Chapter 1200: Teeming Marquis

Chapter 1200: Teeming Marquis

The atmosphere of the coral forest was strained to the extreme after being invaded by the mass of Teeming Fish. Even those who were catching needlefish stopped in their tracks.

Many were frightened at the sight of the nearly 100,000 Teeming Fish surrounding the hills nearby. They quickly left this troubled location in order to stay safe.

In terms of individual strength, these fish were not that strong. Many cultivators were confident in killing an ordinary fish in a one-on-one. However, their sheer numbers made them dreadful.

Killing one Teeming Fish would be the same as provoking thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Teeming Fish. This was the most frightening matter.

“Someone is about to be very unlucky.” A cultivator murmured after seeing the fish encircling Li Qiye.

Li Qiye still didn’t open his eyes despite being completely trapped.

One person stepped out at this time. It was a Teeming Fish in full human form.

In this great army, very few fish had a human form. Although a few of them were very strong, they still had characteristics of fish remaining. For example, some had two hands and a human head, but their body was still that of a fish. As for others, they only had a human’s head… The majority of them were still in fish form.

The humanoid expert wore armor and had an imposing demeanor. He emitted a powerful aura and a bloodthirsty glare. His entire being gave off the smell of blood as if he had bathed in it, resulting in a chilling air.

“Teeming Marquis.” A person shuddered after seeing him.

This was a noble of the Teeming Tribe. It was said that he had several hundred thousand troops, and this number might have reached the millions mark. He was a marquis that recently rose to prominence in their tribe and was notorious for his cruelty.

“You are the brat that ate dragon tendons!” He stared at Li Qiye with bloodthirst in his eyes.

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes. However, he was not looking at the Teeming Marquis but at one particular needlefish.

Although millions of these fish were trapped in this forest by cultivators, some still made it to this particular region and were crazily devouring the pollen in the water.

This fish was not that much different from the others. If one had to point something out, it would be that this fish had a pair of feelers that others didn’t. They were extremely small, one on each side and were quite difficult to see even upon carefully scrutinizing it.

The other needlefish were eating the pollen in the water, but this one was eating the insect powder that Ye Tu and Teng Jiwen ground and scattered on the ground.

The marquis was not happy at being scorned by Li Qiye, so his expression turned sour.

He smiled cruelly: “Ignorant brat, today, I will show you a fate worse than death!”

Li Qiye finally turned back to look at the marquis and slowly said: “Run now and I’ll spare your dog life. Otherwise, I will massacre the entire Teeming Tribe in the future.”

The crowd was speechless after hearing this. People looked at each other and felt that this statement was too outrageous.

Someone murmured: “He’s not afraid of biting his tongue while bragging at all.”

Over the millions of years, a few people had made this claim that they would destroy the Teeming Tribe. Some had even attacked their lairs, but in the end, they couldn’t wipe out this race due to its great numbers.

But now, this human junior was making this claim. This was simply not knowing the immensity of the heaven and earth and, in the eyes of the spectators, being too naive.

“Which hole did this kid come out from? He doesn’t know how terrifying the Teeming Fish are.” A cultivator shook his head.

“Good, good, good.” The marquis actually smiled instead of becoming angry. He turned back to the tens of thousands of fish behind him and shouted: “My children, did you hear that? This little animal says he wants to destroy our tribe!”

Boisterous laughter immediately resounded. All the fish started laughing and felt that there couldn’t be a better joke than this.

“Well, since this animal dares to make this claim, we don’t need to be polite anymore.” The marquis smilingly said: “Children, it is time to eat. Remember, one bite per person, but don’t kill him just yet. Peck his flesh but let him survive, I want to torture him!”

“Affirmative!” All of the Teeming Fish shouted and immediately rushed towards Li Qiye like hungry sharks.

At this time, they didn’t try to attack him with lightning, they wanted him to feel his flesh being torn apart so that he would suffer the agonizing pain.

The marquis exposed a cruel smile as his horde rushed towards Li Qiye. In his mind, it would only take an instant for Li Qiye to be eaten by his underlings until only his bones were left, letting him survive with only a single breath remaining.

That would be when he would use the most vicious method to let this brat live on. His wails would echo across the entire region.

The cultivators here couldn’t bear to watch. They could already see the brutal scene and Li Qiye’s miserable end. However, some of them were gloating as well. They believed that this human junior was courting death. He chose to barge into hell instead of heading for heaven. Opposing the Teeming Fish would bring about a genocide.

“Mere ants wanting to commit suicide!” Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the fish for his eyes were still fixated on that one needlefish.

Right when all the fish rushed over and were about to attack Li Qiye, Li Qiye spread out his palm and coldly declared: “Die!”

A huge black hole emerged from his palm, engulfing all of the Teeming Fish like a tidal wave.

The black hole twisted all the fish into fleshy suds before swallowing them whole.

“Ah!” Screams shrieked left and right. Before the Teeming Fish knew what was happening, all of them were devoured by the black hole without even leaving behind a corpse.

Myriad Dao Fist, Heaven Devourer Evil Fist. This was based on the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique. The moment it came out, the fish were no different from moths flying towards a flame. It was an attack that resembled a shark capable of swallowing everything while the Teeming Fish were only tiny prey barely enough to satiate the fist’s appetite.

This reversal shocked everyone, including the Teeming Marquis. In the next second, his body was up in the air.

Before the crowd could grasp the situation, Li Qiye was gripping the marquis by the neck. This only took a split second so no one really saw it happen.

Li Qiye glared at the fish and chillingly uttered: “Just an ant that’s barely at the Heavenly Sovereign level, yet you dare to prance around in front of me?”

“You…” While spasming, the marquis had difficulty speaking with his neck gripped.

Eventually, he gasped for breath but didn't change his ferocious nature. He cried out: “Little animal, even if you kill me, my race will not spare you. Our billion-strong armies will tear you into pieces and eradicate your ten clans!”

Countless people held their breaths while watching this scene. They knew that this was not just an exaggeration, the Teeming Race had established numerous countries in the vast oceans.

What was even more scary was that they were quite unified. Killing one of their marquises would bring about revenge from these innumerable fish.

The marquis was not strong by himself, but behind him were hundreds of countries and billions of citizens — this was the scariest part.

“I’ll be waiting.” Li Qiye smiled and placed his palm on the marquis’ body.

“Pop!” The marquis let out a shrill scream. His cultivation was destroyed by Li Qiye, thus his true body was revealed. He was a gigantic fish.

Li Qiye’s palm ran on the fish’s body, stripping him into thin slices. In the blink of an eye, the skeleton of the fish appeared. One could still see a heart beating inside.

Li Qiye instantly ripped the dragon tendon from the fish’s backbone, severing it of its life.

He casually threw the tendon into his mouth and began chewing. He looked around at the other cultivators before swallowing and spoke: “If you see any Teeming Fish, let them know that I, Li Qiye, do not like them. They better scram to the ends of the world to get away from me. Otherwise, not only will I tear them apart, I’ll also eat their dragon tendons as an appetizer for my wine!”

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