Chapter 1243: Dragon Sound

Chapter 1243: Dragon Sound

“Ah—” In a short period of time, screams resounded left and right in these woods along with a series of bone-breaking noises.

At this time, Li Qiye was stomping on the legs of these cultivators. Their legs were crushed completely as they howled like slaughtered pigs. These shrill screams echoed across the thicket.

“Who is so ruthless?” The screams alarmed some of the nearby cultivators. They came with curiosity and saw Li Qiye’s leg-breaking fest. Their eyes darted at each other and wondered just who this human kid was and why he dared to be so vicious.

Eventually, with a loud bang, Li Qiye stomped on the noble-looking youth and coldly glared at him.

The paled cultivator busily shouted: “Don’t, don’t do anything stupid. I, I am a disciple of the Wyvern Country, a great power in the Dragon Demon Sea. If, if you dare to kill me, my country will not treat it lightly.”

“Ah!” His wrist was stomped by Li Qiye.

This Wyvern disciple and everyone else shut up. They knew that they had messed with the wrong guy. This fella was too ruthless.

Li Qiye only wanted to teach them a lesson. If he wanted to kill them, it would have been easier than crushing an ant.

“Boom!” Li Qiye kicked this disciple from Wyvern flying through many trees while shouting: “Scram, don’t let me see you again!”

These cultivators pissed their pants from fear. After hearing this, it was like they had been pardoned; they quickly rolled on the ground to get up and run away.

The disciple from Wyvern was from a great power and so couldn't swallow his anger. After he flew far enough, he exclaimed: “Brat, leave, leave your name if you dare!”

Li Qiye gave him a side-eye and replied: “Li Qiye.”

After hearing this, the disciple faltered several steps backward in horror. He had just heard this name recently.

Many cultivators who were watching for fun were startled as well, especially those who heard the news from the Jade Sea, they became completely pale. One of them said: “He is the disciple of the Peacock Tree, the successor of that land. He, he helped the tree sacrifice a billion Teeming Fish, no wonder why he is so ruthless!”

News of the tree’s blood refinement had reached the Dragon Demon Sea. Of course, many believed that this was the masterpiece of the Peacock Tree while Li Qiye only acted as the tree controller. He became famous overnight due to the prestige that came with being an ancestral tree’s disciple.

A cultivator commented in horror: “Damn! He helped the Peacock Tree annihilate an entire race. This ancestral tree is definitely a monster, so being its disciple, he can’t be a kind person either; he’s definitely a little monster as well.”

The massacre of the Teeming Race, the most populous tribe in Heaven Spirit, had shocked countless people. This added to Li Qiye’s notoriety despite everyone assuming that he was only the treefather’s accomplice.

Just imagine, billions of lives were refined overnight. Anyone would quiver with weak knees after hearing this. As for the Wyvern disciple and his companions, needless to say, they turned and fled as far as they could. They didn’t dare to think about taking revenge any longer. Li Qiye’s fierce reputation had shattered their courage.

In a short period of time, the cultivators outside the thicket had ugly expressions. Many even chose to run away to avoid provoking this fierce person.

Li Qiye ignored them and leaned on a tree as he watched Zhang Baitu.

A long time had passed, yet there was still no changes with Zhang Baitu. Nevertheless, Li Qiye was confident in him because the Zhang had some ties with this place as well as Rainbow City. It was just that their descendants didn’t know about these secrets.

Minutes came and went, but Zhang Baitu remained motionless as if he didn’t gain anything.

Prior to this, very few would watch him meditate. After all, those who had heard of his name knew that his talents were completely insufficient since he was still a failure after joining so many sects. They thought that this was simply a waste of time.

However, after being aware of Li Qiye’s great name, some became curious. Even though they didn’t know why this fierce man was hanging around Zhang Baitu, they wanted to see if the old man could harvest anything.

One thing was for certain as the clock ticked down, Zhang Baitu had reached a state of total calmness.

A while later, a crisp voice resounded next to Li Qiye: “Will Brother Zhang be able to do it?”

No one knows when Hong Yujiao appeared beside Li Qiye. She was quite worried while watching Zhang Baitu under the tree.

Li Qiye flatly said: “All of you know nothing about what kind of people your ancestors were and what they experienced. This is because you have no interest in them at all.”

Hong Yujiao couldn’t refute because she was indeed ignorant of them.

Hong Yujiao eventually spoke: “You are the successor of Peacock Land, a tree controller.” After returning, she uncovered all of his information and understood his identity.

Li Qiye didn’t answer and continued his watch.

“I misunderstood you before.” She spoke after a moment of silence: “The Peacock Treefather has always been protecting the human race and is adored by many. You are its disciple, so I’m sure you weren’t scheming against Dongting Lake.”

Li Qiye chuckled after hearing this. It seemed that the misconception of him being related to the Peacock Tree had spread uncontrollably. However, he was too lazy to correct them.

“My father wants to meet you.” She eventually revealed her goal.

Li Qiye laughed and replied: “What does he want to talk about? The Hundred-Saints Hall or what happened with the Ironscale School?”

“Most likely the business of the human race.” She replied: “Peacock Land is the second largest haven for humans after the Exquisite Valley. Even though Dongting Lake isn’t as large as Peacock Land, there are many things that can be done to mutual benefit.”

“That’s fine, if he wants to talk, tell him to come and see me.” Li Qiye just smiled with a completely indifferent attitude.

She refrained from speaking. Li Qiye’s words sounded like a command for her father, so she couldn’t exactly tell him this.

“It’s time.” Li Qiye had been fixated on Zhang Baitu the whole time. His eyes flashed as he noticed something.

Hong Yujiao quickly turned to look at her senior brother as well. A buzzing emanated from Zhang Baitu’s body as it lit up, emitting a frightening light.

The old tree behind him unexpectedly shook a little bit along with his body; it was as if they were touching something. The brilliance from his body increased as time went on, and the light slowly turned into rays.

The tree then stopped moving and a very faint sound came about. While listening to it carefully, one could vaguely hear the roar of a true dragon. The roar sounded as if it was saying something, but humans couldn’t understand it.

“Is that really the sound of a dragon?” The cultivators outside the thicket were astonished.

“What? How is this possible? Zhang Baitu actually obtained a fortune?” Some of them couldn’t believe this scene while murmuring to themselves.

They felt that this was simply impossible. Even though people said that dragon cries were present in the valley, only a very small number of masters were able to hear them. Others didn’t have this privilege.

Thus, it was even more impossible for Zhang Baitu who was known to have rubbish talent. Continuously failing despite joining so many sects left others thinking of him as a being that was hopelessly stupid.

It would be daydreaming for someone like him to think about gaining enlightenment in Dragonhark Valley.

However, a strange visual phenomenon was occurring around him. The impossible was unraveling before the crowd.

“That’s a dragon’s cry?” Hong Yujiao became absent-minded as well. She didn’t have much hope in Zhang Baitu either. It was not because she looked down on him, but because he indeed possessed some flaws in terms of cultivation.

“I think so.” The cultivators outside were jolted. They quickly sat down and focused in order to listen. They wanted to understand what the dragon was saying to obtain this fortune.

Hong Yujiao attentively listened as well in order to comprehend the faint cries of the dragon.

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