Chapter 1197: Dao Attendant Lin

Chapter 1197: Dao Attendant Lin

This dao attendant was situated in a corner near a window. There were some other cultivators sitting with him that seemed to be moon gazing. When the dao attendant called Li Qiye out, these cultivators looked at him with unfriendly gazes as well.

The guests in the inn held their breaths after seeing this. Some even moved further back lest they get involved in this mess.

Many of the guests recognized this attendant. It was Dao Attendant Lin, the servant of Daoist Lin from the Immaculate Expanse.

Not to mention this attendant’s powerful backing, this young man ahead surely wasn’t a nice person either since he dared to eat dragon tendons publicly. At the very least, he must be very fierce.

Moreover, this involved the Teeming Sea Tribe, and no one with a sense of self-preservation wanted to deal with them.

Li Qiye chewed another dragon tendon then gulped it down before slowly turning towards the attendant: “Immaculate Expanse, right? Your progenitor also ate dragon tendons. He swallowed millions of tendons in one gulp, it is no big deal.”

Dao Attendant Lin wanted to question Li Qiye because the Immaculate Expanse had some friendship with the Teeming Sea Tribe. After all, this tribe numbered in the billions, so it made sense that it had some relationships with the sects in this world.

However, he didn’t expect such a response from Li Qiye. In the Heaven Spirit World, the majority of the top level experts had all eaten dragon tendons before. After all, they were a type of delicacy.

Even though he didn’t know if his progenitor had eaten them or not, he didn’t dare to deny this claim.

“Well, well, it is not the same in this case.” He struggled to blurt out a reply.

Li Qiye took out another tendon and chewed on it carefully before lazily speaking: “Oh? Not the same? How is it not similar? Do tell. Is it because your progenitor used fire to broil them instead? Then I would really be disappointed, that is like steaming a good pear. The best and most delicious way to eat dragon tendon is with turmeric and aged seasoning…”

“... Back then when Immortal Emperor Wu Gou was young, he used this very type of seasoning and ate tens of millions of dragon tendons. The Teeming Fish were so scared that they ran to the bottom of the sea and didn’t dare to come out for a period of time. This became a well-known legend. As for your Immaculate Expanse Progenitor, who knows what he did back then?” Li Qiye ate one more tendon at this point.

He seemed to be quite pleased with this feast. In fact, many spectators were quietly swallowing their own saliva, but they didn’t dare to join in.

This delicious meal was no secret in the Heaven Spirit World. Everyone knew that the Teeming Fish were the most vicious and numerous. However, few people dared to say that their tendons were also extremely delicious!

Li Qiye truly made many people hungry, but no one wanted to incite the anger of the Teeming Tribe. His words also silenced Dao Attendant Lin and shocked the inn’s boss as well. He suddenly involved the Void Imperfection School. After all, this was no longer Immortal Emperor Wu Gou’s generation, his school also didn’t want to provoke this fish tribe even if they were stronger. The real problem was that there were too many of them.

“You…” Dao Attendant Lin couldn’t retort. He struggled to say: “You are eating dragon tendons before all of us, this is a very cruel and evil display. The Teeming Tribe is part of the sea demons, a great race in the Heaven Spirit World. You are eating living cultivators, an extremely vicious path far from the dao!”

“Extremely vicious and straying away from the dao?” Li Qiye laughed in response: “If you are saying that I am vicious, then I will accept it. However, if this is because of me eating dragon tendons, then my teeth are about to fall out from laughter…”

“... Teeming Tribe? They’re nothing special, merely living creatures no different from beasts. Not to mention that I am a human, even the sea demons in this world do not consider them to be cultivators.”

He carefully chewed on more tendons before leisurely continuing: “Don’t think so highly of yourself. In their eyes, you cultivators are no different from food. They have eaten countless cultivators and mortals, so me eating them today is part of the natural order.”

At this point, he coldly glared at the boy: “When you eat meat, do you consider yourself to be cruel as well?”

“You…” The attendant was speechless once again. Because of some ties with the Teeming Prince, he wanted to speak up for the Teeming Tribe, but he didn’t expect to be left tongue-tied by Li Qiye’s swift rhetoric!

The guests didn't dare to openly praise Li Qiye’s response despite agreeing in their minds. The Teeming Tribe being cruel was not anything new. Their enemies would eventually be eaten until there was nothing left. Countless cultivation sects had been destroyed and innumerable mortals had been devoured. Alas, the angry cultivators and lineages were apprehensive of them and didn’t dare to speak up.

Li Qiye, today, said many things that resonated with the crowd, so they cheered him on in their minds.

Li Qiye stopped paying attention to Dao Attendant Lin and got bored after eating for a while. He immediately burned all of the fish and stood up to leave.

The dao attendant snorted while watching his departing back. The youth didn’t expect to be humiliated like this. He had a hard time swallowing this anger. His master was Daoist Lin, the leader of the Immaculate Expanse. As his master’s confidant, he was respected everywhere he went while basking in the spotlight. But today, this human junior didn’t spare him any face at all in front of the crowd — he absolutely wouldn’t let go of this grievance!

After refining the necessary items, he left Shallow Beach and headed for the coral forest.

Many cultivators were already here, waiting. They came from all corners of the oceans for the needlefish.

Some were riding huge ships on the ocean while others were controlling swift shuttles. There were also those who rode sea turtles or gigantic whales. It was a colorful and diverse scene.

These people had occupied some places at the coral forest, such as the hills. Many began to place traps around the coral trees just to wait for the needlefish…

Fortunately, the forest was vast, so for the time being there was no fighting for spots.

Li Qiye found Ye Tu and Teng Jiwen. The two of them had caught many insects for Li Qiye and already ground them to dust in accordance to his instructions.

He found an open place and casually took a lap around to pick a spot before ordering the two boys: “Sprinkle this dust over the forest, do it all over the trees and ground.”

The two immediately followed his command. Meanwhile, Li Qiye placed his refined materials onto the ground. He wanted to refine something else here. It was an item that resembled a fish hook with a very long string. This overly long string actually covered the fish hook completely.

When Li Qiye was ready and the two had sprayed the insect powder everywhere, Ye Tu asked with curiosity: “Young Noble, what are you trying to do?”

To which Li Qiye responded while calmly sitting on the highest position in this location: “Fishing!”

He asked: “Fishing? Fishing for the needlefish?” However, he immediately felt that this wasn’t right. Li Qiye had said that he didn’t care for the needlefish.

He changed his question: “Is there something else besides the needlefish?”

He was the supervisor of Shallow Beach and was very familiar with this area. Outside of the blossoming coral tees leading out the precious needlefish, the other marine creatures here were not worth fighting over.

Li Qiye replied with a smile: “Yes, there is a devil shark, but you haven’t seen it before.”

“Devil shark?” Ye Tu carefully thought about it, but he had never heard of such a fish in this neighborhood.

Teng Jiwen was a bit more knowledgeable than Ye Tu. He recalled a legend after hearing Li Qiye and spoke with surprise: “The Archdevil Armored Shark?”

“Indeed, that’s it.” Li Qiye said: “I want to catch it, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to these lengths to prepare.”

“Archdevil Armored Shark?” Ye Tu asked Teng Jiwen: “What kind of fish is it?”

Teng Jiwen shook his head: “I am not clear on the specifics. I only heard that it is an extremely vicious creature. It’s also quite powerful as well. Legend states that it appeared in the Bottomless Trench, but no one has spotted it before.”

With that, he became a bit worried and asked: “People say that it is extremely strong, can we actually handle it?”

“Not us.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Just me. Stand to the side and watch to avoid accidents, or I won’t be able to explain it to your sects.”

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