you really know how to savor the delicious flavors. The boiled tofu here is really just too good, but I finish way too fast; I’m just a cow chewing on the peony.” [1. Idiom meaning a person is unable to appreciate a delicacy or something more exquisite while they're having it. An English equivalent is casting pearls before swine.]

“A peony-chewing cow is also a type of happiness.” Li Qiye chuckled while looking at the youth. [2. He is saying ignorance is bliss here.]

The youth gave a hearty laugh in response: “Brother, you are quite funny. My name is Jian Xiaotie, what is yours?”

Jiao Xiaotie was a famous name across the Dragon Demon Sea. He was the clan’s young successor.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye answered flatly and continued eating.

After hearing the name, Jian Xiaotie was quite surprised and immediately stood up while cupping his fists: “Brother Li, the successor of Peacock Land, your prestigious name has been spread far and wide recently.”

“You mean my notoriety?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile freely.

The youth chuckled and replied: “Notoriety is cool too. The Peacock Treefather’s supreme resolution and your unrelenting ways are admirable.”

Li Qiye kept smiling. To him, it wasn’t a big deal if the world continued to think that the blood ceremony was the treefather’s idea.

“It is quite rare to meet another human outside of our clan in Rainbow City, let alone the successor of Peacock Land.” Jian Xiaotie was very excited: “Brother Li, why not come and visit our clan? Our Grandfather’s birthday celebration is in a few more days. At that time, I will take you to see him. He likes young prodigies the most.”

For the younger generation in Heaven Spirit, meeting Jian Longwei was a great honor since he was a very famous Godking in the present times.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t comment any further. Nevertheless, Jian Xiaotie’s enthusiasm didn’t diminish. He quickly handed an invitation card over and said in a serious manner: “This little brother is sincerely inviting you to our Grandfather’s birthday celebration.”

As the main successor, Jian Xiaotie was responsible for preparing his ancestor’s feast. However, he only personally gave invitations to big shots.

Jian Xiaotie handing one over to Li Qiye himself was enough to show his sincerity.

Li Qiye smiled and accepted the invitation. He finished eating his tofu and paid the bill. He looked at the Jian Clan one last time and softly sighed before leaving.

Jian Xiaotie watched Li Qiye’s departing back and enthusiastically shouted at him: “Brother Li, you must attend!”

After Li Qiye was long gone, the old man in the shop spoke: “That person is not simple at all.”

Having said that, a flash appeared in his eyes. He no longer looked like an ordinary shopkeeper.

Jian Xiaotie smilingly said: “Senior Uncle, he is the successor of Peacock Land, a tree controller. Of course he is not simple; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been chosen by an invincible treefather. Him being in charge of Peacock Land is beneficial to the human race since they will have another sanctuary in Heaven Spirit.”

“No, Xiaotie, that’s not what I meant.” The old man shook his head: “He said something that no outsiders should know: that our Grandfather’s name was not given at birth. No one should know this outside of people from the Giant Dragon Kingdom! However, he is definitely not from there.”

“Did he really say that?” Jian Xiaotie was startled as well.

His eyes became quite profound, indicating he was an incredible master. The old man gently shook his head as he slowly revealed: “Grandfather is renowned across the world and everyone knows his name. However, outsiders definitely can’t know that his name was bestowed to him later on.”

“That’s not possible.” Jian Xiaotie replied: “Our clan absolutely wouldn’t tell this to outsiders. The brothers from the Giant Dragon Kingdom don’t mingle with outsiders either — their ancestors are very strict about this. Our clan and their clan, even the most naughty little dragons wouldn’t let this secret out.”

“That’s why I said this person is not simple. He definitely knows something, he didn’t only come here to eat my boiled tofu.” The old man became quite cautious.

“Maybe the Peacock Treefather told him.” Jian Xiaotie mused: “The treefather was definitely invincible when he was alive so he might know some of our secrets. After all, Li Qiye is still the Peacock Tree Controller.”

“I’m afraid it isn’t that simple.” The old man lightly shook his head again: “Even the treefather might not have known our secrets. After all, he died long ago. I’m not sure such knowledge can be passed down either.”

Jian Xiaotie pondered for a moment before replying: “Uncle, even if he didn’t only come here to eat, it doesn’t mean that he has malicious intentions. Our Jian Clan has always been friendly with rest of the human race.”

The old man spoke: “It is better to be careful. If anything happens during Grandfather’s celebration, then we would be letting Grandfather down as useless juniors.”

“I will be careful.” Jian Xiaotie nodded earnestly.

After leaving the little shop, Li Qiye headed for the Rainbow Pavilion. In fact, the old man and Jian Xiaotie were overthinking things; he really did only go to eat the boiled tofu. He had no intention to do anything to the Jian Clan.

Li Qiye took out the invitation and murmured: “Maybe I should go take a look. It will be our last meeting, there might not be another chance in the future...”

After entering the inn, he found that Zhang Baitu had already taken care of everything.

“You have just learned a dao, so stay here for now and carefully ponder it.” Li Qiye ordered: “After a few more days, I will take you to the Jian Clan. It will be good for you to get to know the disciples there.”

“Young Noble, you want to attend the Jian Grandfather’s birthday?” Zhang Baitu was surprised to hear this. Normally, a nobody like him wouldn’t be qualified to attend a celebration of this level.

“Yes, it will be good to broaden your horizons.” Li Qiye insipidly said: “Your three clans have deep ties with the Jian Clan. However, some unfilial descendants dragged down Dongting Lake, so the Jian Clan wanted nothing to do with you all.”

Li Qiye glanced at Zhang Baitu and continued: “Remember this, as a descendant of the Zhang Clan, cultivation is only one aspect, you need to maintain a certain state of mind as well. Remember, if you want to be accepted by others, cultivation alone won’t be enough. You need to have the same resolution as your ancestors. Otherwise, it would be throwing away their past glory and shaming their reputation.”

“This lowly one will continue to work towards your goals. I won’t let you down.” Zhang Baitu kneeled and answered respectfully.

Li Qiye nodded quietly.

While these two were staying at the inn, Dragonwell became even more lively. Its streets could only be described as being occupied by a sea of people.

This was because Jian Longwei’s 8,000th birthday was coming up. Many great powers from all corners of the world sent their important characters to give him their blessings.

His pivotal status and the respect he garnered from all the races in Heaven Spirit was not only because he was the leader of the Jian Clan, he was also a Godking. Some even say that he was at the incredible Celestial Godking level.

Great lineages such as Gu Chun’s four branches, the Seven Martial Pavilion, and the Swiftdao Holy Ground all sent people as well. A few guests garnered a lot of attention. For example, Shangguan Feiyan from the Roaring Conch and Gongsun Meiyu from the Profound Sea Dynasty. People couldn’t turn their eyes away.

Today, both of these supreme beauties with deep friendships came together. Their appearance at the birthday celebration in Dragonwell created a very pretty scene when they walked together.

The public praised them as magnificent head-turners. Shangguan Feiyan was very famous at the Dragon Demon Sea for being a genius of the Roaring Conch. Needless to say more about Gongsun Meiyu, she was the Profound Monarch’s concubine. Her charm seeped deep into the bones.

The crowd started cheering when they presented their gifts.

“Miss Shangguan represents the Roaring Conch in gifting a Phoenix Conch in honor of the Grandfather.” A disciple responsible for accepting gifts accepted the item and recorded it down.

“Miss Gongsun represents the God-Monarch in gifting a Longevity Seadeer in honor of the Grandfather.” After hearing the announcement from this disciple, many in the audience marveled.

“The Phoenix Conch and Longevity Seadeer are both exceedingly rare treasures.” Some were quite envious of the two gifts.

They felt that only behemoths like the Roaring Conch and Profound Sea Dynasty would be able to afford such gifts.

“Thank you for the generous presents.” Jian Xiaotie personally received the two girls.

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