Chapter 1246: Jian Clan

Chapter 1246: Jian Clan

The Jian Clan had established their lineage in Rainbow City a very long time ago. They had a pivotal position in this place, similar to their position in the Dragon Demon Sea and all of Heaven Spirit.

They were even more significant for the human race. As the only human lineage capable of staying in Rainbow City, the clan had done many favors for the human race.

Even though the disciples from this clan rarely showed themselves outside of the city, they had always been very reasonable. No one has ever looked down on the Jian Clan, whether they be the charming spirit’s four branches or the treant’s Golden Isle as well as the sea demon’s Roaring Conch and Seven Martial Pavilion. Whenever their ancestors visited Dragonwell, they would go visit the Jian Clan as well.

In the Heaven Spirit World, whenever the Jian Clan got involved, the parties would always show them some consideration.

The origin of the Jian Clan remained unknown. Outsiders didn’t know what kind of lineage they were. The only thing known was that they were humans that were closely related to Rainbow City. This was not only a low-key clan but also one shrouded in mysteries.

Many of the great powers, especially the behemoths, had traceable backgrounds. Their ancestors were either sea gods, treefathers, or Immortal Emperors. The weakest among their ancestors would be unstoppable Godkings, and tales of their ancestors would be sung in the contemporary.

This was not the case for the Jian ancestors. The clan was just as mysterious as the Giant Dragon Mountain Range. It seemed that the clan suddenly appeared overnight. What was even stranger was that they established a stronghold in Rainbow City very quickly.

While standing on the street and looking into the Jian Clan that was just inches away, Li Qiye felt an indescribable emotion. For him, the Jian Clan was also a home. Many of his footprints and memories were left in this place. However, he didn’t want to go inside right now.

“The heavens is too unreachable, there is nothing bad about being a trapped ant in this world.” A lass once whispered this to him.

Whenever he stood before these gates, these words would echo in his mind. There was nothing in this world that could hinder his path or make him stop. Alas, this sentence haunted his mind and made him feel quite uncomfortable.

Resting was impossible for him, at least not in this lifetime. For many, starting a family and having children was not difficult, but this was a life unattainable for Li Qiye.

He sighed in disappointment and murmured: “I can’t do that. I will never be an ant that submits to the world. I am the bloodstained hand that will slay to the very end, death is my companion and blood makes up my bed!”

Through the ages, some wished that he would continue on while others hoped that he could rest. Alas, these people eventually left the world. No one could persevere with him on this endless fight.

There was a little shop along the path. It sold snacks and lighter dishes with only a few tables. It wasn’t early in the day anymore, but the old stove in the shop still let off curling steam and smoke.

His heart slightly jolted after seeing the shop. He didn’t enter the Jian Clan and instead quietly sat down at a table.

There was only one gray-haired old man working as both the waiter and the cook. His apron looked dated; it had been exposed to smoke for an incredible amount of time, yet it was still clean.

The old man quickly came and asked after Li Qiye sat down: “Sir, what would you like?”

Li Qiye blurted out without thinking: “One bowl of boiled tofu.” This was an all too familiar answer. He gently sighed again when his mind returned.

“Okay, coming right up.” The old man was very agile and immediately cooked some for him.

“Boiled tofu...” Li Qiye smiled wryly. Back then, he had tasted this dish countless times at this very shop. This was a style that originated from the Mortal Emperor World and was next to impossible to forget.

At that time, there were two little girls who also enjoyed eating here. In the faint steam, these two were always at odds. Who would have thought that one of them would eventually become an invincible empress?

It didn’t take long before the old man presented the bowl before Li Qiye. Its warmth thawed his cold heart. He began eating each piece of slippery and tender tofu as the familiar taste melted in his mouth.

“This boiled tofu is a delicacy in this world. No one will ever get tired of eating it.” Li Qiye had to comment.

The old man revealed a simple smile and responded: “Sir, please don’t laugh, but this dish in my shop is a peerless recipe that originated from the Mortal Emperor World. It has been passed down in my home from one generation to another without fail.”

Li Qiye faintly smiled and continued to take his time eating. Of course, he knew where this craft came from more than anyone else.

While savoring the familiar taste in his mouth in this mist-filled shop, it seemed that he had returned to those early years.

In the hazy mist, he could see the two competitive little girls again. One had eyes full of wisdom while the other had a resolute glare.

He suddenly saw the intelligent girl sitting there, quietly eating tofu with him. She didn’t utter a single word, but all that needed to be said had been told.

Eventually, everything disappeared into the rising steam from the hot bowl of tofu. The two girls destined to become the empress and the wise one dispersed.

Everything was in the past; both the empress and the wise goddess had turned to smoke. He was the only one left after the long years.

A while later, he looked up and noticed the Jian Clan was decorated with lanterns and flowers. He asked the old man with an indifferent tone: “Is there a celebration at the Jian Clan?”

“Sir, haven’t you heard?” The old man answered: “The 8,000th birthday of the Jian Grandfather is coming up, everyone from all over the seas are coming to wish him happy birthday.” [1. This is one of those polite appellations with multiple meanings. It is a respectful way to call an old man the (old) leader of a house. It doesn’t have to be blood-related.]

“Jian Grandfather?” Li Qiye glanced at the house and casually asked: “What is his name?”

This made it a bit difficult for the old man. He chuckled and replied: “Sir, did you make your dao debut recently? You don’t know the name of Grandfather? I am only a junior so I don’t dare to say his name.”

“A name is just that.” Li Qiye flatly replied: “As long as your heart holds respect, there’s no need to adhere to such rigid formalities.”

The old man hesitated for a moment before answering: “Grandfather is called Jian Longwei. His Venerableness has led the Jian Clan for several thousand years and is loved by all.”

“Longwei, I see.” Li Qiye lightly said after hearing the name: “It isn’t easy for a Jian disciple to have such a name. It can’t be given at birth.” [2. Longwei = Dragon Protector. A name matters a lot in China, so cool name = cool character, most of the time.]

The old man looked at Li Qiye in astonishment but refrained from commenting.

Jian Longwei was a name full of clout in Heaven Spirit. He was the current master of the Jian Clan and had been in charge for several thousand years. His status was equal to a supreme Godking.

His 8,000th birthday was almost here. At that time, many big shots from all over the world would come to Dragonwell to give him their blessings.

Of course, there was another meaning to his name. Just like Li Qiye said, it wasn’t a name that could be bestowed upon birth.

While Li Qiye continued to eat his tofu, a youth came out of the Jian Clan and sat down in the shop as well.

This youth was very handsome in his violet robe. One could see his bulging muscles underneath them as they exuded a robust feel. However, his strength was not that of a brute but rather a refined type of power.

The youth spoke with a smile: “Uncle, boiled tofu again. I love this dish of yours.”

“Okay, coming up.” The old man smiled and got busy again.

He then brought a bowl for the youth. The fella wasn’t reserved at all and dug in right away. It only took him three to five bites to finish the entire bowl.

After heaving a satisfying belch, he finally noticed Li Qiye inside the shop.

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