Chapter 124 : Heaven Extermination Devil Ape (2)

 Chapter 124 : Heaven Extermination Devil Ape (2)

Knowing that there was a great ape entrenched in the no man’s area, both Heavenly Prince Qingxuan and Dao Child Shengtian didn’t dare to enter. Against this great ape, whoever went in would surely die.

When the cultivators couldn’t get up from the ground, near the border between the dangerous area and the no man’s area, they all saw someone casually coming out.

“L-Li… Li Qiye…”

Seeing Li Qiye leisurely ride his snail out of the no man’s area, all of the cultivators became dumbfounded.

These cultivators who came back from their death all thought that Li Qiye had died in the hands of the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape. However, they didn’t expect for him to walk out in such a leisurely relaxed manner, as if he was taking a stroll in his own garden.

What rendered them in disbelief was that they were only alive by coming late to the no man’s area; the vanguards were entirely annihilated! But at the moment, Li Qiye being alive made everyone widen their eyes; he was truly downright horrifying.

At this point, Li Qiye hung the heads of Jiang Zuo Tie Yi and Marquis of the Eastern River on the highest tree. He looked at the stunned faces of these nearby cultivators and slowly said:

“If everyone is still interested in my Emperor Merit Law, then I welcome all of you to come after me. I don’t mind having too many enemies. The more I have, the worst thing that could happen is that blood will flow like the rivers and corpses will turn into mountains. This land is very difficult to enrich; outside of blood, I’m afraid nothing else could feed this land a hearty meal.”

The pale and ashy faces of those who were sitting on the ground widened their eyes and glanced at each other in confusion. They couldn’t imagine such a result. There were tens of thousands of cultivators and experts from the ancient clans and great countries, but they were all buried in this place and their blood flowed like the rivers. Yet Li Qiye, whom everyone considered a fat sheep, escaped unscathed. This matter was too strange.

“Right… Right… You deliberately led everyone to the nest of the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape!”

At this moment, a sect master level character faintly guessed the event that had just transpired.

“So what if this was the case?”

Li Qiye bursted out in laughter and said.

“Yo-you, you are a murderer! Yo-you, you are a mass murdering fiend!”

A cultivator angrily exclaimed.

Hearing this, Li Qiye didn’t become flustered and he calmly said:

“A murderer? Are your hands not stained with blood as well? As an experienced cultivator, don’t be a prostitute and act as if you are a saintess! Of course, I don’t care if you call me a murderer. However, before you start to oppose me, first count how many heads you have. Otherwise, maybe your head will have the opportunity to be hang up there as well.”

Finished speaking, Li Qiye pointed at the heads of Marquis of the Eastern River and Jiang Zuo Tie Yi that were hung on the tall tree.

Both Jiang Zuo Tie Yi and Marquis of the Eastern River died with their eyes wide open.

Seeing the heads of these two, many people felt a chill in their hearts. How powerful was the Jiang Zuo Clan? And how tough was Jiang Zuo Tie Yi? One could say that his whole life was stained with blood on his hands. Today, his head was left hanging there by someone else.

“I have an Emperor Merit Law. I welcome everyone to come and take it, but before coming at me, you should leave your last words behind for your descendants.”

Finally, Li Qiye elegantly and mysteriously floated away with his snail. He left behind gentle and sweet-sounding words as he was leaving.

From start to finish, no one took action against Li Qiye. Today, many people were scared shitless. As they watched Li Qiye’s departure, their hearts were unsure.

After almost breaking their heads from thinking, they were still unclear. The cultivators that entered the no man’s area were basically completely slaughtered by the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape. Especially the first group, not even one was left alive. However, Li Qiye, who led everyone to its nest, was completely safe and sound, without even a hint of harm? To them, this will always remain a mystery!

The one round of massacre left the Evil Infested Ridge’s eastern side to become silent again. In a short period of time, many sects that were interested in digging for treasures in this area began to calm down. The appearance of the great ape had scared many people.

At the moment, many experts were very cautious even when going into the dangerous area, thinking that there were hidden Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits. Meeting them would surely end in their own deaths.

After Li Qiye left, he didn’t enter the no man’s area, and instead, went searching for that frog. Finally, he found a trace of the frog in the dangerous area.

Li Qiye stood on top of a peak. He looked at the rolling hills before him and finally murmured:

“Not bad. Definitely greedy enough, having ate so many good stuff yet not afraid of his stomach exploding.”

“Do we keep on chasing?”

Seeing Li Qiye observing the mountain in a daze, Li Shuangyan asked.

“No, if it truly wanted to escape, it would be impossible to chase it.”

Li Qiye shook his head and said:

“Its true escaping speed is not something you can imagine.”

“You have another countermeasure?”

Li Qiye revealed a bright smile and said:

“When it is full, it will become sleepy. Since it will definitely be sleeping, we will make a nest for it!”

Li Qiye brought Li Shuangyan to find a suitable location. Finally, he chose a swamp. Squinting his eyes while scouting this place, he told Niu Fen:

“Plow this swamp once for me. The mud must be new, like a hot, freshly baked bun that just came out of the oven.”

Niu Fen couldn’t help but say:

“I am a snail, not an ox, what am I gonna plow this swamp with…?”

Even though he was complaining, he still took action and crawled into the swamp. Then, the swamp water started to billow upward, as if it was being boiled.

Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan were preparing something else. Li Qiye was picking a lot of different spirit medicines and dan grasses. He even picked some strange trees and plants that Li Shuangyan didn’t know the names of.

He then burned the majority of these grasses and plants into ashes, and he began to dig different types of clay mud and minerals that also couldn’t be named by Li Shuangyan. Under his instruction, the two of them were like two little kids playing with mud. They mixed the mud and minerals carefully, then stirred them with the medicinal ashes.

“What are we trying to do?”

This matter of mixing mud, as a heaven’s proud daughter and Princess of Old Ox Country, it was her first time.

“Making a nest for it.”

Li Qiye smiled and said:

“To a satiated toad, having a comfortable nest where it can sleep — nothing could be better than this.”

“Of course, after it goes to sleep, I don’t know how long it will take for it to wake up again.”

Finished speaking, Li Qiye revealed a bright and devious smile.

Li Shuangyan naturally knew that Li Qiye was scheming against that frog. At this moment, she was too lazy to ask why Li Qiye knew about these things. As for the frog, Li Qiye knew it like the palm of his hand, as if it was a pet from his household! Li Shuangyan also knew that whether she asked or not, Li Qiye would say that he calculated with his fingers, or that it was common sense. Naturally, she wouldn’t believe any of it.

“What on earth is this frog?”

However, Li Shuangyan still couldn’t help it and asked. Even a life ring of a one million year old Longevity Spirit was thrown to the ground by Li Qiye, like trash, and then it was awarded to Xu Pei. However, at this moment, he couldn’t give up on the chase for this frog.

Towards Li Shuangyan’s question, Li Qiye squinted his eyes with a strange expression. Seeing his appearance, Li Shuangyan didn’t ask again. After following him for so long, she was very clear of Li Qiye’s personality.

Li Shuangyan lowered her head and stirred the batch of mud. Of course, she certainly had never done such a dirty task before so she was not used to it. It was a very busy matter; she had to put the ashes in, then pour in some water and mud. This was something only mortals would do, but today, as a heaven’s proud daughter, she had to do it. It gave her a somewhat overwhelming feel.

Seeing Li Shuangyan being so clumsy, Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. She was as cold as the misty ice. With a beauty capable of toppling cities and kingdoms, she had a chilling yet charming temperament — truly a heaven’s proud daughter. Such a woman was like an ordinary little mortal girl, doing such a trivial task.

If someone else could see this scene, they wouldn’t believe their own eyes. The descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, the princess of Old Ox Country, the heaven’s proud daughter, Li Shuangyan, was doing such dirty work — no one would believe such a thing.

Li Qiye smiled and painted more mud on her white-as-snow face, then he said:

“With effort comes rewards. You will find that this trip to the Evil Infested Ridge will absolutely be worth it.”

“Don’t get mud on my face, so filthy!”

Li Shuangyan’s pretty eyes glared at Li Qiye and she angrily snapped. The alluring appearance of a young woman, this coquettish tone, it truly made people’s hearts beat faster. Such a beautiful and seductive style, this was something only Li Qiye could meticulously enjoy.

Eventually, Li Qiye made a muddy hole that had the faint sweet whiff of grass. Even from the far distance, this slight sweet smell could still be discerned.

“It will definitely love this nest till death.”

Li Qiye cheerfully smiled at the masterpiece in front of him.

As for Li Shuangyan, she snappily glared at him. This muddy hole in front of them was made mainly by her effort.

After Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan returned, Niu Fen had plowed across the swamp. Like a freshly steamed bun — very hot, this smell of dirt and mud could be sensed from far away.

Li Qiye threw the finely made mud hole into the bog, and the muddy hole finally sunk under, only revealing the entrance.

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