Chapter 1225: Three Women Competing For One Groom

Chapter 1225: Three Women Competing For One Groom

Li Qiye glanced at her and said: “Who knows, maybe I am a little eccentric, wanting only what I can't have and have a distaste for things that come too easily.”

“That’s not a problem either.” Liu Ruyan smiled back: “Many things can slowly change. As long as you stay with me, you will come to find that I will not disappoint you. Maybe you will like me then.”

“Possible.” Li Qiye had an amused glimmer in his eyes as he stared at her: “But maybe I am someone who has a penchant for someone else’s wife. A little girl like you is not attractive to me.”

“Young Noble, are you saying that you wish to embrace both me and Sister Zhuo and take your time savoring us?” Liu Ruyan winked seductively and smiled: “That’s perfect, I will help you. Maybe I can even train Sister Zhuo to be more sexy and obedient in her service.”

She spoke in an incredibly natural manner with a touch of naughtiness that added to her charm.

Li Qiye laughed and gently shook his head: “If your Void Imperfection Three Schools wants to use the honey trap against me, I can only say that your geezers really don’t understand me.”

Liu Ruyan faintly smiled in response: “I don’t know whether the ancestors told Sister Zhuo to tempt Young Noble or not, but I definitely didn’t receive this order. Of course, if she wants you to stay at the Sacred Spring School, then I must win you over.”

Zhuo Jianshi frowned after hearing this. She replied: “Sister Liu, this is not a personal issue between us two. If you want to invite Young Noble to the Evil Devourer School as a guest, then I wouldn’t object and would even be excited for you. If he is willing to stay at our three schools because of you, then you would become a great contributor to our school.”

“Sister Zhuo, you are mistaken.” Liu Ruyan shook her head: “I don’t care about becoming a great contributor, I simply want to steal your man. I still can’t understand why you always listen to those old geezers’ arrangements for the sake of the Void Imperfection Three Schools. Do you really think you can sacrifice everything for this goal?”

She continued on: “For me, my path is below my feet. Each person should walk their own path. If Sister wants to keep him behind out of your own volition, then I am fine with it, but if it is for the Void Imperfection Three Schools, then I will definitely take him from you.”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye continued to drink his tea in a carefree manner as if this had nothing to do with him.

After saying her piece, she looked at Li Qiye and playfully winked: “Are you not angry at what I said, Young Noble?”

Li Qiye only smiled and continued to drink his tea.

“Bah, two shameless vixens daring to seduce my husband?!” At this time, a fiery shout rang from the distance.

A woman came from the sky. No, to be more accurate, it was a little girl with flowers blooming from each of her steps.

She came barefoot on these fresh flowers like a descending goddess.

Li Qiye looked over and smilingly shook his head after seeing the girl.

“Hey! Does your Void Imperfection Three Schools have no shame? You are schoolmasters yet you two are trying to seduce my husband, how shameful.” Ye Xiaoxiao stepped under the Peacock Tree with both hands posturing on her thin waist, glaring at Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi.

“Oh? Little Sister, you are too young to be this anxious for marriage.” Liu Ruyan chuckled: “Trying to find a husband at this young age is a little shameful, don’t you think?”

Ye Xiaoxiao maintained her powerful glare: “Who is being shameless here? Hmph, you are trying to seduce someone else’s husband in broad daylight, you are the ones throwing your face away!”

Zhuo Jianshi shook her head after seeing the fierce girl and answered gracefully: “Princess Ye, you are mistaken. You have yet to marry Young Noble Li, so you can’t claim that he is your husband. I’m afraid this is your one-sided belief.”

“That’s true.” Liu Ruyan chuckled provocatively: “Little Sister, he would be your husband once you two are married. You must be too little to understand this.”

“Your head is little!” Ye Xiaoxiao quickly retorted: You dare to steal my husband? I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

This girl had no qualms at all and casually prepared to attack. With a buzz, a wooden sword appeared.

This wooden sword seemed to be made from thousands of divine swords as its sword energy was absolutely frightening. With a clank, countless swords slashed vertically towards Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi.

“Hey, are you really attacking?” Liu Ruyan smiled and reached forward. Her fingers turned into a phoenix that soared towards the numerous divine slashes.

Meanwhile, Zhuo Jianshi remained seated there, proud and completely fearless. She simply waved her sleeve and swept away Ye Xiaoxiao’s wave of swords.

“Hmph! Think I’m afraid? Even if you two come together, I’ll still beat you down into submission!” Ye Xiaoxiao shouted and waved her hand. Divine trees materialized and formed a formation to trap the other two women.

After seeing Ye Xiaoxiao becoming serious, both Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi didn’t want to underestimate their opponent. They stood up at the same time before roaring as they leapt towards the trees.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” With both of them attacking, Ye Xiaoxiao was definitely at a disadvantage. After all, they were older than her and they both trained in Immortal Physiques so they were no joke.

Xiaoxiao was still young so it wasn’t easy for her to go one-on-two. Her divine trees couldn’t entrap these two.

“Sister Zhuo, if the two of us pick on Little Sister Ye, people will laugh at us.” Liu Ruyan smiled: “You do you, I won’t fight together with you.”

With that, she pointed her sword at Zhuo Jianshi.

Zhuo Jianshi was no slouch either despite her graceful bearing. As a schoolmaster, there were times when she needed to be aggressive as well. Thus, she unleashed a divine seal and said: “I also want to see if you have improved recently!”

“I’m going to teach both of you a lesson!” Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t show any weakness. She summoned a huge vine that turned into a giant that joined her in fighting the other women.

The dueling ladies shouted at the same time and retaliated against the gigantic vine.

Very shortly, the fight became a brawl with no one giving an inch. The fight rushed into the sky.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Li Qiye clapped while watching this duel.

The three neither held back nor did they care for his praise. Even the vault of the sky was being shattered by their attacks.

They could be described as kingdom-toppling beauties. When they really went at it, it was a very beautiful sight to behold.

“Aizz, three supreme beauties fighting so viciously for a man. This man is too blessed.” A groan came about.

A wooden boat landed on Peacock Peak. It didn’t matter whether it was land or sea, the boat could easily travel through all terrain.

A young man with a dashing appearance was sitting in this boat. He wore an ivory-colored robe and was in great spirits. There was a hint of maturity in his demeanor as well.

He watched the three women fighting in the sky and enviously told Li Qiye: “When will I become as lucky as you, Brother? To be able to make the Sacred Spring Schoolmaster, the Evil Devourer Schoolmaster and the little princess of the Golden Isle fight each other... such romantic luck is truly enviable.”

Li Qiye only smiled in response and continued to watch the fight.

“This little brother is Buzhan Feng.” The youth cupped his fists and smiled at Li Qiye: “In my opinion, the three ladies won’t be able to come to a conclusion anytime soon. Will you give me the honor of having a drink together?”

Li Qiye looked at the youth and smiled back before taking one last glance at the girls. Then, he stepped onto the boat and sat down.

“Go.” Buzhan Feng laughed and said: “Brother Li, sit tight.”

He then grabbed the paddle and began to row it as if through water.

“Swoosh!” This wooden boat traveled at frightening speeds. It immediately shattered space and this sea region. All of a sudden, they were in the middle of a vast ocean.

Li Qiye sat there without asking Buzhan Feng about their destination. He simply enjoyed the scenic views along the way.

Buzhan Feng was rowing his boat and looked at Li Qiye before sincerely stating: “I am full of admiration for Brother Li’s intelligence. It seems that nothing in this world can shake your dao heart.”

“You are not bad as well.” Li Qiye lightly grinned: “To be able to cultivate the Buzhan Clan’s martial arts to this level truly demonstrates your firm dao heart.”

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