Chapter 1229: Skeletal Horse

Chapter 1229: Skeletal Horse

The Dragon Demon Sea was one of the three great oceans of the Heaven Spirit World. As for why it had this name, this remained a mystery for future generations.

However, one particular legend was very popular. It stated that in an era too ancient to trace, there was a demon dragon with heaven-defying power.

This demon dragon eventually evolved into a true dragon. It wanted to fight against the nine heavens but ultimately failed. In the moment of its death, it fell into a great ocean and, from then on, that ocean was named the Dragon Demon Sea.

Most people considered this as mere gossip for tea shops since no one could verify it. No one would go to research it either.

There was a more reliable theory for this name. It believed that because sea demons ruled this sea and since dragons were the leaders of the sea demons, this area took on the name “Dragon Demon Sea”.

This sea was quite vast with countless creatures and sects.

In the Heaven Spirit World, if the Abyss Sea was the world of the charming spirits and the Jade Sea was the world of the treants, then this region belonged to the sea demons.

There were many powerful demon lineages here. For example, behemoths like the Seven Martial Pavilion or the Roaring Conch were the strongest.

Today, this region was quite lively since many people were gossiping at various restaurants about a particular matter.

A skeletal horse appeared out of nowhere and moved at extreme speeds. There were plenty of bizarre occurrences in the Heaven Spirit World, so a skeletal horse alone was not worthy of attention. The issue was its great speed. Many people tried to catch it to no avail. A sea demon at the God-Monarch level personally took action and still failed to keep up. Thus, the excitement built up as more and more were unable to catch the horse.

The cultivators couldn’t help but talk about it. Some believed that it had escaped from the Bonesea. In their eyes, only that place would be able to produce such a steed.

However, there were those who had a different opinion about it. For generations, no skeleton has been able to escape from the Bonesea. Thus, this particular theory was too difficult to believe.

However, if this was indeed the case, then the other question would be about the new and sudden changes at the Bonesea.

A blue ocean and blue sky with fish leaping out of the shallow surface while eagles soared high above. The breeze blew by, carrying a faint scent of saltwater. This was surprisingly pleasant.

“Clok, clok, clok…” A crisp and rhythmic galloping broke this tranquil scene as a skeletal horse traveled on the sea's surface.

However, it was way too fast. Ordinary people couldn’t see it at all, only its dark afterimage was visible.

Only those strong enough would be able to see its appearance. There was no flesh left on its pitch black skeleton, as if it was dyed to this color. Each bone emitted a black mist that formed long lines when it sped faster. The result was something like a landscape painting.

Despite its current dreadful appearance, judging by its build, it was definitely wonderful when it was still alive. Even calling it a divine steed would not be enough.

“Buzz!” A portal opened and Li Qiye walked out. He stood in the sky, looking at the horse running across the sea. A terrifying glint shot out from his eyes.

Li Qiye uttered to himself: “What is that girl looking for? To even awaken the mount of Immortal Emperor Bu Si...”

The girl he was referring to was Su Yonghuang.

He smiled and transformed into another person. It was an unbelievably dashing youth that wore a gray robe. His body was shrouded by a gray mist, giving off an unfathomable appearance just like a bottomless abyss.

“Buzz!” His inner physique emerged. In this split second, he pushed the Soaring Immortal Physique to the limit and soared outside with incomparable speed.

The skeletal horse galloped through the sea. Not long after, it saw a young man shrouded in a gray mist standing on the sea.

It immediately stopped in front of the youth. Despite how fast it was going, not one drop of water was splashed.

The youth smiled and rubbed its skull: “I have just been reborn yet you have found me already.”

“Neighh!” It raised its front hooves and cheered with great excitement. After neighing, it intimately shoved its head under the palm of the young man.

However, just a moment later, a red light flashed in its empty eye sockets. With a long cry, both of its front legs kicked forward at the young man with lightning speed without holding anything back.

“Boom!” The youth was instantly blown away and plowed a deep trench on the sea's surface.

“Neighh!” The horse let out an intimidating cry before galloping into the sky, disappearing once again.

“Splash!” The youth jumped out of the sea. He shook his head and returned to his true form. This was Li Qiye, of course.

Li Qiye looked towards the direction of the horse and slowly said: “Incredible, luckily I came prepared or I would have become meat paste under its hooves.”

Earlier, he took the appearance of the young Immortal Emperor Bu Si in order to trick the horse. In the beginning, it was indeed successful. Alas, the horse was a divine item, so it saw through the disguise.

Li Qiye murmured: “Bu Si, what did you leave behind back then?!”

According to legend, the emperor could be reborn again and again. But in the end, he was the only emperor known by the entire world to have collapsed, the only one whose final whereabouts were clear. [1. This is not counting Ta Kong in this world.]

No one knew why he collapsed back then during his generation. No one believed that such a day would come. Back then, he could be resurrected again and again due to his grasp of his undying art, definitively proving that he was unkillable. However, someone with the title of undying still collapsed in the end!

“Interesting, I’d like to see what you left behind.” Li Qiye jumped to the sky again and casually pointed in front of him to make another portal. He teleported to chase after the horse again.

For other people, not to mention catching it, just keeping up with it was more difficult than reaching the heavens. However, Li Qiye trained in both the Soaring Immortal Physique and the Space Scripture, so it was quite easy for him to catch up.

While the horse bolted below, Li Qiye leisurely followed it from the sky. It knew that Li Qiye was on its tail, but it didn’t seem to care and continued on the same trajectory.

After all, it was the mount of an Immortal Emperor and had power matching that position. It didn’t care if someone was chasing it.

Along the way, the spectators continued to be dumbfounded since they could only see a shadow flying by. After several more days, the horse finally made it to its destination.

A mountain range was situated above the sea. Each peak was wrapped in a blue reflection due to its geographical location. Many of them were shrouded in mist, so no one could catch a glimpse of its true appearance.

Such a grand mountain range stretched across the sea. From a distance, it looked like a huge dragon occupying this sea region. It was a very magnificent scene that made other people realize their own insignificance.

Flying in the sky, Li Qiye saw it from far away. He murmured: “Giant Dragon Mountain Range. So many years have passed, yet the scenery remains without the slightest change.”

He was lost in reminiscence, with many events of the past flashing by. Memories buried deep in his mind resurfaced one after another.

The smiles and sounds of the past were vivid, as if he was suddenly back there. All of the happy scenes seemed to have happened just yesterday.

“Crash!” While Li Qiye was in a daze, the skeletal horse quickly dove into the depths of the sea.

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