Chapter 1196: Eating Dragon Tendon

Chapter 1196: Eating Dragon Tendon

After seeing the quick meal they made out of the cultivator, a lot of people were frozen stiff and didn’t dare to block their way.

The thousand fish became even more emboldened by the silent crowd. They arrogantly trod forward on a rampage without any hesitation.

However, they didn’t get far before having to stop because someone was taking a stroll on the street.

The other pedestrians had all ran away long ago, so the path was fairly empty. But now, a single youth was standing there, so he seemed especially conspicuous with no intention of backing off.

Moreover, this person was a human, so it seemed even more out of place.

The biggest fish snapped: “Brat, are you blind? You dare to block our path?!”

The spectators on both sides of the streets were sweating for the human youth. This boy must not know how terrifying the Teeming Sea Tribe was.

Of course, it was Li Qiye walking down the street. He didn’t bat an eyelash since he didn’t care for this fish at all.

The fish leader was furious after being shown such disdain by a human boy. It yelled: “Brat, You ignore the accepting heavens and barge into the unwelcoming hell! My children, feast on him until there is not a single pulp left!”

A different fish added with an evil tone: “Heh, boy, we like to eat human flesh the most, so plump and fresh!”

“Crackle!” The spurs on the thousand fish’s heads began to channel lightning that was then shot right at Li Qiye.

The spectators nearby couldn’t bear to watch any longer. They could already see Li Qiye being torn into pieces in an instant.

“Pop!” The powerful lightning bolt struck his body, but there wasn’t even a tiny spark. It seemed to be completely absorbed by him.

Keep in mind that even the lightning pond from a tribulation couldn’t do anything to him. His Ancient Void Rune could absorb all tribulations in this world, so this tiny lightning bolt was nothing to him.

The vicious fish were all shocked to see the attack have no effect. During their daze, Li Qiye pointed his finger forward. Next, one could hear a thunderous crackle. Extremely powerful lightning burst from the tip of his finger like a brilliant sun. Clusters of lightning suddenly surged wildly in an unstoppable manner.

Fiery sparks sprang up as the lightning clusters swept by with an indescribable speed.

Time seemed to stop for a moment. Next, the sounds of bodies falling echoed as more than one thousand fish dropped to the street.

The only fish standing was the biggest one. After seeing his children fall down, he knew he had hit a steel wall and didn’t dare to think too much before turning around to escape.

However, he couldn’t take two steps before Li Qiye had him gripped by the jaw; he couldn’t move at all.

Despite being restrained, the fish was still as arrogant as before and shouted: “Boy, let me go right this instant. I am a vanguard of the Teeming Marquis. If you so much as touch a scale of mine, the army of millions under him will tear you to shreds. They will even uproot you humans from the Heaven Spirit World altogether.”

“Teeming Marquis?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I’ve never heard of him. Not to mention this insignificant fish marquis, even your entire race is less than an ant in my eyes.”

After hearing such disdainful words, the fish immediately cried out: “Little animal, you dare to shame our race? There will be no peace for you humans in the Heaven Spirit World!”

Li Qiye simply smiled and pointed his finger again. With a buzz, the fish’s entire body split into thin and neat fillets.

At this time, a very magical scene happened. Every inch of the fish’s meat was separated. Its intestines and internal organs were also removed along with all the meat. Eventually, only the fish bones remained.

On the backbone of this skeleton was a glittering jade-like tendon just like the tendon of a dragon. What was even more incredible was how the pieces of the fish were jumping as if they were still alive.

After Li Qiye tore out the tendon, all of the pieces finally screamed and stopped jumping, becoming devoid of life.

This translucent fish tendon in Li Qiye’s hand emitted a beautiful light, as if it was full of life force.

Li Qiye threw it into his mouth and carefully chewed a bit before swallowing. Then he flatly said: “Though it is not a real dragon tendon, it is still quite delicious. Now I’m just missing some sauce.”

The crowd was stunned after seeing this. Li Qiye dared to say such things after eating the fish tendon.

Li Qiye glanced at the one thousand fish on the ground and said: “Well, that’s another dish for today. It has been awhile since I’ve eaten a dragon tendon of the Teeming Sea Tribe.”

He swept his sleeve forward and stored all of them into his spatial pouch before entering the inn in front of him.

The crowd was still looking at him as he disappeared into the inn. After a while, one person calmed down and swallowed their saliva before whispering: “I heard, I heard that the dragon tendon of the Teeming Tribe is very delicious, but I have never eaten it before.”

His friend next to him immediately warned him: “Are you insane? If the Teeming Tribe heard those words, they will exterminate your family!”

The Teeming Sea Tribe had a straight spine with their muscle surrounding it. They called this part the dragon tendon and this was their most important body part. Without the dragon tendon, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

However, it was rumored that this tendon was a special delicacy, one of the most delicious dishes in the sea. Alas, ordinary people wouldn’t dare to eat these dragon tendons because once the Teeming Tribe found out, it would bring about their merciless, wrathful vengeance. It could even result in the complete annihilation of their race.

Only top-level experts such as invincible Godkings, Immortal Emperors, treefathers and sea gods would dare to openly eat dragon tendons.

Of course, the Teeming Tribe wouldn’t dare to do anything against these top-level experts and had to pretend as if nothing had happened.

In the Heaven Spirit World, some people said that sea gods and treefathers had all eaten dragon tendons before. No one really knew if this was true or not.

Li Qiye stepped into the inn with the whirlpool again. It was the one opened by Ye Tu’s senior uncle. The boss here enthusiastically greeted him because of the school’s command. In their territories, they must do their best to treat Li Qiye well.

“Boss, give me a good root of turmeric and some fermented bean paste.” Li Qiye sat down and swung his sleeve. All the vicious fish fell to the ground.

The boss and customers were astounded to see the mountain-like heap of fish before them.

“Teeming Fish!” The boss’s expression changed along with many of the guests’.

In spite of this, the boss didn’t do anything and immediately brought some turmeric and aged sauce over for Li Qiye.

Despite being struck by his lightning, these fish were not dead. They were only limp on the ground and couldn’t move at all.

After preparing the turmeric and paste, Li Qiye casually picked up one of the fish. With a silver knife in his left hand, he cut into the fish’s back to reveal the dragon tendon. With a pair of chopstick in his the other hand, he swiftly pulled out the tendon.

“Ah!” The fish screamed and died immediately after its tendon was taken.

Li Qiye dipped the tendon into the sauce and carefully chewed while nodding his head approvingly: “This is the taste, one of the seafood delicacies in the Heaven Spirit World.”

After he finished, he grabbed another fish. His hands were as smooth as flowing water as they instantly removed the dragon tendon and dipped it into the sauce before putting it into his mouth. Everything seemed so coordinated and perfect. He was enjoying this just like an emperor savoring his meal.

The guests were slack-jawed from this scene. This was far too domineering.

Daring to eat dragon tendons in public — this was simply provoking the entire Teeming Sea Tribe, the millions and millions of Teeming Fish in the Heaven Spirit World!

In the present day, only the top level experts would dare to eat these tendons out in the open. Of course, some weaker experts couldn’t help but catch them and eat them as well, but they didn’t dare to do so publicly.

However, this human boy didn’t care for any of this. This was the most overbearing and arrogant display of a feast.

“Ah!” Another scream resounded as Li Qiye repeated his delicious procedure.

A dao attendant stood up and warned him: “Fellow Daoist, your actions are too brutal. It is too much to eat dragon tendons before everyone like this.”

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