Chapter 122 : Common Target (2)

 Chapter 122 : Common Target (2)

“Kill it…”

The murderous shoutings and the rumbling sounds of the giant snail escaping spanned for a thousand miles.

In the area that Li Qiye was escaping to, many people were searching for treasures. With reddened eyes, they became greedy as well and started to follow.

“Sect Master of the Crimson Heaven Sect, King of the Soaring Eagle small nation, Lord of the Draconic Hydras, Sect Master of the Pan Ku Sect…”

On the snail’s back, Li Shuangyan was radiating immortal lights with her holy blooming lotuses. The moment her Void Imperfection Physique activated, no techniques could penetrate the area and she easily repelled all of the experts that chased from behind.

At first, many sect masters didn’t make a move. However, seeing Li Qiye become more and more frightened as he ran away and how more people were joining the chase, they couldn’t wait any longer and rushed straight forward to capture Li Qiye alive.

Li Shuangyan uttered a battle cry and her Void Imperfection Physique unleashed its amazing potential. All other techniques couldn’t approach her while her sword swung in all directions and forced back the big characters in the blink of an eye.

However, the number of pursuers increased more and more. Even if Li Shuangyan had heaven frightening power, she still couldn’t handle all of them. After a while, Li Shuangyan was caught in a bitter struggle and had one hand support her arm from fatigue.

At this moment, countless people’s eyes were reddened with only the Kun Peng’s Six Variants in their sight. The chase exploded into an all-out battle; everyone lost their rational minds. No matter whether they were great sect masters or lords of nations, they all wanted to be the first to capture Li Qiye before he fell into the hands of others.

“Gu Tieshou didn’t follow him!”

Along the way, Jiang Zuo Tie Yi didn’t make a move. He only observed Li Shuangyan struggling against the whole situation. This time, he was sure that Gu Tieshou was absolutely absent.

“Little demon, where are you escaping to…”

Jiang Zuo Tie Yi finally took action. He deafeningly roared and rushed forward with an intention to kill.

The moment he made a move, all of the other Royal Nobles couldn’t wait any longer; they also rushed towards Li Qiye.

With so many Royal Nobles in the mix, no matter how heaven defying Li Shuangyan was, she couldn’t repel all of them. Suddenly, Li Qiye’s group was caught in a dangerous situation.

“Rush in there!”

Seeing that the time was ripe, Li Qiye smiled and told Niu Fen to carry them into the no man’s area.

Niu Fen acted as if he had thrown all caution to the wind and used all of his energy, as if he was drinking his mother’s breast milk. He made thunderous sounds and, in one breath, blitzed into the no man’s area!

During the chase, everyone inadvertently went inside the dangerous area, but they didn’t see any Heavenly Beasts nor Longevity Spirits, so everyone became more daring.

At this moment, when Li Qiye went inside the no man’s area, all of the chasing cultivators couldn’t help but pause. Everyone stopped in their tracks.

“We will go in!”

Jiang Zuo Tie Yi also paused. Finally, he decisively commanded and led the charge.

With his command, the iron cavalry behind him, like the winds and clouds, also rushed in and followed his charge.

“It’s Marquis of the Eastern River and Jiang Zuo Clan’s cavalry!”

Seeing Marquis of the Eastern River’s sudden appearance as he lead the cavalry, many people were surprised.

They suddenly realized that Marquis of the Eastern River never went back to the Jiang Zuo Clan to grab the treasure. He had always been inside the Evil Infested Ridge and was simply hiding!

“The Jiang Zuo Clan has went in, so what are we hesitating for!”

A lord of a small nation roared, and he brought his disciples inside!

“That's right! With the birth of the Godly Monarch’s treasure, all of the Longevity Spirits and Heavenly Beasts have ran away. We should kill our way in, not only for the Emperor Merit Law, but also the Godly Monarch’s treasure!”[1. This is the new proper term for the godly treasure a couple of chapters ago]

A great sect master also shouted, and went inside along with his disciples.

Because they dreaded the one million year old Longevity Spirits and Heavenly Beasts inside the no man’s area, no one dared to recklessly step inside. However, in the current circumstance, after going through the dangerous area without seeing any beasts, everyone became braver and rushed in.

After they were inside, Niu Fen’s speed became as fast as lightning while maintaining the veil of silence. He no longer had the panic-stricken appearance of before!

Li Qiye easily shook off the pursuers. After analyzing the geography of this area, he finally smiled and picked up some large wild fruits.

He crushed the fruit and its juice sprayed all over Li Shuangyan’s body.

“What are you doing–?”

After being sprayed by the unpleasant smelling fruit juice, Li Shuangyan suddenly jumped up.

Li Qiye then sprayed the juice over his own body, and a lot more on the giant body of Niu Fen. Then, he smiled:

“Nothing special, just that this will allow us to lead the sheeps to the lion’s jaws.”

The group of Marquis of the Eastern River went into the no man’s area, but they couldn’t find Li Qiye. This made Jiang Zuo Tie Yi exclaim in anger:

“If we knew that Gu Tieshou wasn’t following, earlier, we should have made the first move!”

“There are no Longevity Spirits nor Heavenly Beasts here, as well. Even if we have to turn the earth over, we will still find him!”

Marquis of the Eastern River coldly said.

He was gnashing his teeth in regret because he had been too careful and missed a good opportunity!

Not seeing any fierce beasts inside made them relieved. One had to know that one million year old beasts rule over a large area. Once there were intruders, there will be many fierce beasts attacking them.

However, they have broken inside and didn’t see anything. This meant that all of the beasts must have escaped.


As they were still wallowing in their regrets, in the far distance, they saw a giant snail escaping from a cavern. It headed for an even deeper region inside the no man’s area.

“Where are you escaping to…”

Seeing the giant snail in the far distance, Jiang Zuo Tie Yi coldly yelled and began the chase again with his troops.

“Over there…”

Niu Fen was making too much noise, and it suddenly alarmed everyone else. At this moment, all of the cultivators inside the no man’s area was like the buzzing of bees when they lost their nest. All of them chased towards Niu Fen’s direction.

“We absolutely cannot let them escape.”

Numerous yells were ringing in the air, and countless people began to chase.

But this time, it seemed like the giant snail was very tired from running. In the end, it couldn’t go on any more and stopped on top of a huge mountain. He seemed to be unable to move as he was panting.

“Where will you escape to this time.”

In a flash, many experts from the great powers suddenly surrounded Li Qiye with many layers of entrapments.

“Grandpa Jiang, this isn’t something that your Jiang Zuo Clan can take all for yourself.”

At the moment when Jiang Zuo Tie Yi wanted to take action, a Royal Noble blocked his path.

“So, only you would dare to compete for the Emperor Merit Law with my Jiang Zuo Clan?”

This Royal Noble also coldly said:

“Even though the Jiang Zuo Clan is powerful, but do you dare to become the enemy of the rest of the world? My Pan Ku Sect, along with the alliance of sixteen other grand sects and powerful nations… Does Grandpa Jiang really want to become our enemy?”

“This is true, the Jiang Zuo Clan cannot have a monopoly on the Emperor Merit Law!”

At this moment, the sects that were trapping Li Qiye also loudly exclaimed.

Everyone’s mouths were watering with greed towards Li Qiye! No one was willing to let go of an Emperor Merit Law.

Suddenly, the forces surrounding Li Qiye were arguing with rising tension!

“Gentlemen, how about hearing me out?”

At this moment, Li Qiye, who was comfortably sitting on the snail, smiled and said:

“In my opinion, everyone should still just back off and save your own lives so that you all can enjoy it at home!”

“Little demon, it is not your turn to speak, here!”

At this moment, Jiang Zuo Tie Yi coldly yelled. In his eyes, Li Qiye was a fish on a chopping block; he couldn’t do anything to defend himself.

Li Qiye was not annoyed by Jiang Zuo Tie Yi, and he cheerfully smiled:

“I am full of good intentions. If you all don’t appreciate my goodwill, then your blood will stain this ground red.”

Li Qiye’s words led to an explosion of sneering. Everyone was laughing! A disciple from a grand sect pointed at Li Qiye, while laughing till his stomach hurt, and said:

“Haha, hah… This is the funniest joke I’ve heard this entire year. How can a meaningless little demon like you say something like this without feeling abashed?”

“You don’t know life from death. Your end is about to come, yet you still aren’t enlightened!”

Marquis of the Eastern River chillingly said.

Li Qiye glared at him and leisurely said:

“Dogs will never stop their natural urges to eat shit. Virtuous Monarch Jiang Zuo was a hypocrite his whole life, and his descendants don’t seem to be any better. It seems like your Jiang Zuo Clan was born as cowards that go back on their words!”

At this moment, some people couldn’t help but give dismissive glances towards Marquis of the Eastern River. Earlier he wanted to bet against Li Qiye, but now, he changed his mind and wanted to seize the Emperor Merit Law. Not staying true to his words — truly an act of villains!

Marquis of the Eastern River was livid. After a pause, he coldly spoke:

“You are merely a fish on a chopping block, the bet between you and me no longer counts!”

Li Qiye smiled, looked at everyone around, and then said:

“Nevermind. Since all of you don’t know life from death, then today, don’t blame me for being cruel. A mountain of bones was destined to be erected here today. Still the same words, whoever blocks my path, kill without mercy!”


Suddenly, another comedius uproar of laughters filled the air. Everyone looked at Li Qiye like they were looking at an idiot.

Even Marquis of the Eastern River had to laughed. Then, he sneered:

“Truly foolish. Your death is in front of your eyes yet you still think that you are an invincible character, acting all pretentious…”

“Bang… Bang…”

But before Marquis of the Eastern River could finish his words, this giant mountain suddenly cracked.


A loud noise ensued, and a vast and unparalleled aura filled the heavens. In a flash, a giant shadow bursted out from the mountain.

A huge Heavenly Beast appeared in front of everyone. This Heavenly Beast had the appearance of an ape, with giant bones rising from its back. These bones were sucking and emitting countless black lights, like ferocious spears piercing the sky.

There were two wings behind this great ape. The moment they were spread open, it blotted out the sun. Countless amounts of profound dao and murderous universal laws fell down from the sky, like giant iron chains, emitting clanking sounds.

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