Chapter 1208: Conveniently Dispatching The Enemies

Chapter 1208: Conveniently Dispatching The Enemies

A youth descended from the sky with gushing blood energy and bright lights in an oppressive manner. The aggressive glint in his eyes shot everywhere as he exuded an unrestrained cocky attitude.

There were many old men behind him with great blood energies. None of them were weak.

“The Teeming Crown Prince is here.” One person shouted while others made way for the prince.

This was the firstborn of the Teeming Tribemaster, its future leader. His fame was widespread across the five rivers and four seas. [1. A phrase meaning everywhere.]

Dao Attendant Lin and Yan Yanglong were happy to see him as well. This was a once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity. With his arrival, it would be difficult for Li Qiye to survive.

The prince landed next to the divine well and loomed over Li Qiye to utter: “You are Li Qiye, right? How do you want to die?”

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely replied: “How do I want to die? I haven’t thought about that yet, but I sure know how you will die.”

He laughed at the prince and continued: “If this was any other day, I would have torn your body apart to eat your dragon tendon, but I am not interested today. I shall only decapitate you so that your followers can take your head and tell your father that wherever I appear, your tribe should get as far as possible from me. Otherwise, come one and I’ll kill one, come two and I’ll kill two!”

People gasped again after hearing this as their eyes darted to each other. These words were unbelievably arrogant. This was not just provoking the Teeming Tribe but a blatant declaration of war.

“Hahaha. Come one, kill one, come two, kill two?” The crown prince burst out laughing and exclaimed: “With just you alone? Hahaha, even the entire human race is not qualified to be our enemy. It is not difficult for us to exterminate your lot! So be it, we will treat your race as food in the near future.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled and stepped towards the crown prince.

One of the old men by the prince’s side shouted: “Arrogant junior, come and accept your death!”

With a loud roar, these old men mounted their offense without showing any mercy. Bolts of lightning zipped towards Li Qiye. They were all experts, so this attack was much more powerful than the ones from the other Teeming Fish.

This storm-like lightning offensive engulfed Li Qiye, wishing to burn him to a crisp.

“Elders, we’ll lend you a hand!” In a split second, Yan Yanglong and Dao Attendant Lin exchanged glances and immediately took action. However, their target was not Li Qiye but rather Teng Jiwen and Ye Tu.

Lin headed for Ye Tu while Yanglong aimed for Teng Jiwen. They claimed to be helping the Teeming Tribe, but in fact they had their own goals. Lin especially wanted the Void Imperfection Water from Ye Tu.

Ye Tu’s expression greatly changed at the incoming attack from the dao attendant. Even though he was a supervisor of the Void Imperfection School, he didn’t have an advantage at all against Lin. Moreover, Lin cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique.

He took out his treasures and channeled his laws. Multiple totems that resembled the shell of a Black Tortoise emerged to stop the dao attendant.

However, a holy light rushed out of Lin’s body. This was his physique. The moment it came out, myriad laws would be unable to touch him as he soared through Ye Tu’s treasures and defensive laws. His hand went forth towards Ye Tu in order to capture him alive.

At the same time, a flame covering thousands of miles around Yan Yanglong ignited to scorch Teng Jiwen. This was his Extreme Yang Physique.

Teng Jiwen was much stronger than Yan Yanglong. He roared and took one step back to create a huge gap between the two. It was not difficult for him to kill Yanglong, he was only contemplating whether he wanted to antagonize the Extreme Yang School!

Alas, Yanglong had no idea. He let out a battle cry and lunged forward like a dragon, sending a blazing inferno towards Teng Jiwen.

“Suicidal fool!” In this moment, Li Qiye’s glare became severe. He didn’t care for the old men from the Teeming Tribe.

With a boom, the Ancient Void Rune emerged. It didn’t matter how powerful the old men were, their lightning strike was instantly devoured by this rune; it wasn’t even enough for an appetizer.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t chase after the crown prince. He slightly moved his palm and a divine seal descended from the sky. It headed straight for Dao Attendant Lin.

Lin was startled and channeled his physique to its limit. It was the same as a blooming lotus. He relied on this physique to avoid the suppressing seal.

“Boom!” Regardless of the level that his physique had reached, he couldn’t escape the seal. His entire body was pushed down by the seal with blood spurting everywhere.

Li Qiye then flicked out a universal law. With a clang, this arrow-like law aimed straight for where Teng Jiwen and Yan Yanglong were.

“Ahh—” Yanglong simply couldn’t dodge this law and was nailed to the ground.

“Crackle!” In this split second, after the void rune had swallowed up the lightning currents, an even stronger one shot out. The dozen old men from the Teeming Tribe were blown away by the impact and fell to the ground. Smoke wafted from their bodies while others could smell burnt flesh. They were lying on the ground without moving; who knows if they were dead or alive.

This all happened too fast. Some people didn’t even know what had just happened.

The crown prince was shocked. He let out a long shout: “Little animal, die!”

His lightning current turned into a saber that he swung horizontally. This slash turned into a huge lightning vortex that trapped Li Qiye within.

The earth continuously quaked from the loud detonations within the lightning vortex. Many people were amazed by this power. The crown prince was able to materialize his current into a tangible form. No wonder why there had long been rumors about him setting one foot into the Virtuous Paragon realm. It seemed that this was true.

People realized that even if he wasn’t a paragon, he was infinitely close to being one.

Li Qiye didn’t bother taking a glimpse at the electric vortex and casually released a palm attack.

“Boom!” The lightning vortex shattered instantly. Meanwhile, this palm attack was still unceasing and struck the crown prince’s body.

It was truly too fast, so others couldn’t see it clearly. The crown prince didn’t even have a chance to dodge.

“Bang!” His body was stuck to the ground as his blood dyed the soil red.

Everyone was dazed after seeing this. Someone couldn’t help but blurt out: “A Virtuous Paragon!”

At this time, many realized that this human boy in front of them was a paragon, a true paragon. He was different from the crown prince who claimed to be one as the reality was that he had only set one foot into the door of this realm.

Only a true paragon would be able to blow the crown prince away with just one slap.

Shortly after, the scene turned very quiet as fear crept up among the crowd. They glanced at each other in disbelief. Since when did the human race have such a young paragon?

In fact, regardless of the era, all who could reach this realm at such a young age would be geniuses. Even if they couldn’t deter the world, they would still enjoy great fame.

However, no one had heard of the name Li Qiye before. Moreover, humans were too rare in the Heaven Spirit World; such a young paragon should have been famous long ago.

All eyes were on him. Those with weaker cultivations felt their hearts jumping. They secretly praised their good fortune for not fighting with Li Qiye earlier. After all, they would only be fish on a chopping block before a Virtuous Paragon!

Li Qiye slowly turned around and walked towards the dao attendant suppressed by the divine seal. His body had completely shattered under the absolute suppression. He desperately tried to activate his Void Suppression Physique, but there was no response.

Li Qiye coldly stared him down and said: “I didn’t kill you earlier because I want you to die with clarity.”

With a blanched complexion, the attendant harshly shouted: “My, my master is the supreme master of the Immaculate Expanse—”

He couldn’t finish his sentence before Li Qiye completely smashed his skull with a stomp — off to hell with him. People’s hearts skipped a beat after hearing this bone-crushing noise. What a vexing and miserable way to go.

He then walked past and looked at Yan Yanglong while smiling: “I have always been a merciful person. If you eat all the soil now, I can still spare your life.”

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