Chapter 1207: Void Imperfection Water

Chapter 1207: Void Imperfection Water

After doing his round down in the well, Li Qiye turned his head and coldly glared at Yan Yanglong before smiling to say: “Don’t use the wise sages of the Charming Spirit Race to make yourself feel better. Just be straight and say that you couldn’t find anything even after using a divine mirror. People are stupid to some extent, everyone knows this so no one will laugh at you specifically.”

To be publicly ridiculed like this left Yan Yanglong humiliated. His master could deter the entire Jade Sea and he himself was more or less famous.

“Naive fool, such a big tone.” Yan Yanglong knew that Li Qiye was not weak after seeing his quick dispatch of Gongsun Qianer. However, he couldn’t back down in this situation: “You think you can find some clues alone? How utterly ridiculous!”

“Really?” Li Qiye lazily replied: “Your demeanor indicates how highly you view yourself. If I can find something from this well, then wouldn’t you lose all face?”

“If you can make the divine water come out, I won’t say a single word and eat all the mud around this well!” Yan Yanglong felt his temper worsening and sneered.

Dao Attendant Lin, who was standing with him, joined in with a mocking grin: “Brother Yanglong, aren’t you making things too difficult for him? One would have to be daydreaming to think that a human junior could make divine water come out.”

At this time, the cultivators on the sidelines only watched and didn’t want to join in this mess. Meanwhile, the real big shots were just watching the fun with amusement.

Li Qiye looked at him with disdain and smiled: “Don’t forget your words, remember to eat all the mud here.”

“You!” The continuous ridicule left Yan Yanglong with an extremely ugly expression accompanied by murderous flashes in his eyes.

Li Qiye ignored him and placed the jade bowl in front of him before sitting down and closing his eyes.

At this moment, those next to the well were watching with bated breaths. They took note of Li Qiye’s confidence and wanted to see if he could gather divine water or not.

In fact, they had their own plans. If Li Qiye were to be successful, would they be able to get part of the soup pot as well?

As for the bet between the two, it had nothing to do with them. After all, most were unwilling to provoke an existence like the Extreme Yang School.

Both Teng Jiwen and Ye Tu were anxious as well. They wanted to see what kind of miracle Li Qiye could concoct. They believed in him. This was especially true for Teng Jiwen, he had absolute faith in Li Qiye’s ability to make divine water come out.

As time slowly passed, the well remained calm without any changes.

Yan Yanglong coldly sneered after seeing this: “If this could lead to divine water, then people would be obtaining treasures everywhere in the Charming Fragmented Realm. Hah, stop pretending and just admit your defeat. Because you are still young, I will be magnanimous and won’t be too hard on you. Just prostrate and bow three times before everyone—”

“Splash!” Before Yan Yanglong could finish, the sound of water flowing came out. A small pillar of water shot out from the mud inside the well. It resembled a dragon spraying out water and it fell straight into Li Qiye’s jade bowl.

This divine water rattled like little jewels as it fell into the bowl, resulting in a crisp and pleasant sound. Everyone knew right away that it was an exalted type of water.

In the blink of an eye, the jade bowl was full and the stream of water disappeared as if nothing had happened.

Mists that seemed to be divine energy surrounded the jade bowl. This mist slowly rose like the blossoming of a lotus flower crafted from jade. It was beautiful and breathtaking. People’s hearts began to palpitate at its sight.

In a short period of time, the four corners went silent. Everyone stared at this scene in disbelief. Who would have thought that this abandoned well would still have divine water?

Someone among the hidden masters saw the water inside Li Qiye’s jade bowl and exclaimed: “Void Imperfection Water!”

Li Qiye glanced at this group and flatly said: “You already have what you should, to be more covetous is something even the villainous heavens won’t agree to. Must you want everything in this treasure ground?”

This old man was startled and didn’t say anything else. He bowed to Li Qiye and quietly stood to the side.

After hearing this, Ye Tu, who had turned into a young attendant, was shaken. He immediately understood where these big shots came from.

Li Qiye handed the bowl full of Void Imperfection Water to Ye Tu and said: “This water is suitable. Even though it is not as plentiful as the Void Imperfection Spring, it is still the same type of water. This bowl will be quite beneficial for you.”

Ye Tu was jolted. Even though his school had the spring, only a few ancestors were allowed to see it. Ordinary disciples weren’t qualified to do so. Ye Tu accepted the jade bowl and thanked Li Qiye. He had no words to express his gratitude.

At this time, Dao Attendant Lin put on a humble posture and bowed towards Ye Tu: “My master is the lord of the Immaculate Expanse. His venerable requires a bowl of Void Imperfection Water right away, would brother be willing to sell it…?”

The dao attendant didn’t dare to ask Li Qiye and went for Ye Tu instead. He had no choice but to act humble because this water was indeed very beneficial to their Void Imperfection Physique.

The attendant’s words carried quite some weight as well because he was asking on behalf of his master.

“Where did this trash roll out from?” Li Qiye coldly peered at him and answered before Ye Tu could do anything: “Opposing me yet you still want to talk about business? Scram!”

Li Qiye simply gave no face to his enemies. It was already merciful enough that he hasn’t chopped off his head.

“You!” Being shouted at by Li Qiye left him with an ugly expression.

He was trembling with anger, but he didn’t explode. This was him asking for it, but in his mind, the bowl of water was simply too tempting. Despite knowing the inevitable disgraceful outcome, he still had to ask Ye Tu.

Ignoring the dao attendant, Li Qiye shifted his attention to Yan Yanglong instead and lazily said: “Now, isn’t it time for you to eat all the mud here?”

Yan Yanglong stumbled backward under Li Qiye’s gaze. He wasn’t looking his best at this moment, but he couldn’t get off the tiger.

He spoke too harshly earlier, so now, when Li Qiye actually drew out some Void Imperfection Water, he had no other choice. However, he couldn’t eat all the mud around the well in front of everyone like this!

By doing so, he would never be able to show his face again in the world. Moreover, this would be a detriment to his master and sect’s prestige as well.

Li Qiye lazily quipped: “Oh? All talk but no action?”

“You, you are very lucky to be able to draw some Void Imperfection Water… This is a miracle…” Yan Yanglong tried to find an excuse to avoid eating the muddy soil.

“A real man stays true to his words, start swallowing the mud already!” Li Qiye looked coldly at the fella.

The spectators were holding their breaths and didn’t want to get involved in these muddy waters.

“Boy, don’t push it too far!” Yan Yanglong turned red and struggled with his retort: “You are deliberately humiliating my master and the Extreme Yang School!”

At this time, he didn’t have any other plans and could only accuse Li Qiye to escalate the situation and bring up his master and school.

“If your school has cowardly members that aren’t able to stay true to their word, am I the one that is humiliating your school?” Li Qiye wanted nothing more than to make this a bigger deal: “If your master’s guidance resulted in a coward like you, then it looks like he is not much either.”

People took deep breaths after hearing this. It was an overbearing and suicidal move to put down the Extreme Yang Monarch in front of everyone like this.

However, this was a way out for Yan Yanglong. At this moment, nothing else mattered since Li Qiye had publicly humiliated his master. This was a damning action!

He angrily shouted with a solemn tone: “Little beast, shaming my master deserves a thousand deaths! You will not find mercy!”

“Brother Yanglong, this naive fool dares to offend the Extreme Yang Monarch, this is akin to opposing the entire Extreme Yang School and all charming spirits. A little beast like this should be minced to pieces!” Dao Attendant Lin was happy to create more enemies for Li Qiye.

This was in accordance with Li Qiye’s wish, so their schemes were playing right into his hands. He smiled and pointed at the two to say: “These are the outstanding members of the Charming Spirit Race? To be considered outstanding at such a low level? Does the Charming Spirit Race have no shame, to have the nerve to call yourselves the favored children of the heavens? In my eyes, these trash aren’t even comparable to ants. As for this Extreme Yang Monarch or whatever Immaculate Expanse, they aren’t even shit in my eyes.”

This blatant provocation made the two’s expressions turn red and ugly. For personal grievances, it was true they dragged their sects into this matter. However, Li Qiye’s public disparagement was too much for them to swallow.

“Fool, you don’t know life from death!” A chilling shout came about at this time.

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