Chapter 1222: The Frightened World

Chapter 1222: The Frightened World

As it was shrouded in a green light, the Peacock Tree quickly emitted a mist that covered all of Peacock Land. At this time, even heavenly mirrors couldn’t see through it, so no one knew what was going on inside.

The Jade Sea became silent again, and the same went for the ancestors watching from the distance.

What happened today was too shocking. It could even be said that many didn’t know how to start talking about it.

A blood ceremony of one billion Teeming Fish had incited a heavens’ punishment. Ultimately, the Peacock Tree’s life replenishment was successful. It became one of the most incredible miracles across all the eons.

Even those who witnessed this miracle with their own eyes couldn’t comment on it. Some were very curious about the current state of Peacock Land, but no one dared to step inside, not even to the nearby sea regions.

At least this was the case for now because they didn’t know the Peacock Tree’s attitude towards outsiders. If it was angry, then regardless of how strong one might be, they would only be seeking death. Thus, the only thing to do was to wait until everything returned to normal before going there.

“This was an amazing strategy.” After a while, an ancestor commented: “Who knows how strong Li Qiye’s cultivation is? But this was quite a frightening plan. One would be hard-pressed to top it.”

“But was it really Li Qiye’s strategy?” A big shot was skeptical about this. Many great powers were debating this matter privately.

A sea demon ancestor contemplated before speaking: “Everything was too perfect, there were zero issues. Could a nameless junior actually do something like this? Only an experienced strategist with great vision could pull off something of this caliber.”

Antagonizing the Teeming Fish, the Extreme Yang School, and the Immaculate Expanse before sacrificing all of them… Perhaps his choice of these three factions was made through careful deliberation.

The Teeming Fish was a ferocious tribe and would definitely seek revenge with their full force. What was more important were their sheer numbers. No other race in the Heaven Spirit World was more suitable.

The Extreme Yang School was a hard yang lineage and also had a great formation, the Extreme Yang Cauldron. It was the best type of cauldron for blood refinement. Meanwhile, the Immaculate Expanse was a soft and mild lineage. Their Law Evading Sword Formation was great for tempering the treasure blood.

These three together were mutually beneficial. There couldn’t be such a coincidence, especially when the cauldron and sword formations were taken into account.

Such means didn’t only involve strategy, but also great knowledge as well as the ability to have absolute control of the situation.

Strategy, knowledge, and absolute power were indispensable in this plan. Without any of them, it was impossible to achieve this miracle. Because of this, an ancestor from a treefather’s lineage had to ask: “Can this young junior, who was completely unknown, come up with this type of scheme or have so much insight?”

The other big shots here were quiet while the other ancestors mused the question.

“This great scheme must have been concocted by the Peacock Tree. Only a character like a treefather would be able to come up with this great plan to complete the blood refinement. A mere human junior can’t possibly do such a thing.” After thinking about it, many felt that this great plan wasn’t something a junior could fabricate.

In the entire Heaven Spirit World, no young genius could do so. This was heavily debated by these senior characters. For example, the Profound God-Monarch, the Seashield Prince and the Swiftdao God most likely didn’t have the ability to carry this out.

Thus, they concluded that Li Qiye was only carrying out the strategy of the Peacock Tree. He was a blade used in this situation to carry out the terrifying blood refinement.

However, there was a problem with this train of thought. Many people knew that once a treefather returned to the earth, it was the same as returning to the origin. They would no longer have their own intelligence, no longer be able to communicate with others.

So even if the tree was the one that planned all of this, how did it communicate with Li Qiye?

“There is only one possibility.” A great character from another treefather’s lineage answered: “He must be a controller. Li Qiye is the Peacock Tree’s controller; only controllers are able to communicate with ancestral trees.”

“A tree controller, hmm.” An ancestor murmured: “It is very difficult for a treefather’s lineage to produce a controller. In the legends, even the Golden Isle only had one controller.”

“No matter what, the Peacock Tree has carried out the life replenishment successfully.” The sect master enviously spoke: “Peacock Land has finally been saved.”

Since this land wasn’t destroyed, it remains a treefather’s continent. Anyone or any lineage would covet it. Unfortunately, the land has only accepted humans even till this point. It didn’t grant entrance to the three great races for millions of years, so only humans settled down at Peacock Land.

While others were discussing the great blood refinement, the Void Imperfection Three Schools who had more information was quiet. Compared to the speculating ancestors, they knew who actually did it. However, they didn’t wish to discuss certain matters with others. Or rather, they weren’t willing to share this crucial information with outsiders.

As for someone who was privy to everything, Kong Qinru chose to stay quiet as well by burying this matter deep in her heart. She wouldn’t even disclose it to those closest to her.

She didn’t know how to feel about the whole endeavor. Should she be afraid of Li Qiye’s awe-inspiring means or sympathize with the death of a billion Teeming Fish? Perhaps she should be excited about the successful life replenishment…

Prior to this, she understood what Li Qiye wanted to do from his implicative words, but she still made a choice to help carry out the terrible blood refinement.

Like he said, there was no free lunch in this world. There would always be a great price to pay, and it wasn’t something that she or the Exquisite Valley could afford.

Some might say that the Peacock Tree and Li Qiye were too cruel by carrying out the blood ceremony. It was a vicious plundering of life.

Alas, even more were happy. For many cultivators and sects, the disappearance of a billion Teeming Fish carried great significance. It meant that the territories of the seas were freed up. This would be a great and long feast for many marine kingdoms and tribes in the upcoming days!

An expert stated: “Since the start of time, supreme experts have always marched through countless bones, so it is no big deal that the Peacock Tree sacrificed a billion fish for its own life. This is a world of the strong, and the Peacock Tree stands at the top. Even if it devours all of the Teeming Fish, it is completely understandable.”

At this time, the majority believed that this blood ceremony came from the Peacock Tree.

“Well yes, the Jade Sea will be much more peaceful without these Teeming Fish, more resources have been freed up for the other tribes and lineages. They would have been purged already if it wasn’t for their swift reproductive capabilities. Maybe there will be more room for growth out of this.” Many sects were applauding this development, no one even thought that it was too drastic.

In their opinion, these fish were the locusts of the sea. They crazily multiplied and took up too much room. Many sects had been dissatisfied with them, but they couldn’t do anything out of fear of the fish’s great numbers.

Now, they were refined by the Peacock Tree and lost around seventy to eighty percent of their forces. Perhaps in all the corners of the oceans, one would find it difficult to find a lineage unhappy about this development outside of the Teeming Fish themselves.

The truth was that many marine sects and kingdoms had taken swift action to occupy the territories of the Teeming Fish. In just one night, war raged across the oceans as people vied for resources.

Until now, the Teeming Fish had taken too many territories in the marine regions so today, outside of capturing resources, various tribes and lineages also wanted revenge since the Teeming Fish robbed them of it in the past!

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