Chapter 1244: Dao Breakthrough

Chapter 1244: Dao Breakthrough

With the passage of time, Zhang Baitu’s body became increasingly luminous while the dragon sounds from the old tree became more sonorous. In the end, it was no longer a vague sound, it truly became the voice of a dragon.

“It really is a dragon’s cry! The valley truly has them!” The voice of the dragon had alarmed many people. More and more came and were jolted by this sound.

Despite the rumors of its existence, few people had heard it before. Many had failed and given up in the past, but now, they were both ecstatic and somewhat afraid after hearing it.

In a short period of time, many cultivators began meditating right outside of this thicket and carefully listened to the profundities encompassed within these draconic sounds. By successfully doing so, perhaps they could understand the great mysteries of the supreme grand dao. From that, it might lead them to the path where the true dragon bones and immortal draconic runes awaited.

However, despite their best efforts, they couldn’t understand it. Even Hong Yujiao was no exception.

As time passed, the light from Zhang Baitu’s body gradually dimmed and the dragon’s voice from the old tree became fainter until it disappeared completely.

Many listeners returned to the present after it disappeared. They received nothing out of it since they couldn’t understand what it was saying or the mysteries within.

They, instead, stared at Zhang Baitu in disbelief, especially those who knew about him beforehand. This was an incredibly cruel joke.

He stood up before the crowd with a delighted expression. Without a doubt, he had quite a harvest. He walked to the front of Li Qiye and immediately prostrated to express his gratitude: “Thank you for guiding me from my past mistakes, this lowly one will never forget your kindness for the rest of my life.”

Li Qiye nodded his head and accepted the grand gesture.

“Congratulations, Senior Brother. With today’s enlightenment, your future potential is limitless.” Hong Yujiao was happy for Zhang Baitu. By finally being able to take this step, he would surely have many amazing accomplishments later on.

“Sister, you are too kind. I only learned a little bit and can’t be shameless enough to accept the praise of having limitless potential.” Zhang Baitu was very modest in his response.

Nevertheless, he was still very excited because, in his eyes, only geniuses would be able to explore the grand dao. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t reach this level, let alone a stupid person like himself.

He couldn’t even train regular merit laws, so he didn’t dare to think about the impossibility that was exploring the grand dao. However, he felt as if his mind had been cleared. With his newfound wisdom, a grand dao was appearing right before him.

People stared at him in disbelief due to his past reputation of being an incurable fool. It was simply inconceivable that such a guy could have become enlightened from listening to the voice of a dragon.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye told Zhang Baitu and turned to walk away.

The brother and sister quickly followed him out of the thicket.

Of course, this valley didn’t only have dragon cries. It also contained other supreme immortal items, but Li Qiye naturally wouldn’t search for them.

After they left, a bunch of cultivators immediately jumped into the thicket and competed for the spot below the old tree.

The first cultivator that got to the tree said: “I was here first, let me try to meditate.”

“Why do you get to go first? Everyone here has paid, so if you want to meditate, the rest of us should be able to as well.” Another immediately voiced his displeasure.

Very quickly, the scene became chaotic. Everyone wanted to sit under this old tree to meditate. They felt that if a fool like Zhang Baitu could hear a dragon’s voice under the tree, then the rest of them would be able to gain much more than him.

The news of Zhang Baitu’s enlightenment spread across the valley. Many people had thought that it was not worth spending money to enter the valley, but they were now tempted and immediately handed their jades over to jump inside. They didn’t want to be one step slower than the others.

When Li Qiye got outside of the valley, he looked at the old man and leisurely smiled: “I heard that there is a treasure trove at Dragonwell, is that true?”

The old man’s expression changed after hearing this. Li Qiye laughed in response: “Don’t worry, I’m just messing with you. As for the treasure trove and dragon bones, they should be left for the destined ones.” With that, he turned and left.

“I’ll give you an eighty percent discount next time.” The old man cheerfully smiled at Li Qiye who was walking away.

Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t turn around to answer.

After they walked for a while, Hong Yujiao curiously asked: “Does Dragonhark really have dragon bones and runes?”

Li Qiye continued on while lightly answering: “Their existence isn’t important since they are not destined to be yours. However, if you must know, just keep in mind that your Dongting Lake and Rainbow City have deep ties. The same goes for the Giant Dragon Kingdom. I hope that as the lake’s descendants, you two won’t forget about your ancestors and roots. One day, you might need to rely on Rainbow City.”

“We have deep ties with Rainbow City and the Giant Dragon Kingdom?” Hong Yujiao was surprised.

Zhang Baitu felt the same way. He had never heard about this before and spoke with disbelief: “I heard that the Giant Dragon Kingdom doesn’t actually exist since it is only part of the legends. No one has been there before.”

Li Qiye stopped and turned to look at the two: “It looks like you descendants are becoming worse and worse since you don’t even know your own roots. Just keep my words in mind. Aim higher than other people while maintaining your ambition and courage. Your clans chose to fight each other for power, but in the eyes of others, this is only a competition between ants. No one will care about the past glory of your ancestors.”

The duo exchanged glances. They didn’t completely understand what Li Qiye was referring to.

“Rely on each other during times of turmoil while maintaining great magnanimity towards all as well as your ancestors’ great moral values. One day, you two will understand your roots and at that time, those existences up in the clouds will finally take note of you. That will be the day when you find out just how glorious your clans used to be!”

He gently sighed and left one final remark while looking at them: “This is all I can do. The future relies on juniors like the two of you to build.”

Li Qiye didn’t want to bother with Dongting Lake’s power struggle back then, but right now, out of consideration for the ancestors from the Hong, Zhang and Xu Clans, Li Qiye couldn’t help but ultimately guide them. Whether they would be able to figure it out and take the next step would be up to themselves.

They must be the ones to grasp their own destinies. Others could only show them the way.

The duo carefully contemplated Li Qiye’s words. Even though they didn’t understand them completely, they certainly memorized them.

They didn’t go too far after leaving the valley when a young man came before them. He had an extraordinary presence and a bright glow. There was a pair of translucent jade-like horns that made him look quite fierce.

He grew happy the moment he saw Hong Yujiao and quickly walked forward to enthusiastically greet them: “Young Sister, we meet again.” [1. The sister for this one is for family friends.]

“Young Noble Shangguan, long time no see.” Hong Yujiao nodded her head in a polite manner that wasn’t overly welcoming yet not too distant at the same time.

The youth enthusiastically asked Hong Yujiao: “I heard that you wanted to go to Rainbow City. That’s great, how about we go together to Dragonhark Valley?”

She gently shook her head in response: “Thank you, but I was summoned by my seniors and must return to the sect.”

The youth became disappointed after hearing this. His eyes then darted over towards Li Qiye.

Since the beginning, he didn’t care for Li Qiye, but after seeing Li Qiye’s face, his eyes narrowed and he coldly stared at him: “You are Li Qiye, the successor of Peacock Land?”

“So what?” Li Qiye glanced at him in response.

The youth coldly said: “It’s very good that you have admitted it. You are the one who harmed disciples from my Wyvern Country.”

So it turned out that this youth was the Wyvern Crown Prince, Shangguan Feilong. He had recently heard of Li Qiye since his fellow disciples were beaten by him. He wanted to settle the score with Li Qiye.

Li Qiye indifferently replied: “Maybe.”

“Remember that this isn’t your Peacock Land. This is the Dragon Demon Sea, not a place for you to act presumptuously.” Shangguan Feilong coldly said: “You need to give our country a proper answer for hurting our disciples.”

“Young Noble Shangguan, your disciples were at fault.” Hong Yujiao slowly spoke: “They provoked Young Noble Li which resulted in them being injured. They can only blame themselves for their lack of skill.”

At this time, Hong Yujiao stood up for Li Qiye.

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