Chapter 1219: The Teeming Fish On The Offensive

Chapter 1219: The Teeming Fish On The Offensive

“Boom!” The billions of fish attacking Peacock Land created a spectacular scene. Just the tidal waves rushing to the sky had an unstoppable momentum.

Anyone would be aghast since the entire Jade Sea was quaking from their advance. Eventually, they stopped right outside the circle drawn by Li Qiye since they knew of the terrible trap waiting inside.

The army looked at the millions of fish bones hanging in the sky and their fury rose uncontrollably. From foot soldiers all the way to fish kings, all reddened with rage and wanted nothing more than to tear Li Qiye apart.

A Teeming King screamed: “We shall never return to our kingdoms before killing that little beast!”

“Yes! Never return until we kill his ten clans as well!” The shouts of these fish echoed to the sky.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was still sitting at the base of the Peacock Tree. He lazily stood up to look at the horde and revealed a gentle smile: “I have always been a merciful and peace-loving person, so I shall grant all of you one last chance. Immediately scurry back to your homes like good little fish or I’ll kill all of you to the very root.”

Such words enraged the fish even more. They angrily glared at him with intense murderous intent, more than enough to kill him thousands of times over.

“Little beast, today will be your demise!” A fish king hovering in the sky shouted: “We’ll not only kill you, we’ll devour this land as well! But before that, we’ll take our time torturing you until you reveal your identity, then we’ll finish off your ten clans. Both the young and old men and women in your clans will cry in agony for the rest of their lives for daring to provoke our tribe’s prestige.”

“A group of ants daring to talk about slaughtering a true dragon.” Li Qiye burst out in laughter: “None of you are qualified, not even if you had more people!”

“Is that so?” Another fish king snorted: “Keep on gloating. You won’t be able to do so soon.”

Through the heavenly mirrors, the spectators were still holding their breaths despite being countless miles away.

“Gentlemen, please break this formation.” A fish king shouted at the horizon in order to call for reinforcements.

“Bang!” A great formation consisting of more than ten exceedingly powerful charming spirit experts descended from the sky. It was easy to tell that they were at least at the high elder level due to their gray hair.

Flames covered them as this grand formation was coming down. This terrifying fire instantly suppressed the area in a frightening fashion.

“The Commanding Elder of the Extreme Yang School!” A sect master recognized the leader through the heavenly mirror.

“Boom!” Flames fell from the sky while bubbles soared from the water. Li Qiye’s formation immediately attacked the high elders.

“Activate!” The elders shouted together and took out a cauldron. Their formation supported this cauldron, turning it into a gigantic divine cauldron.

“Boom! Boom!” Explosions rang nonstop. This immortal cauldron crazily absorbed the flames from Li Qiye’s cauldron. Even the bubbles and seawater that had fused with his fire were absorbed, with the remnants falling back into the ocean.

A royal lord murmured: “Extreme Yang Cauldron, rumored to be a great formation created by a grand completion Immortal Physique user.”

“Not bad.” Li Qiye smiled. One could hear a crash followed by loud blasts. Countless laws surged from the sea in the form of gigantic chains. Each of them was as mighty as a mountain range; they tried to lock the Extreme Yang Cauldron.

“Don’t even think about it!” At this time, one more great formation appeared in the sky. The clanging of swords reverberated continuously as huge swords flew to the sky like blooming lotuses. With the blooming of these lotuses, the universal laws from the sea became much weaker.

“Law Evading Sword Formation!” Someone else recognized this formation from the mirror and shouted: “This is the great formation of the Immaculate Expanse.”

Without a doubt, both the Extreme Yang School and the Immaculate Expanse paid a huge price to utilize their great formations. They wouldn’t give up until Li Qiye died.

An old man inside the sword formation cried out: “Elders, together!”

“Buzz!” Both the cauldron and sword formation exerted their maximum power. First, the cauldron was absorbing the fire from Li Qiye’s cauldron while the sword law evaded the chains made out of laws. It took all the grand dao power away from this technique.

Under the two great formations, Li Qiye’s trap finally shattered since both his fire and chains were cut off.

“Boom!” The formations continued to maintain their highest level of power to suppress this region. In other words, if Li Qiye still had more traps or techniques placed here, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Little animal, your trick is just child’s play — can’t reach the apex.” A commanding elder of the Extreme Yang School spoke coldly after seeing the two formations working as planned.

A high elder from this sect coldly uttered: “Killing our Immaculate Expanse disciples is deserving of ten thousand deaths! Be damned!”

At this time, they felt that Li Qiye couldn’t do anything against the two formations even if he had other means. He was a fish on the chopping board, waiting to be killed.

“It is too difficult for one person to shake a lineage.” Someone murmured while staring at a heavenly mirror.

A royal lord said with worry: “The expanse, the Extreme Yang School, and the Teeming Fish are quite scary when they are working together. It looks like Li Qiye is really pushing them this time.”

An ancestor lamented: “What a shame, this is a hero. The human race will lose such a good seed. This is what happens when you are too brittle and inflexible. His future was unlimited, but he was too arrogant and made too many enemies at once. This is him walking to his death.”

“Little beast, today will be your funeral!” A fish king shouted: “Brothers, rush into Peacock Land. No dangers will deter our advance, we shall devour the entire land and tear this little beast into pieces!”

“Devour the land! Tear the little beast into pieces!” The army chanted in unison. Their battle cry shook even the stars in the sky.

Endless streams of Teeming Fish rushed for Peacock Land. At this moment, nothing Li Qiye did could deter their determination to destroy him. They were still far from reaching the land itself, but their momentum was already impacting the entire land.

Li Qiye showed no sign of worry and instead revealed a beaming smile: “That was just for fun, now it is time for the real harvest.”

Having said that, a buzz resounded. The Peacock Tree behind him suddenly emitted a blinding light of all kinds of colors.

This divine light soared to the sky and overfilled the sky vault. It opened the nine heavens and derived a timeless primordial chaos.

“What’s happening?” This sudden change caught everyone off guard.

This light turned into a huge tail. The Peacock Tree suddenly disappeared from sight.

A huge peacock emerged in the sky. Its wings blotted out the sun, suddenly turning the world dark. All that remained was the brilliance of the peacock and its five colors. The entire Jade Sea was illuminated by this five-colored divine light.

“Whoosh!” The peacock spread its tail. In an instant, a truly invincible aura pervaded the entire Heaven Spirit World.

There were no laws or moves, just the spreading of the bird’s tail suppressed all living beings. Even powerful paragons and terrifying God-Monarchs felt that they were mere ants before this invincible aura. They were too fragile and couldn’t reach the apex.

“Buzz!” The peacock’s tail swept by and the billion Teeming Fish were suppressed. Both the Extreme Yang Cauldron and the Law Evading Sword Formation were stopped as well.

At this moment, neither paragons nor the powerful formations could move at all; they were completely pinned down. Even time and space were paused like a painting.

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