Chapter 1218: Declaration Of War From A Million Kingdoms

Chapter 1218: Declaration Of War From A Million Kingdoms

After a few days, the Jade Sea and the Teeming Fish were still silent. There were no movements from them.

However, experienced big shots could smell that something in the air had changed: “The calm before the raging storm, who knows who the ultimate victor will be?”

Everyone understood that Li Qiye had planted a trap for the Teeming Fish. At this moment, the question was whether these fish would jump into this pit or not.

Several more days passed and the Teeming Tribe was still quiet. At this time, everyone thought that they had given up.

“Li, listen up, my Nightcrystal Kingdom will accept the challenge. We shall have vengeance for our million dead brothers. We will not only kill you, but also your ten clans!” Eventually, one kingdom rose to the challenge. Its king sent out this fierce message.

“A mountain of blades and a sea of fire still won’t be able to stop our Stonecloud Citadel’s determination for revenge. We shall slay Li Qiye!” Another lineage replied to Li Qiye’s challenge.

“Without killing Li Qiye’s ten clans, our eight million strong Eastern Sea Kingdom will never return to our home!” One more declared war on Li Qiye.

“No matter how far you may be, we shall chase you to the very end for the crime of killing our comrades. Our Propitious Sea Kingdom shall offer Li Qiye’s head to our fallen brothers!” Another joined the fray.

*** *** ***

In a short period of time, the Teeming Fish from all over the seas accepted the challenge in succession. They all swore to kill Li Qiye.

Their cries echoed across the vast oceans, frightening many cultivators and lineages.

Before this, the Teeming Fish claimed to have millions of kingdoms. Of course, people knew that this was only an exaggeration. However, after seeing one kingdom after another rising up against Li Qiye, they realized for a second time just how powerful and pervasive this tribe was.

Another thing to note was that the tribe had been incredibly quiet the past several days, but in just one night, numerous Teeming kingdoms declared war all at once. People could faintly guess something from this.

“Very good, come then, my butcher’s blade is waiting. Bring ten million, slay ten million, bring one trillion, I’ll slay one trillion! And as for the Immaculate Expanse and the Extreme Yang School, there’s no need to hide any longer, my blade is anxious to have its fill of your blood.” Li Qiye’s response was also quite fierce.

“Insufferable Little Qiye, our Immaculate Expanse vows to never give up until you die.” The expanse responded without any reservation.

“Human child, even if you prepare an inferno of blades, the greatest of formations, our Extreme Yang School will still annihilate you completely!” The Extreme Yang School sent out their answer as well.

“Count our Ophidian Tribe in as well!” Another enemy of Li Qiye released a message.

“And my Dual-Pupils Sect!” The sect master of this lineage also sent out a strong message: “Kill Li Qiye to rid the Heaven Spirit World of his evil!”

“Very well, the nobodies want to play too. I don’t mind more debts; all of you can come, little children. Your grandfather will be waiting for you at Peacock Land!” Li Qiye’s laughter resounded across the ocean with an incomparably arrogant tone!

Such an overbearing attitude left many people dumbfounded.

Someone murmured: “This is how a man should be. Challenging the entire world with one’s own strength. Even if he dies, his life would still have been full of glory!”

“Rumble!” On this day, huge waves were thrown into the sky and blotted out the sun. The entire Jade Sea was shaking because of this.

The horizon turned white after loud explosions due to the monstrous waves being pushed up. If one had a high vantage point to look down from, they would definitely be rewarded with a majestic scene.

Peacock Land was the area of the world's focus. Hordes of Teeming Fish came from all directions. Each legion had a different system and formation as they surged for this place.

The countless kingdoms had mobilized at the same time with billions of fish in their armies. In both the sky and the ocean, only Teeming Fish could be found.

There was no end to them, their ranks spanning as far as the eyes could see. Anywhere that light could reach was occupied by fish.

The troops of this tribe from all over the world gathered to form a mighty army.

“Oh mommy, the Teeming Fish are using all of their forces!” Many people nearly wet their pants after seeing this lineup. Those who came for the treasures no longer dared to linger behind and quickly ran away from this land of turmoil.

“Damn humans!” Some of the human cultivators who were already here wanted to escape. However, the perimeter of Peacock Land was completely sealed by the Teeming Fish. These fleeing cultivators suffered attacks right away.

Even though they were quite strong, they still couldn’t escape death for they faced billions of Teeming Fish. With miserable screams, they were instantly eaten by them. Not even traces of their bones were left behind.

They died full of regret for not listening to Li Qiye earlier. If they had left as soon as possible, they wouldn’t have attracted this fatal disaster, resulting in a death without a burial.

“Take out the heavenly mirrors.” Many lineages were worried about this grand event. No one apart from top experts dared to personally come and watch. The majority of the lineages didn’t want to miss this unique battle, so they didn’t mind wasting refined jades to activate their heavenly mirrors.

Through the mirrors, they could watch the battlefield full of Teeming Fish.

Fish heads were bobbing back and forth. The ferocious army was armed with tridents and harpoons. The glint of their weapons illuminated the whole sea. This was not a friendly sight for cowards to watch.

Even the sect masters and royal lords were creeped out by this. The billion-strong army could tear through everything. Just a few bites from each of the soldiers could destroy an entire great power.

“Messing with the Teeming Fish is like playing with a hornet’s nest.” A sect master murmured while breaking out in cold sweat.

Another royal lord commented with anxiety: “Who would want to provoke these vicious fish alone outside of sea gods, treefathers, and Immortal Emperors?”

“They aren’t only trying to kill Li Qiye for revenge this time. This is a showing of their military might, deterring the world by showing their frightening strength, lest others want to suffer the fate of genocide.” An ancestor was quite discerning.

In fact, a few older ancestors knew this full well, especially those from experienced lineages like the Golden Isle or the Void Imperfection Three Schools. They had been around for too long.

Li Qiye had dealt a great blow to the Teeming Fish to the point of trampling on their reputation and prestige.

Eating dragon tendons publicly was humiliating to this tribe, but now, he even massacred a million fish and killed the symbol of their race — their tribemaster. This was shaking the very foundation and status of their tribe in the Heaven Spirit World.

If they didn’t kill him today, they would never be able to regain their fierce reputation. Perhaps the world would start to think that they were easily bullied. Many lineages would want to seize their territories and people would want to eat dragon tendons.

Because of this, the tribe had united and managed to muster billions of troops. This was not only to kill Li Qiye, but also to show off their might and solidarity as a deterrent measure. Provoke them and face genocide!

The Teeming experts crowded the sky and the sea. The terrifying experts up there were all in human form.

These old men were dressed in gold and wore regal clothing since they were high elders and kings. There was no lack of Virtuous Paragons here.

Of course, it was difficult to find a God-Monarch in the Teeming Tribe. The fish were quite weak in terms of cultivation. Not to mention charming spirits, they were very far behind compared to even ordinary sea demons.

However, due to their large population, they still had quite a few Virtuous Paragons. The hard part was to have one of these paragons reach the God-Monarch level.

Despite the exaggeration in the rhetoric regarding their numbers, the mass ahead was indeed too immense. No other lineage could gather so many children. This magnificent scene was something only the Teeming Fish could produce.

Eventually, their kingdoms finished gathering their troops. At this time, the ophidian treants and Dual-Pupils Sect along with another dozen lineages had aggregated to form an alliance with the Teeming Fish to assault Peacock Land.

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