Chapter 1206: Divine Well

Chapter 1206: Divine Well

The Seacrossing Shuttle traveled along the Bottomless Trench. It slowly floated to the surface but then descended once again, as if it was very slowly returning to the trench.

It looked like there was a force down there that was connected to the shuttle, not allowing it to leave the ocean or deviate from its route.

In the last several days, many experts from the great powers ran here. After entering the fragmented realm, they rarely showed themselves again. This was especially true for lineages from the Charming Spirit Race, such as the Void Imperfection Three Schools. They weren’t here for treasures or some intangible and elusive fortunes of legend; their goal was to unravel the mystery. Thus, these experts maintained a low profile and didn’t want others to know about them.

Of course, there were also those who put on airs such as the Teeming Crown Prince! Ever since he arrived at the broken realm, he arrogantly announced: “The human named Li Qiye, show yourself! Daring to oppose the Teeming Tribe? This prince will eat you alive!”

Many people stayed far away from the crown prince. They felt creeped out after hearing his desire to eat Li Qiye raw. Everyone knew that in recent days, the Teeming Tribe had been issuing threats.

The crown prince didn’t bring an army like the others, only ten old men. All of them were experts with human forms that emitted frightening auras. As for the prince, his blood energy was even more vigorous and powerful.

For the Teeming Tribe, under ordinary conditions, one would be able to fully turn into a human form upon reaching the Heavenly Sovereign realm.

Someone whispered after hearing the prince’s declaration: “It might be over for Li Qiye. The Teeming Crown Prince is here in person, this shows that the clan is very serious about this. Who would be willing to save him, a human, and offend the entire Teeming Tribe?”

The crown prince was very different from the Teeming Marquis. Even though the marquis was a noble of the tribe, the position of crown prince was much higher.

He was the regal firstborn of the Teeming Tribemaster. In the Heaven Spirit World, there were millions upon millions of Teeming Fish that made up a million kingdoms. Of course, this number of kingdoms was greatly exaggerated, but there were at least several thousand!

The tribemaster had a pivotal position in the tribe. He could even command the billions of fish and thousands of kingdoms in this world.

Thus, one could extrapolate the crown prince’s great status. Today, when he personally took action for revenge, it truly showed their race’s stance on this matter.

Moreover, the prince himself was not a useless person. Rumor has it that he was already a Virtuous Paragon. He was quite renowned in this world.

Some said that he might be weaker than the supreme geniuses such as the Profound God-Monarch or the Seashield Heavenly Prince, but his reputation was still immense.

Thus, everyone knew that this human junior named Li Qiye was dead for sure after hearing the prince’s desire. Moreover, it would be a very ugly death.

There were a lot of people in a certain location within the broken realm. Some stayed for a long time, unwilling to leave. Among them were many experts.

In fact, there was nothing particularly remarkable about this place. There was a small pit with an abandoned old well inside. Nothing was worthy of a second glance besides this well.

Nevertheless, this kind of place made many reluctant to leave. Some famous experts were here as well, such as Yan Yanglong and Dao Attendant Lin.

Outside of these two, some older people stayed here as well. However, characters of this level were hiding their true forms. After arriving, they didn’t move an inch from this place.

Despite deliberately masking their identities, some people still guessed that these experts were charming spirits. Some were most likely from lineages like the Void Imperfection Three Schools.

Only such lineages would pay attention to this place. This location only garnered even more interest because of this. Even though many people were full of interest towards this place, no one dared to act rashly or presumptuously due to the undercover big shots.

There were rumors that this was an abandoned divine well with holy water. However, for some unknown reason, the well dried up and the water disappeared.

In spite of this, each time the shuttle appeared, the big shots from the Charming Spirit Race would come here to research this well. They wanted to use this as an entry point to figure out the secrets of this realm.

Some said that the Void Imperfection Three Schools paid the most attention to this well. Their experts would personally come here each time to explore it.

Because of this, people speculated that these old men concealing their identities were from the three schools.

Among the younger generation, Yan Yanglong and Daoist Attendant Lin, who were quite famous, were staying in order to see if any divine water would start to flow.

For those from the great lineages, they had access to records left behind in their sects. They stated that this well was one of the most notable locations in the fragmented realm.

That went double for the dao attendant due to the belief that the water here had a great effect on those who cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique.

The two youths came closer and took a good look. However, nothing came of it. The well was dried up and there was no water, just as the legend claimed.

Nevertheless, both the young and old continued to stay. The two youths hoped that these great characters could figure something out. Perhaps by lingering around, they would be able to pick up some benefits afterward.

“That fierce person who ate dragon tendons is here!” At this time, someone shouted, resulting in a great commotion.

A lot of people turned and saw Li Qiye slowly walking closer with two lads behind him.

His arrival attracted the attention of both Yan Yanglong and Dao Attendant Lin. A few big shots who were shrouding their appearances looked over as well.

Many people made way for him. This was not because they were afraid of Li Qiye, but because the Teeming Crown Prince had expressed his desire to eat Li Qiye alive. Many people considered him as a plague. No one wanted to catch his unluckiness.

“It’s crazy to eat dragon tendons in public.” Despite knowing his ultimate fate of being torn apart by the Teeming Tribe and becoming the prince’s food, some were still secretly admiring him.

In this world, how many people would dare to feast on tendons so blatantly? How many people would dare to provoke the Teeming Tribe like this? His domineering and arrogant style was indeed worthy of admiration.

Dao Attendant Lin’s eyes flashed with a cold glint after seeing Li Qiye. He had been wanting to kill Li Qiye long ago, but after seeing how Li Qiye killed Gongsun Qianer, he felt some hesitation. Without knowing Li Qiye’s true strength, he wouldn’t carelessly move against him.

Nevertheless, he quietly called for a disciple and ordered him to go tell the Teeming Crown Prince. As long as the prince came, this boy would die without a doubt!

Li Qiye looked around lazily. His eyes darted to the big shots hiding their true forms and smiled: “You’re all here to see if there is any Void Imperfection Spring Water? Don’t be too greedy about certain things.”

These big shots didn’t say anything and just stood there calmly.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and jumped into the divine well for a better look.

It was only a pit. If one really wanted to point out something extraordinary in this common well, then it would be the slight protrusion on one of the walls that resembled the mouth of an eagle. Nothing else was notable.

In fact, many people had jumped down before Li Qiye for a better look. They used their divine intent to sweep through this place over and over, but nothing was found.

Yan Yanglong standing above the divine well sneered and said: “Countless charming spirit wise sages have pried at it with divine mirrors to find anything at all. Trying to see through the mystery with the naked eye is mere wishful thinking.”

He had no grievances or feuds with Li Qiye. Someone from the Extreme Yang School like him didn’t need to bother a human boy, it was just that he didn’t like looking at Li Qiye’s arrogant and imperious attitude.

In his eyes, even his master, the Extreme Yang Monarch, didn’t act as haughty as this. What grounds did this human boy have to act like this?!

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