Chapter 1221: Life Replenishment

Chapter 1221: Life Replenishment

However, in retrospect, the fool was not Li Qiye, but them. The most foolish were the Teeming Fish. Their arrogance and aggressiveness only helped Li Qiye in the end.

“If I could have a share of this vitality, I would be able to live for another generation.” An ancestor murmured while feeling the abundant life force permeating through the world.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Thunder sounded in the sky with frantic lightning sparks. In the blink of an eye, a terrifying tribulation formed.

This tribulation coalesced and the entire world turned dark as if the end of days was approaching. Each lightning bolt could tear apart this world or blow up an ocean.

It formed incredibly quickly. Not to mention ordinary experts, even a Godking would be absolutely horrified. They would have to calculate how long they could survive this tribulation.

A junior saw this tribulation and felt his legs go soft before murmuring in a daze: “What is that?”

“The heavens’ punishment...” An ancestor slowly explained: “This type of life liquid made from a billion existences is a heaven-defying item. It goes against the harmonious order of this world, so the high heavens will definitely not allow for such an item to be created. The liquid itself might be innocent, but the drinkers will be committing a heinous sin!”

A different disciple asked: “Will the Peacock Tree be able to withstand this tribulation?”

“I don’t know.” This ancestor gently shook his head: “The stronger the person is, the stronger the heavens’ punishment will be. The tree’s original form is a treefather, thus it will have an invincible foundation. If it drinks this liquid of life, it will bring about a real heavenly annihilation! If it was someone weaker like a junior, then their seniors or experts could help them surpass this tribulation, but no one apart from an Immortal Emperor can help a treefather’s punishment!”

Everyone watched their mirrors with bated breaths. They wanted to see whether the tree would drink this pond of valuable liquid or not.

Li Qiye rushed to the sky after seeing the tribulation. He took out the jade bowl filled with the tears of mortals. At this time, he splashed it on the peacock itself while the peacock absorbed it all.

After doing so, the bird emitted a faint brilliance of a crystal clear shade. Each wisp of light seemed to be stained with tears, as if countless commoners had cried and prayed for its existence.

Li Qiye shouted while looking at the heavens’ punishment: “Let’s get started!”

“Roar!” The peacock swallowed all of the treasure water in the pond and disappeared from sight. Next, the Peacock Tree emerged before everyone again. It was still rooted in the earth.

At this time, a green light gushed out from its body. Each strand of green light was full of life. A mighty vitality surged like a storm as these bright strands wove together. The endless life force began to be digested and integrated itself into the tree.

“Rumble!” The punishment from the heavens finally descended. A gigantic lightning bolt came crashing down, capable of splitting the Jade Sea into two or even piercing through it completely.

Countless existences in this region fell to the ground due to fear of this tribulation.

However, an incredible matter happened. Both the lightning bolts and thunder waves only managed to come within a few feet of the tree before being stopped. It seemed that the bolts were only this long, that this was the extent of the thunder.

“What’s going on?” Many people were startled: “The Peacock Treefather is too powerful, even the heavens’ punishment can’t approach him!”

The spectators didn’t understand what was going on.

Eventually, a very ancient forefather noticed a clue and murmured: “It is not that the punishment can’t reach it! There is something protecting it that is untouchable, even by the Heaven’s Will! An impregnable law!”

“What kind of law or item can’t be shaken even by the will of the high heavens?” A junior was very curious.

Li Qiye sneered and coldly uttered towards the heavens’ punishment: “Will of the high heavens! Damned old heavens, don’t forget, there are a few things that even the Heaven’s Will can’t violate. Many things can be destroyed or concealed, but not the truth observed by the world itself!”

“These are the tears of countless mortals, the love and sympathy for all lives! The Heaven’s Will cannot change this! Damned old man, come down yourself if you dare, your will alone cannot change this order!” Li Qiye mockingly laughed at the incapable heavens’ punishment.

However, the constant barrage of the punishment failed to make contact.

“Even the will of the high heavens cannot touch this law, just what the hell is it?” A very ancient ancestor was astounded after seeing this.

Li Qiye smiled and declared: “Very well, my turn!” With that, he opened his fate palace and the pillar of life emerged.

At this time, a branch from the Peacock Tree stretched out and propped behind Li Qiye’s back. Its five-colored light illuminated his body. A tree appeared behind him like a peacock spreading its beautiful tail.

“Boom!” This pillar of life fiercely penetrated the heavens’ punishment.

The tribulation responded by sending more lightning bolts straight at Li Qiye to tear him apart.

However, the five-colored barrier behind him stopped all of the bolts from coming close to him. Even though this barrier was cracked, the Peacock Tree once again exuded its light to make the barrier whole.

This tribulation was aimed at Li Qiye, so it was much weaker compared to the previous one. The Peacock Tree was powerful enough to shield Li Qiye.

The pillar of life was inside the sea of lightning. Runes emerged from it to form a symbol as it spread its dao. This was the Ancient Void Rune. Li Qiye then relied on it to crazily absorb the lightning and thunder of the tribulation until it ran dry.

“This is crazy!” People watching from their mirrors couldn’t believe their eyes.

“This brat is insane, he is using the Peacock Tree to help him squeeze out the punishment’s power. Since the start of time, how many people actually dared to seize this power for their own?” An ancestor applauded this bold action.

Everyone was speechless after seeing this. Even though the tree was protecting him from the tribulation, he dared to send his own pillar of life into the punishment itself. Not too many people would dare to take such a risk.

Eventually, the lightning slowly disappeared. The thunder died down since the field up in the sky had been sucked dry by Li Qiye. Thus, the tribulation vanished.

His pillar of life had turned purple. Even though others couldn’t see it, they could still feel its power after absorbing enough from the tribulation. A mighty power was now contained within.

Once the pillar returned, the spring, tree, and cauldron of life all resonated with each other. The new power of the pillar allowed them to benefit as well.

The Life Origination was melting faster inside his spring of life. The augmentation thanks to the tribulation allowed the spring to become strong enough to dissolve this drop.

He recalled his fate palace and sat down at the base of the Peacock Tree. He closed his eyes and began to rest by channeling his energy.

“A great risk bears a great harvest.” An ancestor muttered: “It doesn’t matter whether this human boy is strong or not, he utilized this rare timing to steal the heavens’ punishment, so he’ll enjoy this great benefit for the rest of his life.”

“He is quite lucky to have been protected by the Peacock Tree and allowed to obtain the power of the tribulation.” A descendant of a great power became quite jealous.

“Look, a new branch is forming on the Peacock Tree.” Someone noticed a new development through their heavenly mirror.

Many turned to look as well. Sure enough, on top of the old roots of the Peacock Tree, a new green branch that carried unlimited vitality appeared.

“A successful life replenishment, this is way too heaven-defying.” Even ancestors gasped before this scene: “He has actually revived a nearly withered ancestral tree, this is incredible.”

A dying ancestor enviously spoke: “The Peacock Tree really obtained a rebirth from this. After this, even if it can’t live for another lifetime, it can definitely survive another eight or ten generations, maybe even longer.”

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