Chapter 1228: Imperial Edict

Chapter 1228: Imperial Edict

“How do you know so much…?” Buzhan Feng became more and more frightened throughout this conversation. He was jolted into standing up and stared at Li Qiye in disbelief.

There were several types of imperial edicts. Some acted as proclamations to the world, others were orders given to the emperor’s generals, and another type was meant to be kept in secrecy.

These secret edicts were normally left for the emperors’ descendants. Moreover, they were not to be opened unless the requirements were met. Otherwise, not even the children of the emperors could open them.

Only talents that satisfied all the requirements would be able to open these secret edicts. Moreover, they would never disclose the contents to anyone, not even their closest friends and family.

Li Qiye ignored the apparent shock in the youth’s expression. He sat there calmly and enjoyed the wine before speaking: “Didn’t I tell you already? There’s not much that I don’t know.”

Buzhan Feng stared at Li Qiye in disbelief. If it was anyone else, then they would be suspicious that Li Qiye was spying on their clan. However, Buzhan Feng knew that this wasn’t possible. If he, as a disciple, didn’t even know about it, how could an outsider figure it out?

He took a deep breath and sat back down. While staring at Li Qiye, he smiled wryly and shook his head: “If Brother Li knows so many secrets already, you should also know that I’m not qualified to open the secret edict. If I could do so, I wouldn’t be asking you right now.”

The level required to look at these edicts was usually the Immortal Emperor realm or something very close. Some said that supreme Godkings could look at them as well, but the future generations didn’t know if this was true or not.

Li Qiye laughed in response: “I know that you are not qualified, but don’t tell me that no one has seen it in your clan. This might fool others, but not me.”

Buzhan Feng quietly pondered for a moment. There was indeed someone in the clan who was qualified to do so. However, they wouldn’t necessarily disclose the contents to him.

He revealed: “We do indeed have someone qualified to read it, but this is not the right time. At the very least, this was the case for that ancestor.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “If your clan won’t assist you in this matter, then I can’t help you either. There are some things that you need to work for and, when necessary, you will need to break the rules.”

Buzhan Feng gently sighed. After a brief pause, he looked at Li Qiye and said in a serious manner: “I know a little bit about the legends regarding the vortex and our Charming Spirit Race, but I do have some questions.”

With that, his attitude became very respectful and sincere.

Li Qiye slowly sipped another mouthful of wine and said: “Go ahead. Since I have drank your wine, I will think about answering if possible.”

Buzhan Feng began: “As I speculated, Brother Li has gone to the vortex. You also know that we have always been watching it. When one goes there, screams and roars seem to come from its depths. The world quakes before them, is this right?”

The boy was very careful with his words lest Li Qiye became unhappy.

Li Qiye looked at the boy and said: “I know what you want to ask. You are afraid of the beginning of some unwanted matters.”

Buzhan Feng nodded in response: “I am indeed very worried about this. This is our clan’s mission. There have been rumors that one day, the inevitable shall come and it will bring about a disaster to us charming spirits.”

“It does exist.” Li Qiye said: “However, this is a needless anxiety for you right now. You don’t know that the charming spirits in this world have left certain things behind. This disaster won’t be able to descend on a whim.”

With that, he stared at the youth and continued: “In the Heaven Spirit World, the true power of the Charming Spirit Race is beyond your imagination. And also, if your forefather, Immortal Emperor Buzhan, was able to make his way down there, surely he would have left some precautionary measures behind.”

“And here is the final statement.” Li Qiye raised his cup: “I’ll be borrowing an old saying; one might be able to survive an act of god, but no one can survive a self-brought calamity.”

“One might be able to survive an act of god, but no one can survive a self-brought calamity...” The youth carefully thought over this line from Li Qiye.

“Okay, I have said all that needs to be said, drink up.” Li Qiye laughed and took another gulp.

The youth calmed down and quickly poured another cup for him.

Since Buzhan Feng insisted on him staying, Li Qiye remained on the island. In these last few days, the youth came to ask Li Qiye many questions. Whether he answered or not depended on his mood and the nature of the question.

Buzhan Feng could be said to be a very studious person, someone who had no shame in asking and learning from even his own subordinates. His questions for Li Qiye had nothing to do with cultivation or merit laws. The majority of them were interesting anecdotes.

A person like him was quite rare. The Buzhan Clan had an exceedingly high position in the Heaven Spirit World so he, as the successor, had great authority. However, he had no visible arrogance or contempt for others. The majority of disciples from the great powers had some pride in them; even if they didn’t bully others, they wouldn’t try to learn from those they deemed inferior.

However, Buzhan Feng didn’t feel that his intelligence was superior to others. He acted as a junior before Li Qiye in his inquisitive quest for knowledge.

It was precisely due to his commendable personality that Li Qiye decided to teach him a thing or two. If it was another successor from a great power, Li Qiye would have ignored him completely.

The youth didn’t give up on trying to set up his big sis with Li Qiye, but regardless of his efforts, there was not the slightest sign of progress.

His sister had no interest in this type of marriage or the bloodlines from stallions. She was even against it, so no matter how much Buzhan Feng tried to persuade her about how great Li Qiye was, she remained aloof.

Li Qiye was even more tired of this matter and was too lazy to go see his sister. In the end, Buzhan Feng had no choice but to give up.

He helplessly said: “Sigh, Brother Li, I really do want you to be my brother-in-law. Then, we can be even closer, right?”

Li Qiye didn’t want to be rude and only smiled at the boy’s wish to connect the two.

“Really, Brother Li, everything about my big sis is great, it’s just that she doesn’t like to talk about marriage. She views inter-clan marriage as a type of transaction, but we do think that if you two stay together, you will be able to win her over with your charm.”

“Trust me, girls will swoon over your charisma.” The youth persuaded: “Let me arrange it so you two can have a talk under the moonlight.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “People will meet if it is meant to be. If not, then it shouldn’t be forced.”

Buzhan Feng sighed as another attempt at matchmaking failed.

After several more days at the island, Buzhan Feng came and told Li Qiye some news: “Brother Li, you said you wanted to go to the Dragon Demon Sea? There is news that I’m sure will interest you.”

Li Qiye asked: “What news?” After staying here for a while, he had been wanting to leave the Jade Sea for the Dragon Demon Sea because Su Yonghuang had gone there. He wanted to see what clues she was after.

Buzhan Feng quickly said: “I heard a skeletal horse has appeared in that region. It is only bones and keeps on running like crazy. No one knows where it came from. The cultivators there tried to capture it to no avail since it is way too fast. A God-Monarch from the sea demon race tried himself, but he still failed.”

“Skeletal horse?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed after hearing this.

“So you are interested.” Buzhan Feng smiled after seeing Li Qiye’s demeanor: “I heard it appeared in the southwest area—”

But before he could finish, Li Qiye pointed in front of him. With a buzz, he opened a portal and disappeared inside.

His sudden departure left Buzhan Feng speechless since he couldn’t even say goodbye.

At this time, a woman with a supreme appearance appeared by the door. This was a beauty that would cause others to be lost in admiration.

Buzhan Feng asked after seeing the woman: “Sis, you are finally here, are you not angry anymore?”

“He is a guest, after all. It would be very rude if I don’t receive him at all after several days.” Her voice was very pleasant.

Buzhan Feng shrugged and said: “You’re one step too late, Sis. Brother Li has left already.”

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