Chapter 121 : Common Target (1)

 Chapter 121 : Common Target (1)

Many cultivators observing from afar quietly took a deep breath. Marquis of the Eastern River’s words blocked all of Li Qiye’s methods of retreat. At the moment, Li Qiye was not at the Heaven’s Primal realm. If he hurt his own body, then he would become a cripple.

However, Li Qiye was not at all surprised and cheerfully smiled:

“Ah, if we must bet, then let us bet. If you lose, what will you give me?”


Marquis of the Eastern River’s expression became extremely ugly. A little demon that’s only at the Physique Accumulation realm yet still dares to boast in front of him. He was a genius one step into the Royal Noble realm. If Li Shuangyan wasn’t protecting him, he would kill this little brat with one strike like killing an ant.

Li Qiye smiled and looked at Marquis of the Eastern River, and he said:

“So? If you can’t afford to lose, then don’t bet. Even though your Jiang Zuo Clan considers itself an ancient clan, but in my eyes, I’m afraid your clan is struck by destitution.”

Li Qiye’s words left Marquis of the Eastern River shivering with anger. He bit his teeth and angrily said:

“Little demon, if you can beat me, then I will give you a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure! However, I’m afraid you will never have this chance.”

Many people were moved after hearing about the Virtuous Paragon True Treasure. This was many times stronger than a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure. This was a heaven defying treasure, ah! Not mentioning people of their level, even Ancient Saints would start to drool.

“You think too highly of yourself.”

Li Qiye shook his head and said:

“A Virtuous Paragon True Treasure? This is nothing. Even though our sect is in its decline, but, carrying two or three items of this level is not a difficult matter. And your Virtuous Paragon True Treasure? Compared to my Emperor Merit Law, it is no different than trash!”

Li Qiye’s arrogance shut up all of the spectators. Marquis of the Eastern River’s face was ugly to the extreme. He was too angry to say anything! His anger was gathering inside his heart.

Even though these words were unrestrained, many cultivators agreed that it made a lot of sense. Virtuous Paragon True Treasures were truly priceless treasures, but compared to Emperor Merit Laws, there was still a fair gap!

“How about this, I see that your Jiang Zuo Clan is as poor as dirt.”

Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said:

“So I will be generous. I heard that your Jiang Zuo Clan had a Wise Heart Jewel Box. If you lose, just bring the Wise Heart Jewel Box to me!”

Marquis of the Eastern River was pale from anger, and the other Jiang Zuo disciples’ faces were also extremely difficult to behold. The Jiang Zuo Clan was an ancient clan, but in the words of Li Qiye, it had become a poor family; how could this not drive them crazy?

The truth was, many cultivators didn’t know what the Wise Heart Jewel Box was. They had never heard of it before.

At this moment, Marquis of the Eastern River looked at Jiang Zuo Tieyi, and Marquis of the Eastern River finally said:

“Good, little demon, it is a deal. Fifteen days later, we will bring the treasure here, and then we shall fight!”

“I will wait. Make sure to prepare your hearts so that, when you lose, you won’t be crying while going home.”

Li Qiye smiled and said.

The light in Marquis of the Eastern River eyes jumped as he wanted to kill, but he managed to restrain his emotions. He only coldly snorted before he left, along with the Jiang Zuo disciples.

After the Jiang Zuo cavalry had left, many cultivators nearby were gossipping quietly. This was a huge gamble that involved an Emperor Merit Law. Not to mention the Jiang Zuo Clan, but even the cultivators here could feel their hearts beating faster.

Who wouldn’t want an Emperor Merit Law? What sect and heritages wouldn’t want one? Especially to those without any Emperor Merit Laws at all, just by obtaining one, it would greatly increase their future potential.

After Marquis of the Eastern River left, Li Qiye also rode his snail away. After they left that place, Niu Fen couldn’t help but ask:

“Young Noble, why didn’t you let me take action and kill all of the cavalry of the Jiang Zuo Clan?”

“No need to rush. The Jiang Zuo Clan isn’t the only group coveting the Emperor Merit Law. Just wait, we will capture all of them at once — this would be a great matter. Maybe we can boil all of them into a giant meat pot.”

Li Qiye calmly said.

Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but to look at Li Qiye, and she asked:

“You really want to fight against Marquis of the Eastern River?”

Regarding this matter, everyone would undoubtedly think that Li Qiye would lose, but Li Shuangyan thought differently. She just felt that this was a little strange.

“You should ask Marquis of the Eastern River, this was not my decision.”

Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed and cheerfully said.

Seeing his eyes narrow, Li Shuangyan felt a bit alarmed. From her experiences, whenever Li Qiye narrowed his eyes, it would not end peacefully.

After Li Qiye left, his duel with Marquis of the Eastern River was spread to all of the Evil Infested Ridge, especially the items they were betting with.

The Jiang Zuo Clan’s Wise Heart Jewel Box — forget about this, no one knew what this was and they didn’t want to mess with the Jiang Zuo Clan.

However, the Kun Peng’s Six Variants — this was a thing that incited greed in all existences. An Emperor Merit Law, Min Ren’s strongest Emperor Merit Law! When cultivated to grand completion, this law could sweep through the entire world! Many sects without Emperor Merit Laws were very tempted. Suddenly, many great characters’ eyes were flashing. They wanted to find the whereabouts of Li Qiye.

At this time, to many people, the duel between Li Qiye and Marquis of the Eastern River was no longer important. If they could capture Li Qiye before the Jiang Zuo Clan, then they could torture him for the Kun Peng’s Six Variants.

So, Li Qiye’s location suddenly became the most important matter in the hearts of many. Before this event, no one cared about him, but at this moment, it was completely different since he had the Emperor Merit Law on his body.

“Someone is following us.”

Currently, Li Qiye left the dangerous area, but Niu Fen said in a serious manner.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile as he said:

“Nothing is strange about this. Even I would be drooling for the Kun Peng’s Six Variants. Who could resist an Emperor Merit Law?”

The cultivators that were following Li Qiye did not number in just ones or twos. Many Royal Nobles and Sect Masters were personally tailing him.

In a short period of time, no one dared to make a move. People were wary of Gu Tieshou’s emperor’s possession that may be lurking nearby to protect Li Qiye.

However, as time passed, there were experts that couldn’t wait any longer so they suddenly made an upheaval. A palm suddenly appeared to grip Li Qiye. At this moment, he was a fat sheep that everyone wanted a mouthful of!

Li Shuangyan immediately unleashed her sword and cut off the hand, resulting in a pitiful scream.

Li Shuangyan was not the heaven’s proud daughter in name. She was a Royal Noble, and if she was serious, even the previous generation’s Royal Nobles wouldn’t be able to beat her.

Even though Li Shuangyan cut off a hand, she couldn’t stop all of these greedy cultivators. A short time later, many cultivators were testing the water again, but Li Shuangyan repulsed all of them just like before.

“The Jiang Zuo Clan’s Jiang Zuo Tieyi is also following us.”

Up ahead, Niu Fen told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and said:

“Go a bit faster, pretend like we are running for our lives. However, do not go too fast, we are in no hurry to get rid of them.”

Hearing this, Niu Fen immediately sped up, with a sense of panic, and fled deeper to the east.

Sure enough, the moment Niu Fen sped up, many cultivators who were following them immediately appeared. They knew that Li Qiye was aware of their tailing, so they no longer needed to hide and decided to chase him down.

“Bang… Bang…”

Many cultivators roared and hurriedly unleashed their Life Treasures straight at Li Qiye.

Li Shuangyan snorted and released a giant lotus blossom that turned into sword energies. It transformed into a natural shield and repelled these attacks.

“Where are you escaping to…”

A cultivator couldn’t help but shout, and he sped up to reach Li Qiye’s location.


Niu Fen kept on running and caused loud rumbles. The earth and mountains were trembling. He was running as if he was under panic.

Seeing Li Qiye trying to get away, many experts hurried to catch up. Li Shuangyan had to fight all of them off by herself, and struck them away one by one.

There were a few Royal Nobles that didn’t rush things. They followed behind Li Qiye’s group, coldly waiting to let the impatient ones make the first move and let them test the waters.

Suddenly, it became a spectacular scene. Numerous cultivators chased Li Qiye, who was riding a giant snail. This looked like a bunch of ants chasing to bite a giant elephant!

Jiang Zuo Tieyi, with a cold gaze, was also following behind them. He was not only staring at Li Qiye, but also monitoring all directions. Even until now, there was still no trace of Gu Tieshou.

“Seize the Emperor Merit Law, yah!”

In the dangerous area in the east, many sects were just digging for treasures. At this moment, when Li Qiye’s “escape” was creating such a big commotion, it alarmed these stronger powers. Seeing the group chasing after Li Qiye like ants trying to bite an elephant, many of them also joined in for this battle to seize the treasure.

As a huge snail, Niu Fen was running around in panic and trampled many trees. The moment he crossed a huge mountain, boulders began to roll. He appeared to be very frightened and confused.

Niu Fen’s appearance while escaping to the east made the chasing cultivators even more courageous. Suddenly, Li Qiye was like a plump fat lamb that everyone could take a bite out of.

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